Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.63

He heaved the cardboard banana box to the floor. It was overflowing with all sorts of knick-knacks and keepsakes and everything else under the sun but bananas. That was it then. The last box moved from his car into his new apartment. All that was left now was to unpack the thirty odd containers which varied from said banana boxes to suitcases to plastic bags and waste paper bins, all crammed with as many personal belonging as he could get over to the U.S.

Truth be told there was even more than that. This was his second trip back with another load of stuff, the first time all he’d done was bring the stuff over and leave at his new home but since it was late at night he never really saw much of the city and then he had to awake early the next day for the flight back so he could attend a seminar. This time was different though, this time he would stay. This time he had a purpose.

He silently boarded the subway train that ran through the New Bridge district which he needed to pass through. He was a pillar of sanctuary in a sea of turmoil. His mind was calm and controlled. Thoughts were his own and need not be expressed in aggressive grunts and moans like his fellow passengers. He managed to grab himself a seat and remained there for the journey. At this hour of the day the trains weren’t overly busy, having just missed the morning rush hour by a few hours, in fact his carriage was devoid of life other than his own and a spider that waited patiently in a web opposite him. This was just as he liked it. He reached into his inside coat pocket and pulled out his newly bought mobile phone. Cell phones they call them over here, he reminded himself. He’d never get used to calling things by the wrong names. He opened the phones built in address book and dialled the only number in there. It rang for a few seconds then there was an answer.

“Good afternoon, Smithy’s Repair Garage. What can I do ya for?”

“Hey Smithy.”

“Yo, Bobby. Was up, compadre.”

“I’m gonna be needed some gear.”

“Got something planned tonight, then?”

“Yeah, I hope.”

“Sure thing, boss. What is it y’all be wannin’?”

“I need to be fast tonight. Faster than usual. What I’m hunting doesn’t want to be caught”

“You referring to King Arthur, right?”

“You don’t have to keep saying it like that. You make it sound like some kind of Disney film.”

“Okay. Anyway I got something in mind. Anything else ya be wannin’?”

“A blade. I’m gonna need a blade. And tech it out with whatever gadgets you want.”

“Okay. And what about what ya asked for last time? Is that still a green light?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll still be needing that.”

“Okay, buddy. Visit me about seven tonight and I’ll have it all ready.”

“Can you get done any earlier.”

“Man, I got a business to run.” Replied the voice of Smithy, slightly agitated. Then after a pause he added. “Six-thirty, okay?”

“Thanks, Smithy.”

“See ya later, bro.”

The call ended and Bobby slid the phone back into his coat pocket. He then settled back into his seat and waited for his station. It didn’t take long.


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