Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.57

— The TV showed a group of police standing outside a house where a large group of protesters stood shouting as they watched a group of Nazi’s stomp an American flag in the ground, dump oil on it, then fold it up and turn handing it off to another “Sergeant, this flag has been inspected and it’s been determined to be too damaged for service anymore” then the man took the flag turned and dropped it into a burning barrel, turning around as the Nazi’s started stomping another flag into the ground.

One of the chaos one Nazi in full “Gestapo” uniform steps up to the media and openly states “We will continue this until the United States becomes pure again” pointing to an African American in the crowd “When people like that live and work here, this country will keep falling and become just another third world country. I’m just glad the police have shown the courtesy to keep trespassers off of our property. —

That was how tonight had started, and Freedom was driving his way towards that section of town, this time media or not, he was going to make it personal. “No one, but no one defiles a flag like that and gets away with it. The cops may not be able to do anything but I’m going too” Freedom barked into his headset.

“I don’t know boy, this stinks of a setup. They are calling you out, and they know it. I mean you saw how they were always focusing everything they did so that the media didn’t miss a thing. You need backup on this one, just let me call —” his words were cut off before he could finish them.

“Don’t you dare call him, I don’t need a friggen babysitter. I’m still pissed at you for not telling me about him and you. Hell I’m really close to not trusting you” Freedom snapped as he turned a corner and headed right towards the housing area “You know what, I’m not even going to sneak in, they called for me, they are going to get me right through the front door”

“Boy, don’t do this. You’ll have to take on the cops, they won’t let you through, they are there to keep the peace and you know it. You pull up and they’ll swarm you, and cuff you before you can do anything but blink. Don’t take on the PD — ” and yet again his words were cut off.

Freedom gunned the engine so that the rest of his uncles words were drowned in the Engine roar, which also announced his arrival to the media and the cops. While everyone turned to see who was making such a racket this late at night, he pulled the shield from it’s carrying harness in the front of the bike and slowed his approach till he stopped directly in front of the house. Pausing for effect he shut down the bike, and waited looking straight at the skinheads that were gawking at him. He slowly put the kickstand down and swung a leg over sliding to stand up. All the cameras were on him but he didn’t even notice them, all he could see was the skinheads and the “Blue” line ahead of him.

A man in a suit walked towards him “You!!! I’m placing you under arrest. We will not tolerate vigilante’s in this town” and motioned for a couple of officers to take Freedom into custody. Freedom jump stepped towards the suit, causing him to jump back and the officers to pull handguns on him. Freedom just kept that determined look and stated as he nodded towards the skinheads “They have shot at me before” as the shield came over in front of him “And all it did was ricochet” then he nodded to the crowd “Do you think they will like it if they suddenly start getting hit with stray bullets.” The suit snapped a glance to the media and noticed all the camera’s on him “Put those guns away, just apprehend him”

With everyone looking at the suit and the officers slowly putting away their weapons, Freedom had found his way to get past them all, he quickly ran towards a couple of officers who hastily shifted to meet his rush, but at the last second Freedom turned and used the bumper of a news van to give him the spring he needed and he was over the officers heads, who instinctively ducked, and landed near the fence. He never took another look back at the officers as he walked through the gate stating out loud as he turned on the skinheads “You asked for this, come and get it”

The skinheads shook their heads and pointed to the church “There is someone that wants to meet you” which caused Freedom’ heart to leap into his throat. These punks were easy to deal with, but that unknown factor now had him feeling like he did the first night. “Fine, I’ll deal with whoever it is, then I’ll come back out and stomp your sorry asses” and with that he started to head inside when there was a loud noise at the gate. Turning he saw the suit pointing at him from the held shut gate “You are trespassing, you go in there and I’ll have probable cause to cross onto this property and you’ll be taken into custody just like these men” pointing to the skinheads.

