Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.62

The Mid-Night Man stepped out of the shadows of the roof top access of the Kentech building and looked around. It appeared that he had beaten Capin here even with the time it took him to go to the hospital and sneak some supplies to bring with him.

“Hey doc,” The Starlight Sleuth turned to see Capin leaping from the fire escape to the roof holding a limp body in his arms. Instinctually, Corin removed his cloak, and placed it on the roof motioning for Capin to lay the body on it. He knelt down to get a better look at the patient.

“My God, this kids probably what sixteen, maybe seventeen?”

“I think so.”

“What the hell happened to him?” Corin said as he pulled open one of Major Freedom’s eyelids and shined a flashlight to check the dilation of his eyes.

“I dunno. I picked up his distress signal on our comms and tracked it to him.”

“This is that Major Freedom kid you mentioned the other night isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Capin said, worry visible in his voice.

“Well I can tell you this much, it looks like he went twenty rounds with Mike Tyson. His right eye is swollen shut, but the pupil is still dilating so I don’t think there will be any vision loss,” Corin ran his hands along Major Freedom’s jaw line, “I don’t feel any breaks here either, but the kid’s face looks like hamburger, he’s lucky.” As if on cue Major Freedom jerked violently, and was gasping for air,”Aw crap.”


“His ribs are in shambles,” Corin said as he stuck Major Freedom’s arm with a syringe of pain killer,”one might have even punctured his lung.”

“Can you tell for sure?”

“I can feel they’re broken, he’s not having trouble breathing, that’s a good sign. I don’t think he’s having any issues with any fluid seeping into his lungs, but we need to get him to a hospital to be sure.”

“We can’t do that; you’ve seen the papers lately the cops want to talk to this kid for a couple of murders. The mayor’s even opened an investigation into him, and us too.”

“How do you know that?”

“We’ll worry about that later. The kid’s life is important right now.”

Corin looked up at Capin for a minute, trying to size up what his fellow masked hero wasn’t telling him. After a few seconds, he turned back towards the fallen Major Freedom. “Right, most of this stuff’s just superficial, I would say he is pretty much out of the woods, Are you sure we don’t have some place we can take him?”

As the normal shade that covered his face faded away Capin could see the urgency in Corin’s eyes. Right now things were sketchy when it came to their unofficial secret governmental partner, and until he and Bluewolf got their super-secret report back from fox there was no telling. But, like he’d just said, the kid’s life was more important. He pulled the comlink out of his pocket and keyed it on, “Sil, you there?”

“Good to know someone else made it through tonight.” He could read the tiredness in her voice. No, it wasn’t tiredness, it was weariness. In less than ten words he was distracted from the situation in front of him.

“What happened?”

“Don’t worry. We’ll talk about it later. You called me.”

“Right.” He turned and looked down on the pair. Mid-Night continued to stabilize the kid as best he could, prep him for travel. “We need a med evac on the roof of the Kentech building.”

“Oh god…” There was that weariness again, working its way back through the business tone.

“No, it’s not Melody, it’s-”

“Medevac? It’s not Matthews is it?”

“No, it’s not Wolf either. I haven’t heard from him.” He sighed, tonight just kept getting better and better. “And I’m guessing neither have you?”

“No I haven’t. Mid-Night and Sleepwalker checked in, both clean.”

“Mid-night’s with me. It’s someone else. I’ll explain later Jenna, just get us the evac.”

“On its way.”

Capin rejoined The Mid-Night Man at Major Freedom’s side. “So how is he?”

“Well, he’s gonna live, but he may never play the violin again.”

“And he had that concert coming up. I was so looking forward to that.” For the first time since they met on the roof of the building the two heroes smiled. A moment later, they were illuminated in the spotlight of a Strategoi helicopter. Help had arrived.

Mid-Night held his fedora in place as the downdraft pounded at them. He slipped his long coat off and draped it over the boy. Freedom coughed up the best sign of life he’d could. With the copter in hovering in place, several soldiers piled out, two carrying a stretcher. Corin shouted directions to the men over the din of the motor and the patient was transferred over and lifted up with swift care. The dapper detective stood back and the professionals handle it and carry him away.

“Coming with?” The Starlight Sleuth turned back, still holding his hat in place. Capin nodded.

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