Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.81

Office of Detective Pope
GCPD 8th Precinct

Dammit, Eddy. You promised me you wouldn’t get dead. Now…

Andy stared at the surveillance photos from last night…and his cell phone. The phrase “The cellular user you are trying to reach is no longer in service…” became a hateful thing. The photos didn’t help. Kennedy and the boys on primary surveillance were watching Begnini’s little party at the Yacht club. No sound – damn white noise generators – and the video feed was poor. But, it was at least something.

The video feed going down announced Kardiac’s appearance. By the time the team switched to the 35mm cameras, Fox had entered the building. Then the other one, the armored one, barged in.

The quality of the photos was very rough. But it told a story. Flickers of a fight inside. Brief shots of Begnini and his boys through small window cracks. His best friend’s body being launched from a window into the harbor.

And the explosion that followed when he hit the water.

It was loud. And public. And in the Yacht Club. It got him the warrants he needed. At the cost of his best friend. And Viv. The look on her face…

But it ends now. After nearly two years of waiting and planning and mounting frustration, it finally ends.

Angela appeared above him. “It’s time.”

“Right.” He grabbed his nightstick and headed for the briefing room.

The back of every police officer in the room straightened as he walked in, nightstick at his hip. They knew what it meant. He wore it like a sword. They were going to war.

“Morning, everyone. Hope you grabbed a briefing packet on the way in. Here’s the gist of it: Twenty minutes ago a series of sealed, no-knock warrants were issued for various properties tied to the drug operations we’ve been monitoring for the last two years. We’ve been given the go order.”

“After this briefing, the vice departments from three different precincts will launch a coordinated strike against those operations. Everything is to be seized, down to the wallpapers.” The room chuckled.

“We’ll go over the tactical specifics in just a moment. But, two orders of business before hand. First, given the level of firepower our opposition was carrying when OCU pulled its raid, all point positions will be armed with AR-15s as well as standard sidearms.” A murmur of approval.

“Also, because of the delicate and explosive nature of the equipment we’re impounding, everyone will be issued hydrashock rounds.” The ammunition, specially ordered for vice operations involving drug factories, had been in the budget for nearly two years. They had enough to carry out three sweeps like this one, mostly because OCU didn’t touch a single round.

“”Second…” He waited until Angela moved to the back of the room. “Officer Moser?”

Officer Moser, a slight blonde woman who joined vice ten months earlier, looked up.

“You are under arrest.” Angela struck like a cobra, pinning Moser to her desk and pulling her arm around her back. “Angela will read you your rights. You’ve been charged with corruption, collusion, and a whole list of other offences that Internal Affairs has compiled on you.” IAD discovered a network of officers, usually young and stuck in positions they didn’t like, who were feeding Begnini’s men information on busts, surveillance movements, and the like. This was one of ten arrests taking place across the city.

Moser glared at him as Angela Mirandized her like any other common perp. “Was it worth it?” he asked. “What did you get? A couple of thousand dollars in a bank account? Some new toys at home? A little blow on the side?”

Moser said nothing. The hate in her eyes spoke for her. Andy met it head on. “Pray for the health and safety of your fellow officers, Moser. Because if they’re waiting for us, if they’re armed to counter us, I will know who told them.” He leaned close. “You’ll be a cop killer, Moser. And you know what we do to cop killers…” Angela opened the door and let two IAD officers in. They dragged Moser out and closed the door behind them.

“Right, Now that we’ve cleaned the house a bit, Angela?”

“Ok, everyone to page three of the mission briefings. You can see how we’re dividing the strike units. Vice officers will be on point with line officers and members of SWAT in support…”

Angela’s words faded away. Andy knew them by heart. He’d played the raids out in his head, in his sleep, for months on end. But this was different. His dream ending was gone. Eddy wouldn’t be there, sharing a celebratory beer with him on some undisclosed rooftop. He wouldn’t be able to pass him vital hints on how to corral Begnini into a police net.

Eddy would miss a lot of things. The next season of intramural hurling games. St. Patrick’s day at Tony’s. A future with Viv in it… Andy unclenched his fist. His fingernails had left crescent cuts in his palm.

Today. One way or another, it ended today.

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