Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.98

fovatarFox began to spray the foam Bluewolf had given her, coating the area around her and Andy. The icy feeling in her gut dissipated somewhat now that he was alert. A feeling of panic and dread had come over her when she saw Andy just lying there surrounded in blood and dead mobster brain matter.

With Andy breathing on the respirator now she started to drag him out of the building.

“It’s a good thing you’re not one of those half a dozen a day donut cops.” she said to Andy with her signature smirk as she hefted him up to his feet, walking out.

Andy was too weak from smoke inhalation to put up much of a fight, his throat and lungs burning from the hot gases put out by the fire.

“I thought…” he mumbled.

“…that I was one of the bad guys. Yeah. Me too. Confusing isn’t it?”

She ran out of fire fighting foam about the same time she ran out of firey building, taking Andy as far as she could from the scene. Outside was chaos, but Fox was able to steer clear of the rest of the uniforms, depositing Andy safely at the mouth of an alleyway. There was an empty patrol car parked nearby, someone would find him here, she thought.

Fox checked him over one last time, to make sure he wasn’t hiding any injuries, and then stood up, ready to flee the scene. It was getting too hot for her liking, in more than one way.

She was stopped by a weak grip on her arm, “You have the right to remain silent…” *cough* *hack* *sputter*.

Fox peeled Andy’s hand from her arm easily, “Cute. Such dedication. I bet you’ve got all sorts of medals at home.” She smiled at him. All the other cops in her past had been nameless foes to be avoided at all cost. This one just had to be Eddy’s best friend. This one just had to be funny…

“Maybe next time, dear. You’ve got more to worry about right now…like breathing.” She turned, examining the area and then took a few steps away from him. “You’re not supposed to get dead, try to remember that, hmm.” she called over her shoulder and then sprinted off into the night…

Once safely on a rooftop a block or so away she paused, waiting, expecting, wondering if Bluewolf was still in the area…

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