“There is nothing illegal going on” Freedom stated flatly to the suit “they invited me to a” pausing for just a moment “Costume party, and I’m here” as he looked to the skinheads who laughed a little and nodded at what Major Freedom said. “So unless you are making it illegal to wear a costume, you had better have a very good warrant to cross onto this property” thanking himself for always listening to his Uncle about the laws. “Besides” as he nodded back to the people crowding against his officers “you seem to have other problems” then turned his back on the suit and headed into the church.

Walking past two skinheads at the door he realized he was really in trouble when they politely opened the door and waved him in like they were butlers at some fancy mansion. As he walked through they closed the doors behind him, and he swore he heard a “Click” of a lock.

“So I see you got my message, you “Patriotic” heroes are so predictable, and so easy to manipulate” came a voice from the darkness. But before Freedom could pick out the person with the voice he was suddenly blinking at the sudden flood of lighting, he instinctively brought the shield up to cover any assault on his upper body while relaxing to take any impacting tackle to roll with it like in practice. Freedom blinked a few times till his eye’s cleared and he looked around rather quickly, the church was empty of anything typical in a church, the only thing there was a vast expansive open church, spot lights on the second floor lighting up the first floor, and a man standing up near the altar, that had the Nazi flag draped over it. “We can’t have you dieing in the dark, dieing is dark enough. I want you to see who kills you. Hope” the man stated pointing to Freedom “They call all you freaks “Hope” but people like us that are trying to restore the US to what it was monsters” shaking his head slightly.

Freedom rolled his eye’s “You gonna stand there and bore me to death or are we going to get on with your ass stomping” his eye’s watching the man, trying to pick out the things that Blue and Kard had shown him to watch for when fighting someone.

The man just stretched as he walked to the center of the church and pointed to the spot in front of him, pausing to point to the shield “Hey, I don’t have any weapons, doesn’t exactly seem fair that you do” pausing “Oh yeah … Let’s get the formalities over with, I’m Ubermench” pausing to see if that had any effect on Freedom.

“Well as you know I’m Major Freedom” showing no emotional response to the name given him, his high school German was fighting to translate it but failing miserably, which is probably why he was getting a D in that class. Freedom looked to his shield and chucked it off to the side of the room and walked towards where Ubermench pointed. “So we going to do this toe to toe are we?”

Uber just smiled and nodded “It’s always best to start this way. You get to see your opponents reactions and fear” watching Freedom walk up and square off with him. He paused as he put his hand into his pocket “Oh wait, I did say “No” weapons” as he drew out a set of car keys with a remote on it. “Let me set my car alarm” as he pushed the button and threw the keys off towards Freedom’ shield. “There, both of us are unarmed” looking at Freedom’ belt and pouches “Aren’t we?”

Freedom just glanced down at his belt, sighing he one handed undid the belt and tossed it towards his shield “There, satisfied. Now lets get on with this” as his nerves got the better of him. But instead of waiting Freedom lashed out with a flurry of punches, hoping to connect and get the first hit in that would start him towards winning this mess. Freedom could not believe things as he watched his man block or dodge every shot, it was like he was fighting Kard again on that roof, and then the lesson came as he threw a punch, watched Uber side step and in slow motion saw that knee coming up and could do nothing but relax so that the hit would not do as much damage as intended. Freedom pitched backwards from the knee to the gut, landed on his back harder than he expected and rolled back to his feet, trying to regain the air he had just lost through the combination of impacts. That is when he saw that Uber had moved with him and his punches were coming in this time, Freedom was on total defense, blocking, dodging, and failing miserably as the punches kept landing in spots that did a lot to hurt Freedom, each and every punch feeling like his gloved hands were made of iron. One spot he kept focusing on was Freedom left lower ribs. Freedom bounced off a wall and knew he was cornered, but the flurry of punches had stopped and Uber walked away back out to the center of the church again and made the gesture for Freedom to join him.

