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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.117

fovatarFox was a block away from the appointed meeting spot when she stopped atop an apartment building for a rest. Noises from the street below grabbed her attention and she looked over the edge of the building. Below was a young couple, perhaps her age. They looked like they had just gotten out of a car and were entering the building. They sounded happy, laughing and teasing each other. There was a rather long kiss and then they moved out of sight.

What are you doing? she asked herself. You’ve finally found the right guy and you’ve left him home, battered and with a death wish. There was a moment of internal conflict as the old Fox and Vivian struggled. She wanted revenge against the man who sent Savate after her. So much easier for her to run on autopilot: anger, revenge… her old ways.


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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.116

capvatar“And you think Dr. DiLucci is the kidnapper.” Wolf was back, crouched over the ground in the shadows. Capin stood just beyond the edge, in the light. The parking lot showed them nothing. The snow had melted enough to just be puddles of asphalt colored water.

“Maybe not the but she’s definitely part of this whole-” Both men looked up. Capin cut himself off at the faint sound of good suspension taking a pothole at 25 miles an hour. The broad black hood of the car took up most its lane. “Don’t they know that driving around at night with just your parking lights on is a dead giveaway?” Capin slipped back into the shadows beside Bluewolf.

The long black limo pulled into the parking lot and stopped at an angle in the middle. Both men watched quietly. The engine kept running; waiting for someone...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.115

kavatar“Blindside” slipped into the apartment as quietly as he could, through the bedroom window rather than the normal balcony entrance. Better not to tempt fate. He had to know if he was in trouble before facing it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. Vivian wasn’t home. And from the looks of things, she hadn’t been.

He stepped out on the balcony to get some air. He needed it. This was two nights in a row. Something had to be wrong. If Begnini is lying to me, so help me God…. It was right about that time that his communicator broke through his reverie. Just want he needed… work.

Maybe he could convince Ol’ Blue that he got a wrong number. “Mushi mushi?”

Bluewolf, apparently, wasn’t fooled. “Funny. Has your Vixen returned to her den?”

Eddy paused...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.114

Brian Tavik raged quietly inside. Out. He wanted out. He wanted his own body back. He strained and pushed against the bars. He pried at the corners. Something had to give. Eventually. If he just kept chipping away. Something would have to give.

“Well… we can’t go back to the lab. That is for certain.” Simeon tapped a finger against his thin lips as he paced the length of their apartment. “We must assume that we’d be followed and end up leading them straight to the thing that they want.”

If they haven’t found it already.

“No. They haven’t. They know that it isn’t here but they would never have bothered to talk to us if they had it. I think we covered our tracks rather nicely. All the electronic records of our rental are scrambled across the ether...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.113

The motion sensors at the corner of Troy and University kicked in, and the camera hidden in the streetlamp turned to the source. Mistress Psyche wasn’t expecting any guests that evening, but Dr. Erosia DiLucci knew that he was getting close, so her eyes focused on the monitor. Surely enough, the light-enhancing camera drew focus on a man in a tuxedo, cowl, and cape.

“Ah, my suitor has arrived,” she said absently as her finger went to the busser on her desk. Super-Ego walked in, looking a bit tired. It was, after all, rather late… or early as the case may be. “Super-Ego, call Trauma and Id… have them take a car to the meeting place. There’s someone there waiting for them.”

Super-Ego looked down at her clipboard. “But, Ma’am, there’s nothing listed on your itinerary.”

“He wouldn’t be,” she a...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.112

capvatarCapin was back at the wall blocking the noise of Victoria boulevard and the waterfront from the high castles set in Hiland in no time. He hopped up, perching himself atop the thick brick wall. The street was dark and quiet. There was barely a sound as he dropped down to the street and crossed into the darkness of the Warehouse District.

The District provided heavy cover with its massive wide buildings and deep thick shadows. An almost warm shiver crept up his spine. Capin spun around, the cape splayed lightly around his legs as he did, still mostly relaxed if not bored. Two steps back and he was covered in the darkness of a shipping building. Still, the corners and hiding places showed nothing. Capin shook it off. The cape remained a calm dark gray.

He separated the cuff of his shirt from ...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.111

The sleek black BMW rolled silently down the streets of Garrison. The image of street lights reflected off it’s tinted windows and clean paint job. Settled comfortably in it’s back seat, Jotaro Ikoma tapped at his pursed lips with an index finger. He leaned back and removed a small dull gray phone from inside his suit coat. Holding it with one hand, he flipped it open and pressed a series of numbers. The phone went up to his ear.

“Yes,” he said, nodding his head ever so slightly. “I left him with the information. Everything is in place.” His brow furrowed. “Are they certain? Each of them?” Ikoma transferred the phone to his other ear. There was a clear sense confusion in his expression. “No. No, I just do not see how it is possible. Perhaps there is even more to Mr. Tavik than anticipated...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.110

capvatarTears welled up around her dark chestnut eyes. As they filled, a few drops rolled down along her nose and fell, soaking into her dress. She made a slight sniffle and reached for a box of Kleenex. The white tissue grayed as she dabbed at her eyes.

“Ok.” Capin put his hand on hers. Right at that moment the cowl stiffened around him. Like static, the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He’d experienced these things before. The cape had almost a second sense of some things, but even after all these years it was difficult to read. But it was clear enough. There was something out of the ordinary going on. “What did she do exactly?”

Miranda just looked at the tissue crumpled in her hands. Really she was looking past it. “I-I don’t know,” her head shook slightly...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.109

fovatarThe Fox turned her masked glare on the man on the stairs. “Yeah, of course it rings a bell, how could I forget him. He’s the one that knocked up his secretary, refused to take any responsibility for it and then fired her when he thought she might tell his wife.’ She was even more angry sounding now.

“Uh huh……..AND I’M THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT, LADY.” Savate yelled. “Sounds more to me like a desperate attempt to stall for time” he snapped at her,making his way back down the stairs. ” You’re gonna have to do Better than that….”

She snorted in reply, “Looks like you didn’t do any homework on this job. Tsk, tsk. How very sloppy of you.’ She shrugged one shoulder, not looking too worried about the situation, her anger melting away for some reason.

“And what in the hell is that supposed to mean any...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.108

bwvatarThe night was still relatively young, and Bluewolf was sure that Begnini ‘worked’ well into the evening. The chances were even better with the information Kardiac had provided about the inbound drug shipment. He could spend a few hours around the docks, and still make it to Begnini’s estate for a late night ‘chat.’ A few moments after Capin left, Wolf drew back into the shadows and began a sweep of the warehouses. As much as we’re all solo operators, we could use a certain amount of communication and coordination… passing thoughts ran through his mind as he silently crept to the roof’s edge. He’d heard muffled snippets of conversation from several rooftops away, a good place to start.

Three men stood huddled half in shadow between stacks of industrial sized shipping containers the size o...

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