Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.86

capvatarDetective Pope fished the keys out of his pocket, fingering out the one for the car as he crossed the lot. He stifled a yawn, lining the key into its slot. He pulled it open and slid in behind the wheel.

“You look like a Norelco ad.”

Any trace of weariness was gone in a flash and the gun was in Andy’s hand before he could think, thumbing back the hammer. The black cowled face leaned forward in the back seat letting the bit of orange light from outside run over him. Below his slight white toothed grin was the outlining hint of a black bowtie.

“Norelco ad?” His thumb clicked the gun into a less dangerous position, but he kept the barrel level.

“Yeah. The ‘before’ part.” The man in the back continued his grin.

“Well, some of us were too busy working to get into our formalwear. And I like to think of it as a carefully cultivated Don Johnson shadow.” The gun never wavered. “So, you are…”

The stranger’s eyebrow raised. “Capin.” He leaned forward against the back of the front seat, despite its bringing him closer to the gun. “A friend of Kardiac’s…” That merited a reaction. Something flashed behind Andy’s eyes. Capin couldn’t quite read it.

“Do you know who killed him?”

That stopped him. Capin closed up, his eyes narrowing. He’d just seen Kardiac’s picture in the paper this morning. Several scenarios quickly ran through his head. There was that girl in the photo. “No, I don’t. Sorry.” Andy didn’t look to happy with that answer, but he appeared to take it. “I just saw him the other night. We had a fancy run-in with some gun toting heavies. Nothing out of hand.” The smirk came back a bit. “Said he had a date with a mob boss later that night. My money’s on Begnini for that ‘date’.”

Detective Pope said nothing. He simply nodded, ending that part of their conversation.

“Kardiac did say that we could trust you, though.”

“Kardiac could trust me. You…I just have a very thin file one you.” He paused. “This is about the list, isn’t it?”

Capin let out a low whistle that ending in a wink. “Three points for you. Yeah, it’s about the list. I saw in the paper that there’s been another girl. I’m betting she’s on the list. I was hoping to get a look at the evidence.” He pointed at the Detective. “This brings me to you. I need your help.”

Andy paused, his eyes steady on Capin’s, then holstered his gun. “You don’t need my help. You need the help of my friend from the Major Crimes Unit. Lt. George Madison.” He pulled a small business card from. “Give him a call. Tell him I sent you and that you need a Commissioner Gordon on your side.”

“Commissioner Gordon?”

Andy smiled. “Yeah. Trust me, he’ll love it. Just make sure he behaves himself. He might get a little…enthusiastic. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to put on a clean shirt and pants before taking down a huge chunk of the drug network in the city.”

“Hey, I understand. Always dress your best when busting the bad guys.”

Andy let out a sigh, that had a bit of groan hidden in it. “Right. Something like that.”

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