Freedom stood stunned for a moment “Why in the hell did he do that, he had me” as he took a moment to take a long slow breath and moved back to the center of the room. He squared off against Uber again, and launched into Uber with everything he had, only to see this man block and dodge everything he threw.

— Suddenly one of the news crews barked something to one of his people, who instantly grabbed the reporter and drug them back to the news van “Their fight is being shown live on the internet” as the crewman turned a laptop around to show the fight going on inside the church “What do you want to do?” and waited on the reporter. He paused for a moment and then stated, “Run it, as long as the feed runs. News is News” —

Suddenly Freedom was sucking air again. His fight with Kard had him at least landing one or maybe two punches, but this man was like fighting a ghost, nothing he threw would land. But this time as he rolled to his feet he didn’t let Uber keep the upper hand and rugby tackled Uber, gripping the man up under the ass cheeks lifting him from the floor intending to slam him back first into the floor when suddenly he felt as if the church had dropped onto the base of his neck, causing him to lose his grip and drop to the floor on his knees. The world became unfocused around Freedom and then the world focused again as a kick to those lower left ribs again almost caused him to scream as he rolled with the impact away from the man getting to his feet as he bounced off a church wall. He turned quickly to face the man only to find that he had walked back to the center of the church and was gesturing for Freedom to join him again. He glanced to his shield and pouches, then to the man who “Tsk’d” at him “And here I thought you were some kind of superhuman thing, the way all” pointing towards the doors “they talked about you. But If you need all your little gadgets then by all means” and waited for Freedom to make up his mind.

Freedom glanced again to his stuff and then to Uber, getting irritated at the fact that he was being taunted, he walked back out to the center of the floor and squared off “I don’t need that stuff to beat a pathetic loser like you” to which Uber just looked surprised “Loser? Me? How so?” and Freedom didn’t let it drop “You can’t make it in “Normal” society so instead of placing the blame on yourself for being substandard, useless, and a total drain on society’s needs, including oxygen, you go and blame it on anyone and everyone else” Uber launched into a flurry of attacks that flattened Freedom before he could think, blood rushing from his nose, and an eye threatening to swell shut on him as he hit the floor hard flat on his back, Uber stood over him and barked “Only looser I see here is the person flat on his back” to which Freedom quickly snapped a kick up hoping to catch Uber off guard, but instead he got his ankle snagged and then a boot stomped into Freedom’ stomach, slamming bile into the roof of Freedom’ mouth causing him to roll over and heave his dinner onto the floor.

Uber just moved back to his spot on the floor and waited till Freedom limped back to the spot opposite him “You know you are going to lose, just admit it and stay laying down the next time. You keep this up and you’re going to be in the hospital for a “Long” time” as he cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders waiting to see what Freedom was going to do. He smiled as Freedom blinked his eye’s clear, spit, and took up the defensive fighting stance again that had failed him every single time “Why don’t you just admit it and quit? You can’t stop me from hurting you. Just drop to your knees and beg for this to stop”

Freedom launched at him hard and even faster this time, throwing anything and everything he had at Uber. Then he landed a spinning back elbow that hit so hard it spun Uber around and had blood flying from Uber’s mouth. Freedom just smiled and walked back to the start line and made the same gesture Uber had made, so that Uber would join him on the line.

Uber wiped the blood from his mouth spitting a tooth out onto the floor, he had actually hit him. Uber’s temper suddenly flared, and as he looked up and saw Thomas beckon him over to the start spot, his temper totally took control. He ran at Thomas and started throwing and landing everything he had on this man. For everything that got blocked he landed at least three more hits, and when Freedom bounced off the wall he turned quickly, caught Freedom by the arm and shoulder and threw him out into the room, watching with a very pleased feeling as Freedom hit the floor in a heap, instead of rolling with it. He stood there catching his breath watching as Freedom slowly, and had to be painfully the way he was moving, got to his feet and turned towards Uber and beckoned him over “Still here” came the words from Freedom.

