Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.64

He could see more of his own reflection in the glass then the surgery that went on behind it. Still, that suited him fine. On the other side, Corin was assisting Strategoi’s finest surgeons. Sighing, he pulled his hands out of his pockets and dug a finger into the black knot under his chin, tugging it loose till the two black bands hung down from his neck. “It almost makes you wonder.”

Silhouette stepped the rest of the way through the doorway to stand next to him. “What’s that?”

“If we’d brought the kid in…”

“The way tonight’s gone,” she shook her head, “who’s to say he’d have been better off.” She turned to the Dapper Detective. “You got to him. We have him here. He’s going to be fine.” He stood there still looking at himself in the glass, his torn coat draped over one arm. “Eddy’s conscious.”

His eyes rolled over to hers. “How’s he doing?”

“Well,” she said, arching her back, pulling her arms overhead. Her longish brown hair fell down around her cheeks. “He’s Eddy. He’s weak, but he’s still Eddy.” She gave him a smile. “You can see him if you like. I think he’s up for it.”

Capin nodded, pushing his back off of the wall. He paused before moving through the doorway. “Sil?”


“Does the name Star Investigations mean anything to you?”

Her mouth crooked to the side and her eyes fell, as if flipping through an old memory card catalog.”Doesn’t ring a bell.” She looked back to him. “Should it?”

With the tabs Strategoi kept on everything and everybody, something was fishy. Not that Capin expected Jenna to know about all of it, but still. If it pertained to them, she’d have a solid idea. “I dunno. I’ll let you know.” He smiled and disappeared into the hallway.

“Hey.” The cowled man nodded to the guard standing just to the side of Kardiac’s door. The man in dark fatigues straightened slightly, checking Capin from toe to skull, Capin up. “I’m here to see the prisoner.” The guard nodded in reply, turning to the door and unlocking it, then making a point of looking away from him. Shrugging Capin let himself in.

Eddy Lane’s head turned slightly toward the door as it opened. He hid it well, but his eyes still winced in the corners with the movement. Ruy put on smile. “Been working out?”Closing the door behind him, Enry peeled the cowl away from his face. He crossed the small room to the bed, dragging a chair across with him. He threw his leg over it and sat in the chair. “Cause you’re looking pretty cut.” Eddy just looked at him, both of his eyes rolled all the way to the left. “What?”

“Don’t…” As dry as his voice, his lips stuck together when he tried speaking. “Don’t… make… me laugh.” Ryu leaned back and grabbed the water pitcher and a cup. “Or… I’ll make you feel… like I feel…

He tipped the pitcher over the cup but barely anything came out, just a small trickle of water. The Dapper Detective popped the top. “Apparently you are not ready for liquid water.” He shook it around and dug out some ice shavings with the plastic cup. “And how do you feel, man?”

Eddy’s head sank back into his pillow, eyes back up on the speckled ceiling tiles. “Like… a kabob.”

“Nice.” He leaned over the man carefully, tilting the cup to his friend’s mouth.

“Jenna didn’t say… How’d we do?”

Ryu set the cup resting against Eddy’s arm. “Well enough.” He folded his arms across the chair back and leaned his chin in. True, neither stage could have been considered a rousing success. The GCPD were currently tagging the evidence Wolf and Tigris has left for them, despite both of them currently being a t home nursing their… injuries. He and Melody shut down the strange cults operations with minimal injuries. Even if their fanatical leader did get away, the message was still clear. Hell, Mid-night and Sleepy were almost completely successful, so it wasn’t exactly a lie.”Wolf’s back home with an… earache. Kaye’s taking care of him. He’ll be alright.”

“Good.” His eyes closed, which was as close to a nod as he was getting. “No speech.” The ends of his lips curled up ever so slightly.

“Actually,” Capin stood up, reaching his hand into his coat pocket, “since he couldn’t make it, he had me take one down to read to you.” He stopped and winked, cowl spreading back over his face. “I’m kidding.”

“You’re hilarious.”

“Just get some rest. I’ll be back to see you tomorrow.” He patted Eddy’s foot and removed himself back into the hallway. There he found a familiar dark suited man was heading his way. Corin moved slowly and stiff, like a man who’d just spent several hours trying to pick a bus up off the ground. Capin went to meet him halfway.

“How is he?” He asked, nodding back to the door.

“He’ll live. How’s the kid?” he asked in turn, nodding back the other way.

“He’ll live.”

Capin took a long inhaling yawn. He was beat and tonight was finally over. “What time is it?”

Corin pushed his cuff back off his watch. “Twenty after three.”

“What would you say to a drink? I know a little place that’s open till 4.”

This time it was Corin’s turn to yawn. “I’d say you’re buying”

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