Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.67

She looked up at Wolf, “I just want you to know, that once you’re able to hear me, we’re going to have a long conversation.”

He couldn’t hear her words, but Bluewolf could certainly read their delivery. He simply nodded in reply.

She looked away, sighing heavily while keying a code into the keypad beside the door. There was a snap-hiss as the doors parted and a waft of cool air washed over them. They stepped into a large computer lab. They weaved around massive equipment racks until they found the sole human occupant of the room.

She had swore she would never do cape work again, but she had. She had done it for them…done it for him. The information Bluewolf had shown started burning off her weariness, leaving a low simmering anger.

A seventeen-year old kid swiveled around in his chair, “Hey gorgeous, how’s –” The kid trailed off as he found himself staring down the barrel of Jenna’s sidearm.

“Bug, we need to have a talk…” She looked at the young man – the same one who had taken her to a My Chemical Romance concert a few months ago, a person she considered a close friend. “You have two minutes to convince me why I shouldn’t shoot you right now, or worse, give you to Her.”

Bug’s eyes widened. “Jenna, what th-… what’s going on?”

It had been a long night, and her worry about people she considered good people – and some of the friends – made her control less than perfect. Bug’s guilt washed over her, just solidifying what Bluewolf had shown her. It only served to make her anger more focused.

“Don’t. Don’t try lying. Empath, remember?” Bug winced and Jenna took a step closer, her eyes narrowing and her finger pressing very lightly on the trigger to her guns. For once, the potential to abuse her powers held very real lure for her.

Bluewolf stood back, watching. Through body language alone he could see Jenna’s anger turning into the more dangerous quiet type of anger, while Bug was just plain scared. He said her name he hoped quietly, not wanting tonight to get any worse.

She glanced back at him, and could read his worry. Losing her stance a bit, she tried to throw him a reassuring look. She was pretty sure she failed. Too many people were hurt this evening. Turning back to Bug, she prompted his confession, “Well? Time is ticking…”

“They took my sister!” The words were blurted out with the fear of a young man who really spent all his time behind computers. “They took her. She’s only ten… she’s smart, and I’ve been putting her through his really swanky private boarding school… they know about her… everything… what was I supposed to do? You of all people should understand!” The words were desperate, the last shot a badly calculated one.

“Don’t go there, Bug.” His name had become a dirty word, her voice quiet. “Why didn’t you go to someone… to me?”

“I was going to… honest… and then one night, she just – disappeared. I couldn’t find her – even using this.” He motioned to the central computing system. “She got out of a car right before lights out eating ice cream.” He hung his head. “They let me know if I didn’t do what they said, they’d take her… hurt her… I know what some of them DO to girls.”

She motioned to Bluewolf, “Watch him.” Moving behind Bug, her fingers began racing over the keyboards. “Your choices came at a pretty heavy cost, John.” She never used his real name. “It will be up to Her to decide what happens. We’ll need to know your contacts, how you’ve been dropping all the information…”

Her voice trailed off as the doors slid open. “Agent Fairchild?” The man had the ‘don’t shoot the messenger look on his face.’ “We have a problem…”

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