Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.83

Teotihuacan Archaeological site, Mexico –

(Background Info: Teotihuacan is situated in the central section of the Valley of Teotihuacan. The valley is in the northeastern part of the Basin of Mexico, a plateau over 2,000 meters high with a temperate semiarid climate. The later Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, grew up about 700 years after the collapse of Teotihuacan 60-km southwest on an island in the shallow lakes that spread in the Basin at that time. The Spaniards destroyed Tenochtitlan in the 16th century. Modern Mexico City, which was built on the Aztec city, now extends far beyond the lake bed, now largely drained.

Teotihuacan interacted with many other Mesoamerican centers. Its strong influence was felt particularly after the 4th century in distant religious centers, like Monte Albán, Kaminaljuyú, Tikal, and Copán. Teotihuacan-type obsidian objects, ceramics, architecture, and other symbolic items have often been found in these foreign centers, while at Teotihuacan, raw materials and exotic artifacts of different kinds, transported from regional centers, have been discovered in graves, caches, and fills in the city. Although the forms of interaction with these regional centers have not been well understood, the data indicate that there were well-developed trading systems in Mesoamerica, and that Teotihuacanos economically, politically, and ideologically interacted for centuries with many regional centers well beyond the Basin of Mexico.)

Dr. Kaye Pase knelt amidst the scattered bones of what was now called Grave 14. Grave 14 was the central burial site of the Feathered Serpent Pyramid; she had been carefully cataloging the artifacts found there going on two weeks now. Her ‘shadows’ were also present, as they had been for the past week. They arrived under the guise of research assistants, but Jake and Elwood as she privately referred to them, were government agents sent to keep an eye on her. She knew it, they knew she knew, she knew they knew she knew, and she was fairly confident that they knew she knew they knew she knew. This whole scenario was turning into a bad pun involving ‘The Man’ in some way or another.

Aaron must have gotten himself into something interesting for the Organization to send down a pair of field agents to watch over her. He’d said they needed to talk, sounded upset even though he had done his best to cover it up. They’d been together long enough for her to ‘hear’ things in his voice. Something was going on in Garrison and it frustrated her all the more that she had to be here. He’s a big boy, he can take care of himself, she thought to herself carefully brushing the dust from an obsidian blade left as a burial offering. So intent was she on the object and her own idle thoughts, she failed to notice the faint green glow from the jade cat’s tooth pendant around her neck.

Kaye was brought back to the here and now when the ‘Elwood’s’ body crashed into the burial pit. Her pendant blazed as she whirled around, her transformation ability kicking in. Feline eyes widened with surprise. Aside from the obvious cybernetic enhancements, and the fact that only half the face was visible, she would have sworn she was looking at Aaron. A fine mesh of black enameled mail protected body parts that weren’t covered with blood red metal and a black wolf head silhouette decorated the chest plate. The ‘man’ was holding ‘Jake’ by the front of his shirt, the agent’s neck twisted to an obscene angle, casually tossed the body aside and moved to the lip of the burial site.

“How appropriate that I should find you here amidst a pile of bones,” His cybernetic right eye blazed crimson light. “I am a little upset that I didn’t get an invitation to the engagement party, but I can see why my big brother likes you so much…” Kaye had only partially transformed, but stood ready… then his words sunk in. “Feisty little kitty, aren’t you?”

Fight or run… or fight and run… She was confident in her abilities, but her opponent was unknown. She knew how many little gadgets Aaron had in his ‘work clothes,’ but this guy made the Bluewolf suit look like a pair of long johns. Bravado took over, with a little bolster from the mystical pendant she wore, “You’re about to find out just how feisty this kitty can be” A feline howl leapt from her throat as she took the offensive.


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