Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.72

“Here drink this,” the Dapper Detective said as he handed Jamie a large cup of tea. He looked at Kaye, then to Bluewolf. Capin placed his hand on Jamie’s shoulder and squeezed it gently, “Okay tell us everything.”

Jamie took a deep breath and a sip from the mug. This time tears didn’t well up in Dr. Jamie Harris’s eyes, but a palpable feeling of anger washed over her, “I was in the ER at Garrison General, when these freaks wearing dog faced masks come busting through the wall. They said they were after me, and I tried to lead them away from the innocent folks. The next thing I remember is waking up at the Hammerstone estate and seeing Corin’s uncle. He was standing there with some weird expression on his face. When I asked him if he had been kidnapped to, he laughed. He just sat there and laughed. He told me that he was not Samuel Hammerstone, at least not for a long time. That Samuel had been dead for almost a year and some… thing calling itself Ak-Fet Sur was inhabiting his body.”

“Wait a minute,” Capin said turning his head toward Dr. Pace, “that’s the name Melody mentioned last night. He was after Corin that night too. What do we know about this guy?”

“If I remember right,” Kaye started pacing around the room like a caged tiger, “that’s the name of the tomb Corin’s parents discovered.”

“That’s right! He told me one time that that ring he wears was part of what his folks found in the tomb and that them hiding it caused their deaths.”

“But besides the obvious reasons, why would anyone want that ring bad enough to kill someone for it?”

Kaye sighed heavily, “I’ve seen the name in a few texts. No one’s really sure where he came from, he appeared out of nowhere a massive army and killed the Pharaoh. A year later his reign of terror was ended by an equally mysterious figure known as the Sheut Medjai.”

“So, you think the ring was the key to his power?”

“Don’t know,” Kaye shrugged, “no one is sure. Some say he was a magician, some say he was imbued with the power of the great chaos God Apep. No one really knows. But the ring…” she shrugged again.

“But if the ring was in his tomb, why not just use it right then and there?”

“I can only guess that he needs to touch it flesh and blood in order to use it.”

“That would explain why he needed Corin’s body too, and now that he has his power back…”

“Night time all the time,” Capin said as he palmed his head in his hand. Kaye could see that the two straight days of burning the candle at both ends was beginning to get to the Dapper Detective. Kaye then turned a worried look toward Aaron. He turned and looked at her. He could see the worry in her eyes. He tried to give her a reassuring smile, but it fell flat. “So what’s our next move?”

“For you two, nothing.”

“What? What are you talking about Kaye?”

“You boys have been going full steam for two days straight. You’re both practically zombies. You need rest,” she looked up at Bluewolf, “both of you.”

“I doubt he’ll go for it,” The Dapper Detective subtly inclined his head toward Bluewolf.

“Your right,” Bluewolf finally spoke. Capin could tell he was trying hard to speak in a normal tone, “neither one of us can afford to sit on the sidelines right now.”

“I don’t care at this point Aaron,” She turned to face Bluewolf, “If you two keep pushing your going to get yourselves killed. Call Eddy and maybe…”

“He’s out of the loop right now,” Kaye was surprised at the anger in Capin’s voice.

“He’s dealing with his own issues right now. We need to worry about Corin.”

“Okay,” she nodded in agreement then turned toward the other person who could hear the conversation, “Jamie, I need a favor.”

“If it will help Corin, anything.”

“Check out his ears,” she pointed to Bluewolf, “He had an accident earlier and his hearing has not been what it should be since.”

“I didn’t even notice,” Jamie said as she got up to grab her medical bag.

“I’m good at reading lips,” Bluewolf said as he peeled his mask off to let Jamie have a closer look at his ears.

After about fifteen minutes of examination, Jamie gave a low whistle, “Wow.”

“What, what is it?”

“Well,” she said as she pulled away from the side of Bluewolf’s head so that he could be in the conversation as well, “both your eardrums were completely blown to hell. The hearing loss should be permanent.”

Without even hearing the inflections in her voice Bluewolf could tell there was more to it that, “But?”

“But, I’m guessing there’s more to you than rugged good looks, and millions of dollars, cause your eardrums are healing themselves, and that shouldn’t happen in most normal cases.”

“So his hearing should come back?”

“Probably within a matter of hours..”

Even though it was mid-afternoon, the unnatural darkness covering Garrison City made it seem like the dead of night. Schools and businesses all closed, as families gathered together in their homes in front of their televisions as they prayed for news. This was not the case in one nondescript warehouse in the Lourds, as a group of Kolya Podrov’s men were busy loading several crates into the unmarked vans that were parked inside.

{Why the hell are we doing this?}* One of the gangsters said as he heaved a heavy crate into one of the nearby vans.

{Because the boss told us too. Something big is happening in this town, and I bet he wants to clear out before things really turn bad.}

{Oh come on, it’s probably just an eclipse. Besides if it was so bad why haven’t we just cleared out by now?}

{Because you simpleton,} Blacksheep answered his question as she walked out of the back office,{if this is truly more than, “just an eclipse”, our employer will want the merchandise out of harms way, before you fools. Now get back to work we still have plenty to load.} With that she returned to the office.

{Who does she think she is,} his voice was now a whisper, {we both know how Mr. Podrov feels about her right now. After the fiasco with the guns last night, she is definitely on his shit list.}

{That’s right you fool keep talking! I wanna see how long it takes for her to take your head…} but his sentence was cut off as the doors to the warehouse were blown off. Through the smoke, the Sons of Ak-Fet Sur poured in.

“Leave none alive,” the lead cultist said calmly as his men poured into the warehouse. The cultists began cut down the Russian mobsters like weeds.

“Excuse me gentlemen,” Blacksheep leapt on top of one of the vans and was pointing the crook of her staff pointed at them, “but you have decided to trespass on my employer’s property.”

“Kill her.”

Before the cultists could close in on her, Blacksheep jumped from the van. In mid air she caught one of the cultists around the neck with the crook of her cane, and spun around him kicking another in the face before landing perfectly on the ground. She then used the cane to slam the first cultist face first into the ground. Three more ran toward her, but were quickly rebuffed by Blacksheep. “So shall we continue this, or have you fools seen enou…argh!” Her words were cut off by a beam of black energy from the blown out warehouse doors. The beam held her suspended in the air as Ak-Fet Sur himself entered the warehouse.

“I apologize my lord,” the leader of the cultists lowered to one knee, “the girl gave us trouble.”

“As I told you was a possibility,” Ak-Fet pulled Blacksheep close to him, with her still encased in the black energy ray, “she is very formidable. She may be of use to us.”

“H-how d-did you know of this place?”

“You forget young one I have had dealings with TAROT. Your masters should have been more careful with their surface thoughts.”

“Волк and his associates shall stop you.” Ak-Fet Sur flexed the muscles of his hand and Blacksheep screamed in pain, then went limp. Ak-Fet Sur lowered her to the ground.

“We shall see young one, we shall see. General?”

“Yes my lord.”

“Now then. General, have the men start to place the devices through the city as we have discussed.”

“Yes my lord.”

Ak-Fet Sur then cocked his head to the side for a moment then smiled, “One more thing General.”

“Yes Master?”

“I have accessed the memories of young Mister Graves. I wish you to take a squad of you best men and travel to the dwelling of Aaron Mathews. Kill anyone there.”

“As you wish my lord.”

*Translated from Russian

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