Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.5

capvatarCapin could hear the fireworks over the rumbly din of the Gary before he could see what was happening, the disturbingly familiar patter of automatic gunfire. Somewhere not too far off, sirens were echoing down the streets. The police were on their way. Enry’s grip into the metal beneath him tightened as the train rounded the corner. He knew the people in its cars were all plastered nervously around the windows, waiting for the scene to play out. Suddenly things were quiet.

Two smaller cars had penned in a large Black SUV. The dapper detective couldn’t make out any distinguishing marks on the larger vehicle. Well, anything besides the bullet holes riddled across the side of it. There were quite a few. Whoever parked it there, abandoned it there.

The smaller cars were a different story. Their bright colors were heavily decaled. “Looks like the Wo’s, En.” Two smaller thin figures were ducked down alongside the nearer of the two. The street lamps above them left a dull orange over the snub barrels of pair of short sub-machine guns. None of the Triads seemed to play by any rules. Sometimes they worked together. Sometimes they were at each other’s throats. With the current power struggle they had all become a dangerous wild card, the Shing Wo in particular.

Enry let loose of the rail car, catching a bit of the wind. Capin felt his body practically sail into the air, as the rest of the Gary took the corner and continued to its next stop. He dropped into the cover of the elevated tracks, too far from the scene to be heard. With the cape pulled tightly around his shoulders and he snuck around behind the two men.

The storefronts around them were all shattered. Bullets chipped little across the brick walls, even the sidewalks. The sign sticking out from Dr. Wax swung awkwardly by a single hinge. The sirens were getting closer.

KA-CHICK One of them pulled the pin back across the top of the M10 and let it loose, holding it away from his body. He looked to his partner and spoke in quick hushed Mandarin. “[Li, Get up. They’ll get away. Get up.]”

Li shifted his weight, but his legs wobbled loosely under him. From there Capin could see his blood soaked shoulder. He’d taken a hit. “What about-” He stopped dead, looking directly at Capin.

“Crap.” Li’s good arm shot up as quick as he could make it. His finger was quicker on the trigger, littering a trail of bullets along the ground. The tuxedoed man dove out of the way. “I don’t know about you, but this whole ‘getting shot at’ thing is getting old.”


“[Danny, there’s one of them out there.]” Li seemed to be struggling to see through the shadows Capin disappeared into. “[I think I got him.]”

“[How’d they get around us?]” Danny Chow nervously looked around them.

“[Not them. One of the freaks.]”

‘The freak’ started to move. There was shouting from behind somewhere behind them. He didn’t understand any of the words, but he’d learned to recognize Portuguese rather quickly. Vegas. Great, now my evening is complete…

The Dapper Detective pounced from the shadows, plunging his fist into Li’s jaw. Erny pulled at the M10 with enough force to nearly dislocate his shoulder, mangling it in his grip. Li howled in pain.”[Oh, come on. It didn’t hurt that much did it?]” On his other side, he grabbed Danny’s wrist, pinching the nerves with his fingers and twisting. The gun fell and the cape knocked it clear before it hit the ground.

Capin moved in closer, with both men trying to engage him in hand to hand combat. With his wound it wasn’t long before Li’s lungs emptied as he was slammed against the car. Enry burned with energy, grabbing Li before he collapsed completely. That’s when he saw the two men step into the street, each with the long cylindrical weapon propped on their shoulders. “Oh, crap.”

Danny’s jaw ached from the simply executed right cross, quick and quiet: no flair. “[You’ll thank me later.]”The second blow to his chest and his body fell loose and off balance. Capin used the momentum they had, gripping his shirt and jumping clear from the car, Enry keeping Li in tow. The hit the ground and the car exploded into a ball of fire.

Propping himself back up, he checked the two of them. “Rocket launchers… I’d give my lunch money for a nice classy ‘clash of the bo-staffs’ or even a good old fashioned sword fight, you know.”The searing heat from the car was almost unbearable, and the sirens were becoming almost inaudible over the sounds of the flames. He got to his feet and dusted himself off. “That’s cheating you know!” He shouted through the flames.

Through the smoke he could see the flashing red and blue lights pulling up the street. Three men were making their way to the stranded SUV in the middle. They’d fight their way out. Capin dropped into a full sprint, as the police bullhorn hit the air. “Drop your weapons and put your hands in-” Gunfire rang out. Capin skirted outside the flaming wreck. Two of the three men in suits were firing on the GCPD car. The third was loading one of the modified LAWs.

The cops were returning fire. We’ve gotta divert their attention. Enry scooped up some rubble. “Hey,”Two of them turned and Enry let the dirt and stones fly. They shot wildly into the air, and Capin skidded across the ground, trying his best to avoid taking a bullet. Moving close he tackled the rocket man, jostling the LAW from his grip. There was more shouting he couldn’t make out. Capin’s target managed a hit in, knocking him back some. One of the others grabbed their man and pulled him into the SUV. Head back up, he found himself looking down the barrel of a gun. “Crap.” danced back around the gunshots as the wheels spun until they caught the ground and sped off.

Capin panted. “I was having a good night too.” The eerie silence hit him, nothing but the police siren and the sounds of two flaming cars. Turning on his heels he saw the bodies lying beside their patrol car. He sprinted over, pulling his comlink from its cache in his jacket and clicking it over to the open secure channel. “Nine-one-one.” There was a short pause then a ring.

“911. What is the nature of your-“

“I’ve got two officers down with gun shot wounds at Rosemont and Parke. I repeat: Officers down at Rosemont and Park. Send a bus.”

He clicked the channel off, hiding the device away as he reached the first cop. He was lying in a pool of blood with several body shots. “No pulse.” He scrambled over the car, landing next to the other. It was a single wound to the stomach. The Vegas were using nasty ammunition. “It’s gonna be ok.”Capin tore the heavy vest away. Blood bubbled around his fingers as he put pressure on the wound.”Stay with me. Enry tore a long piece of the officer’s pant leg and Capin grabbed it, trying to cover the wound better holding pressure. “Stay with me.” He leaned over the body and waited for the sound of ambulance.


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