Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.129

bwvatarThe waiter had taken the stacked dishes from the table, leaving only the silence that had fallen over the empty table. “Okay.” Eddy’s head nodded slowly. Beside him, Vivian squeezed the hand she held in her own. She followed suit, looking across the table and nodding.


“Alright then, we have a unanimous decision.” Ryu leaned back from the table. “We officially have an unofficial team.”

Eddy looked across the table. “We can bring this together later. Pool our intel a little more coherently. ” He patted the data stick in his pocket. “I want to give this a listen, see what it tells me.”

The table was getting up, “We should look into this Yakuza business. If we can squeeze the details from this Kinley fellow we could nip something in the bud.”

“Or force the Yakuza’s hand, which sounds like it could be worse.” She gave a small smile. “I haven’t dealt with them much. They don’t play well with girls.”

Ryu held the door open. “They don’t play well with anybody.”

“That’s what I mean though. Force their hand they might get more dangerous before we have time to plan a course of action.”

“Indeed. And a rash Yakuza could mean the start of all out chaos.”

“It’s worth looking into at least.” He watched Vivian slipped on a pair of sunglasses. “I trust you both enough to make the right decision.”

Aaron nodded. “Well then. Shall we say, Tonight around nine-ish at the fort?”

“At the fort.” The four of them shook hands and took the street in opposite directions.

Ryu and Aaron walked in silence for a few moments. “So,” Ryu’s eyes squinted under the glare of the sun. “What do you want to do about Kaye?” Aaron’s kept his eyes forward, not responding. Ryu didn’t need to remind him that he’d promised to check in with her as often as possible. Aaron remembered.

“I haven’t quite figured that part out yet,” he felt the tug from Enry again. “If you go see her, she’ll know something’s wrong.” Aaron started walking back down the block to the bookstore they’d passed on the way to the restaurant.

“What if I call?” Ryu asked, moving quickly to catch up.

“She’ll still know,” he said absently as he stopped once again in front of the Peking Bookhouse. “As much as you’re me, you’re still not me. Trust me, she’ll know.”

Ryu had to admit that he was right. Kaye would know that he wasn’t the man she loved, and it wouldn’t have anything to do with her powers. She was a woman, which meant a set of powers all on its own. He peered through the bars on the large bay window. “Looks like it’s open. You know that spider-sense I was joking about…?”

“Yep. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.” Aaron pulled the door handle. Years of built-up paint caused it to stick a little, and the hinges needed oiling, but the chimes were melodious. Once inside, the two men were awash in the smell of old books – a curious blend of paper, ink, and the glue from the bindings.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” a voice called from the back of the store. “Please feel free to look around. The mystic arts books are over towards the left…”

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