Freedom was feeling as if every part of his body was broken, yet he couldn’t just lie there. He never let Kard have the satisfaction of his laying there, he definitely wasn’t going to let this guy have the pleasure “Still here” he wheezed out as he came to his feet and faced Uber again, motioning him over to join him. Boy was that a mistake, because come he did and before long Freedom was in a painful heap on the floor again. Just getting to his hands and knees was a monumental effort, his body was failing him and before long he was going to go unconscious and probably be killed by this man. As he started to shift to try and get to his feet something fell onto the back of his hand. He looked at it a bit confused; it was a metallic dart with a wire coming off it going back up into his sleeve. It wasn’t long before the confusion passed as Freedom shook his sleeve again and the other lead fell out onto his hand. He quickly cupped the darts and stayed on his hands and knees muttering.

Uber watched Freedom try and get up but saw that it was beyond him “Just beg for this to stop and it will” as he wiped away blood that dripped from the corner of his mouth. “Or you can continue this and die, cause right now the way you are, if I go at you again they will cart you off in a body bag” that is when he heard Freedom say something “What was that? You’re going to have to say it a lot louder than that for this to stop?” only to get that muttered wheeze again. Uber walked over to Freedom and looked down at him “what was that?” the words that came from Freedom echoed around the room “Fuck You” and Uber launched a kick at his left side again, knowing that those ribs were probably broke and would puncher an organ or two, but was surprised when his kick was caught and his boot held tight. He watched as Freedom looked up and him his right hand slapped the inside of Uber’s thigh, causing two distinct sharp stabbing pains to come from his leg.

Just as he slapped the darts into Ubers inner thigh he smiled at Uber and barked “Kardiac says Hi” and let go of his Uber’s leg to slap the device on his right forearm to complete the circuit causing an electric shock to run up the wires to the darts and into Uber’s inner thigh and then through his body, causing Uber to arch over backwards and fall to the floor in a heap thrashing and jerking in a most painful manner. Then the charge stopped and Uber lay there unconscious, Freedom just looked at him as he raised his hand to slap the activator switch again, but sighed, “No, I’m not like you. I win” as he staggered up to his feet after four tries. His body screaming at the movements, he pulled the darts loose and watched them auto spool back into the device. “I owe you one Kard” and turned to limp towards his equipment when a ruckus at the door started. “Oh shit,” as it dawned on him what was about to happen, he hobbled as quickly as he could to his belt, hearing the lock on the door click as he yanked open a pouch, grabbed a handful of the marbles in it and threw them at the door. The inrush of people quickly slipped on the marbles and pitched in different ways onto the ground. The others behind them paused in their movements so they wouldn’t land in the same way and picked a way through the marbles only to find that their target now stood with his equipment on and was looking, though wounded, he was ready to make them all pay a heavy price to end what they had started.

Suddenly officers rushed in behind them “Drop the weapons, Drop them” which quickly had the skinheads dropping their various weapons. Then in walked the suit, pausing he pointed to an officer “Him too” pointing to Freedom. The officers looked at the suit and nodded up and back towards the media. The officer mumbled something to the suit, which caused the suit to look up and around the church for a moment, and then he cleared his throat and pointed to Uber “Get him cuffed”

Freedom just walked towards the door, the officers shifting people out of the way, looking as though they were too busy with their prisoner to see him, and out he walked/limped all the way to his bike. No one seemed to get in his way; the crowds that were there stood hushed, making Thomas wonder just what happened out here. After three painful tries he got the bike started and slowly turned it around to head into town, and it must have been the pain and everything but he swore he heard cheering as he drove off, but the noise of his bike and the pain that limited him looking over his shoulder had him doubting it. Halfway home he realized when he started coughing up blood that he was in real trouble and pulled off into an alleyway, reached into his pouch and pulled out something he swore he would never use. As the world slowly grayed out on him he gripped it tightly in his hand, thinking only about keeping a tight grip on it, hoping this emergency thing they gave him would get them to him in time.


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