Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.68

“My children our time is now,” the words of Ak-Fet Sur came from the lips of Samuel Hammerstone,”I have tired of TAROT’s excuses. They promised if we were patient and help in their plans, they would deliver the Mid-Night Man to us and I could then reclaim the power that has been stolen from me, but instead they brought a mage, and a fool to me, nearly exposing my secret and ruining my plans. They carry no capital with me anymore my children. We shall move forward and retake my power ourselves. Go my loyal servants, find the girl Dr. Jamie Harris and bring her to me. We shall use her to bring the Mid-Night Man to us.” There was a roar of approval as Ak-Fet Sur’s minions cheered his words.

It was close to five in the morning before Corin got home. He sat on the couch for a minute or two recalling the events of the past several hours, as Jamie sleepily walked in, a look of terror covering her face as she saw the blood on his jacket and cape, “Oh my God, what happened to you?”

“Huh,” the sound of her voice brought him out of his brooding, “Oh, yeah sorry this isn’t mine, one of the others got beat up pretty bad, had to patch him up.”


“That Major Freedom kid. I think he’ll be fine though. God I’m beat.”

Jamie sat on the couch next to Corin, “Well then you’re in luck, you don’t have to be in till one today, so you can sleep in a bit. Come up to the hospital around eleven and we’ll get lunch?”


“Good, now that that is settled, why don’t you go take a shower and get some sleep,” she stood up and kissed him on the forehead, “I gotta get to work.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“Same here Tiger,” Jamie opened the door to the apartment and left.

It was a light day in the Emergency Room at Garrison General. Thanks to the unseen actions of Garrison’s heroes over the past several days, a good portion of the gang violence had slowed or even stopped. Jamie walked up to the reception desk clipboard in hand.

“Ma’am I understand what you’re saying, but we don’t have your son in our hospital Mrs. Flynn, I would suggest calling the police,” the nurse hung up the phone and looked up at Jamie, “Why is it they always call the hospitals first?”

Jamie stifled a laugh and handed the nurse the medical charts in her possession, “Marcie, I need a few tests on Mister Jacobs, and see if there’s an MRI slot open for Mrs. Thomas.”

“You got it doctor.”

Jamie looked down at her watch, “Doctor Graves should be here for lunch soon, page me when you get those results.”

“Yes doc…” but her words were cut off by screams as a large hole was blown in the wall of the hospital. Five large men wearing Anubis masks had burst through opening.

“There is the one we want,” the lead Anubis soldier pointed at Jamie.

“Marcie, get everyone out of here now!”

“I can’t just leave you doctor!”

“I said go, I’ll be fine,” Marcie nodded and ran down the hall, collecting those who had fallen on her way. “Hey big boy, over here,” Jamie turned in the opposite direction of Marcie and ran hoping to draw her attackers away from the patients of the hospital. She got about ten feet, before she felt a searing pain in her back, which dropped her to her knees. As she winced in pain, she felt herself being surrounded.

“You will come with us.”

At eleven o’clock, Corin walked into what looked more like a war zone than a hospital. Corin rushed into the emergency room looking desperately to find Jamie, but found Marcie instead. “Dr. Graves oh thank God you’re here!”

“What happened here, Marcie?”

“It was horrible, they burst through the wall and took her, these evil dog faced men took her.”

Corin grabbed Marcie by the shoulders, “Who, Marcie, who did they take?”

“Dr. Harris,” Marcie said as emotion overtook her and she fell sobbing into Corin’s shoulder.

All of the feeling in Corin’s body left him for a moment, but he was brought back to reality as his cell phone rang, almost absentmindedly, Corin pulled the phone out of his pocket, and answered it.

“Hello Mid-Night Man, and do not play games with me young one I know that you are him, I assume you have found out that I have the woman you love?”

“Yes,” Corin said into the phone with no emotion.

“Good, then I wish you to meet me at the Hammerstone estate; I believe we have things to discuss.”

“I swear to God if you hurt them.”

“It is not my intention, meet me here and we shall discuss things,” the phone fell silent.

“Marcie, I’ve got to go. I can’t be here right now,” Corin didn’t wait for her response, as he turned for the door.

The Mid-Night Man stepped out of a shadowed corner of the entryway of the Hammerstone estate and into a throng of Anubis soldiers.

“I see you have decided to accept my invitation,” said a shadow-covered man at the top of the stairs.

“Where are they,” Mid-Night Man growled.

The shadowed figure just laughed, “Ah yes, the young lady is right there,” the sea of men parted, revealing Jamie unconscious on the floor. The Starlight Sleuth ran to her and checked her vital signs.

“What the hell have you done to her?”

“Nothing is wrong with her,” the shadowed figure waved his hand and Jamie awoke.

“Corin,” she whispered.

“It’s okay I’m here. I just have to find Uncle Samuel.”

“Oh God Corin, don’t you know?” She said as she turned her head toward the balcony. Corin followed her gaze and could now see the shadowed figure bathed in light from one of the windows, revealing his uncle.

“What the?”

“Ah so now you know my secret,” Samuel said almost gleefully, “You wield a power that was usurped from me boy. A power that I will now have returned to me and I will use to control this world forever.”

“You’re insane, Samuel.”

“Samuel has been dead for a long time you fool. I have animated and controlled his body for months now, all so I can reclaim the ring that is on your finger.”

Corin looked down at his right hand, and then back into his “uncle’s” eyes, “You bastard!”

“Tut, tut,” The being behind Samuel Hammerstone’s eyes taunted him, “you do not know what powers you are against boy. Take him alive, the girl is forfeit.” At his words, his soldiers began to close in on Corin and Jamie. Corin could feel Jamie’s grip tighten on his arm.

“Jamie get ready to run, I don’t know if this will work, but get ready to run,” Corin closed his eyes for a second, focusing his will and then releasing it, as a solid wave of darkness slammed into the minions of Ak-Fet Sur, knocking them all away from them at once. “Jamie run, take this,” Mid-Night Man pressed his communicator into her hand, “call the others. Don’t look back, just run.”

“Corin, I can’t leave you.”

“Damn it Jamie just run!” She looked at him with tears in her eyes, and then nodded and ran for the door.

Corin stood up and pulled out his tranq gun and electro staff, “You want me, come get me!”

“As I said, you underestimate me boy,” Ak-Fet Sur’s eyes darkened and a beam of dark energy knocked Corin off his feet. “Take him,” he said as he descended the steps towards the fallen hero. His soldiers grabbed Corin on either side of him, dragging him to his feet. “Now then, Corin my boy, you shall give me back my power.” He grabbed Corin by either side of his head, a dark glow surrounded the both of them, and in a flash, they were both gone, replaced by a large man garbed in dark Egyptian robes.

“I have finally returned my children, Ak-Fet Sur has returned. Now then my children, our quest for control of this world shall begin, starting with this city.” Ak-Fet Sur raised his hands into the sky. A blast of dark energy flew from his hands, through the ceiling, and into the sky, which darkened and then turned the sky completely black. “The world shall be plunged into darkness, and I shall be its master.”

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