Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.96

kavatarEddy had spent the better part of the evening pouring over the digital pics on his laptop and the hard copies. He’d found several good leads, a lot of places where he could find what he needed to put Begnini away for good. But one of them appealed to him in particular.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, fighting the pain… he’d have to acclimate himself to it if he would be back on the prowl in time to use the info he’d just found. He scooped up the new communicator and keyed it over. Bluewolf didn’t sound quite like himself when he answered… he sounded ‘off’. “Bluewolf, go.”

“Hey Blue, it’s Kardiac. You okay?”

There was a pause from the other end. “Personal business. What’s up?”

Eddy, now in full Kardiac-mode, decided to let it sit at that. Blue would ask if he needed help. “I need to get info on an international mercenary… I need to arrange to have him intercepted.”

Another pause. “Well, after our little stunt at the Yacht Yard, my sources are tapped. At least for the time being.”


“There is another possibility,” he said after a beat. “Let me put you in touch with Silhouette. She’s got backing that might be able to pull it off.”

Kardiac smirked. “We’ve met.” He paused for just a second, “Didn’t realize you two were so chummy.”

“Purely professional. I’m patching you through. Bluewolf out.”

After a few seconds, a different voice came across the comm. “So, Kardiac, we meet again.”

He smiled despite himself. “Blue tells me you’ve got ‘resources’ that might help me with a little case I’m working on.”

“You’re supposed to be dead. Isn’t exposing yourself this early in the game a little counterproductive?”

“I won’t be exposed,” he said with a slight frown. “If your people can manage a little grab and go for me.”

“What do you need?” She was back in business mode. This obviously wasn’t a situation she was unfamiliar with.

Kardiac pulled his legs up under him and leaned against the wall. Better… less pain. “A mercenary called ‘Blindside’ is arriving at the airport tomorrow at 4 a.m. from London. He’s a swashbuckler with a long history of cartel work. I’ve never run into him, but the info I have on him is pretty solid. I need him to be detained without public knowledge.”

“You sound like you’re up to something.”

“I am,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Can your people detain him… discreetly.”

“Discretion is our specialty. Consider it done. I’ll call you in the morning once the job is done.”

“Cool,” Kardiac answered simply. After a beat, he interrupted his own thought. “My cell is dead. Retrace this frequency and call me on the comm.”

“You’ve got it. Silhouette out.”

Eddy tossed the comm back on the counter. He pulled on his uniform pants and a second set of boots he had brought over with his clothes earlier the day before. He put his kevlar underlining on, but instead of his normal uniform shirt, he overlaid it with a plain brown turtleneck. Sorting through the bits of old costume ‘attempts’ he’d hidden under his day clothes, he worked up enough of a disguise to meet his needs.

The last thing he needed was a fencing blade… something metal from grip to point. He had one of those back at his place. He’d have to make it his first stop tomorrow night, after Viv went to ‘work.’ Satisfied that this disguise would be enough, he walked into the master bath and took a good, long look at himself. He looked ridiculous, but that was pretty much the point. A quick shave to lose the moustache and leave just the goatee finished off the ensemble.

“I hope you keep to your schedule, Alfonse,” he said to the stranger in the mirror. “Because Kardiac may be dead, but tomorrow afternoon you have an appointment…” a small vibrational adjustment to his vocal cords “…with Blindside.”

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