Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.85

bwvatarHiland, near the home of Alphonse Begnini (late evening) –

This was not going to go down well. Even without Deadeye out there somewhere, he just had a feeling that the cops were come out on the short end of this raid, just like they had on the last. The only plus he could see was that Vice division had already been given the KenTech comm equipment, and he could, if necessary get information to them. Bluewolf sat midway between the GCPD staging area and the sprawling estate of one Alfonse Begnini. Near as he could tell, they would assault the gated entrance with a SWAT APC, then follow up with regular squad cars augmented by three SWAT vans. He could hear the air support in the distance, ready to flood the compound with light and provide any cover fire. This was taking on the look of a military strike, and for all intents and purposes it might as well had been. Deadeye was the only wildcard. Despite the firepower Begnini’s goons might have, O’Shea had a way of making things go south in a hurry. Hopefully he could play as the ace up Pope’s sleeve just as well…

KenTech, Aaron Matthew’s office (mid day) –

The phone rang five times before Aaron could pull his attention from the Gazette. A small article, not much more than a thumbnail really, cited sources within the Police Department and another inside source concerning the explosion in the harbor last evening. Not much detail, but there was mention of Garrison’s rumored resident vigilante and another costumed type that could be under the employ of the City’s underworld. Great. That’s all I need… He snatched up the receiver with frustration in his voice, “Matthews,” noticing it was his secure line, “What now?”

“Boy, aren’t we cheery today? I take it you saw the article in the Star-Examiner?” Jenna asked.

“No, the Gazette. What’s the rag reporting now?”

“Nevermind. Does the name Padraig O’Shea mean anything to you?”

“Yeah,” Aaron said, sitting back in his chair. “Big time hired gun. I put him down a few years ago. Should be rotting in a UK prison right about now. Why?”

He heard Jenna draw a deep breath, “Two weeks ago he escaped and the latest intel we have puts him in the area. Apparently he’s got a bit of a grudge to settle with Bluewolf. Somehow I get the idea your former employers had a little to do with the whole thing.”

O’Shea was one of the deadliest snipers in the world. His targets never had the good grace to even hear the shot that killed them, much less see it. “I don’t doubt it. Do you have any other details?”

“A significant sum of money was transferred from a shadow account we’ve traced back to Alfonse Begnini to a numbered Swiss account. Could be O’Shea, could be something else…”

He interrupted, “But with Pope’s raid tonight… Do you think Begnini’s been tipped?”

“There’s a very good chance, yes.”


Eastland, Vivian’s Apartment (morning) –

He watched as she exited the building. Not wanting to cause any more hate and discontent than required, Bluewolf wanted to make sure she was gone before dropping off his ‘package.’ Doing it without someone noticing was the trick, so he settled on the tried and true ‘pebble off the window’ plan…

Eddy had just gotten comfortable after Vivian had left on her errands, when the bedroom window rattled. It sounded like small stones were being bounced off their tenth story window. If Viv returned to find him gawking out the window, he’d have hell to pay, but the curiosity overrode all sense of self-preservation and pain. Eddy gingerly made his way to the window, opened it, and thrust his head out, looking all around. Something whizzed past his ear, skipping off the floor to bounce off the side of the bed, coming to rest near the nightstand. He scanned the immediate area but picked up nothing visually or otherwise.

Closing the window, Eddy hobbled back to the bed picking up the silvery clamshell shaped object. Cautiously, he depressed the catch and the box flipped open. Inside there lay a piece of paper; written on it were the words:

Ask and ye shall receive.

Beneath the paper lay a gold-toned disc embossed with a simple EKG trace symbol.

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