Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.92

bwvatarA two-pronged raid. One element to cover Begnini’s estate, the other, Pope’s team, hitting Begnini’s factory facilities at the docks. There were no traces of Deadeye near the drug lord’s home, he’d been able to canvass the area thoroughly but quickly. That left the docks. With Kardiac ‘out of the way’ the only threat Begnini had to worry about was Detective Pope, one of the few honest cops in the city. That means Pope is O’Shea’s main target.

Bluewolf was able to arrive just as Pope’s team went in. He scanned the area with IR, a large knot of red, orange, and yellow accompanied with the sounds of automatic weapons fire signified the raid was in full force. But where the hell was O’Shea? His eyes swept past one of the massive cargo cranes that stood tall in regular intervals around the harbor area. There was a quick flash of yellow and orange at the very end of the crane’s boom. An odd place for a sniper to be; it offered a clear field of fire to the warehouse, but not much of an exit route save for the cold water of the harbor below. And it was one hell of a drop at that. Drysuit. That had to be it. O’Shea would take his shot, free fall into the harbor and either swim to safety or would have an arranged extraction. Bluewolf shifted his display to low light, maximizing the suit’s output and magnifying as high as he could. The blurry green and black image looked to be no more than a few feet away as the figure shifted to take aim.

He was closer to the warehouse. He was fast, knew he could never make O’Shea’s position in time, instead Bluewolf sprinted across the rooftops in the hopes that he could at least block the shot. No such luck. He heard the shot almost the instant the round exploded from the barrel. Heard it whistle past his head in a supersonic scream. Heard it punch through a window, Pope inside the warehouse about to restrain one of the suspects. Saw and heard the pop as one man’s head dissolved in a spray of blood. Had it been Pope? There was another sudden explosion of metal and gas as the bullet punctured one of the canisters behind the two men. His view of the scene quickly deteriorated as gas and smoke blanketed the area.

Bluewolf whirled around in time to see a figure drop from his hidden perch to land with a splash into the waters of Midland Bay. He hadn’t been fast enough…

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