Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.71

Everyone in Strategoi knew when Jenna didn’t have sleep, she was a grumpy, grumpy person – and that was without extenuating circumstances. Discovering one of your best friends was a mole for TAROT? Even the best person would be a little on the snippy side.

As such, the Doctor was really not looking forward to telling Agent Jenna Fairchild that he lost a very injured Kardiac.

Bluewolf took one look at the person who entered the room and nodded to Jenna. “We’ll talk later. It appears you have more urgent matters.” He let himself out and back to the rest of the Trust.

The doctor couldn’t meet her eyes. “Kardiac is no longer on the premises.”

Jenna blinked, and asked, “Excuse me?”

“He, ah, apparently convinced the nurse that he created a biofeedback loop.”

Jenna looked even angrier. “Didn’t I make note the room needed to be grounded?”

He nodded quickly. “It was… but apparently the nurse missed that… to be fair, he’s a fairly intimidating super hero.”

He’s a fairly stubborn super hero, who’s got a chip on his shoulder and who needs to learn that he’s not frelling working alone. She kept her thoughts to herself, nodding briskly to the Doctor. “Very well.”

She moved over to her communication unit, preparing to warn Capin and Wolf – and observed their little communication.

“We’re done here.” He looked behind him briefly. Jenna hadn’t followed him out. “We’re taking Kard with us. We’ll work something out with the medical equipment. I can…” He stopped. Capin was shaking his head. “What?”

As soon as he asked the question he knew the answer that he would be reading off his partner’s lips. “We’re not taking Kardiac with us.” Capin shook off the Strategoi appearance as the cape fell down around the tuxedo in its place. “He checked himself out.”

Bluewolf slowly let a lungful of air out his nose, his eyes closing, shaking his head. His lower lip tucked up under his lips ready to make that “f” sound, but he didn’t’ say it. He only mouthed it. They stepped to the side as a flurry of Strategoi people rushed past. “They’re not going to catch him.”

“You think?”

Bluewolf didn’t need his hearing to know that Capin’s words dripped sarcasm. It was enough to make the corner of his mouth jump up. “But we can.”

Capin motioned down the hallway opposite the direction of traffic, “Lead on, MacWolf.”

Bug looked up at her, eyes wide. “He has no flippin’ clue, does he, Jenna…”

She looked down at him. “Shut up, Bug. You’re in enough trouble.”

He nodded, and leaned forward. Jenna gave him a dark, dark look. Holding his hands up, he simply said, “Disk marked JEEK07. Information you wanted.” She looked at him for a long moment before nodding and taking the disk.

“Thanks.” Blowing her breath out, she looked back up again at Capin and Blue leaving. She shook her head. “They’ll need to go alone for a bit…God knows what he’s involved in.. .well, we know, but…” She glanced back at Bug. “Come on… you know the drill.”

He nodded, rose and willing went with her as they went down to interrogation room A.

Control hadn’t been happy, but Jenna had a decent relationship with Diana, and had convinced her that Bug could be useful. After over six hours of interrogation, they had a huge file with names. Control was handing it over to Command, and an op would be put together. Hopefully, they’d still agree with her suggestion to utilize The Trust – although a brief check a few hours ago showed Wolf and Capin still hadn’t found Kardiac.

Armed with a huge cup of coffee, Jenna sat down at her desk to skim the information Bug had culled for her. The first several files outlined a lot of stuff she – they – already knew. Lexa Vega, crime lord’s daughter… took over crime syndicate upon her father’s death. The Vega syndicate had their fingers in many, many pies – including guns, gambling, drugs… you name it. Her relationship with her father, and with Eddy…

As she continued reading, she started learning things she didn’t know – like how Lexa had been expected to kill Kardiac, or some ties they hadn’t uncovered. Jenna sat up straighter as she read the next piece of information.

“That face usually means very bad news.” The voice was smooth, cultured, and one that wasn’t very welcome in her office.

Jenna put her cup down, not turning looking up. “What are you doing here?”

Scott, also known in the caped community as Mentat, walked up to the desk. Taking note of her cape tossed in the corner, and her guns still available, he murmured, “I had a hard time believing it when they told me you’ve started going back into the field. What’s his name?”

Jenna stiffened, closing folders. She looked up at her ex-husband, exhausted eyes open and honest. Her voice stuff, she repeated, “What are you doing here.”

Scott sighed, losing some of his playfulness. “I had hoped… it’s been a few years, Jen…”

“Scott. Last time. I’m tired. I’ve just had one person I know walk out half dead, and another turn up traitor. Not in the mood.”

He pauses, studying her face. His voice quiet, “I know you Jen, and if I can help…” He looked at her with concern, “But the reason I’m here is Command called me in to help with TAROT. He said you’d fill me in and you had a team already?” There was an obvious question in his voice.

Jenna opened her mouth to answer when one of the technicians burst in. “Agent Fairchild. The Trust… something’s happened to Mid-night.”

Jenna spun, twisted a few dials and put her headset on. After replaying the message, she said to Capin, “I’m here. “

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