Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.75

“What do you think is going on up there,” Jamie bit her lower lip as she followed Vixen and Tigress into the underground safe room.

“Don’t worry Jamie, the boys have been through worse.”

“Yeah,” Vixen shook her head and gave a wry smile, “but when was the last time the sun was blotted out, Kaye.”

“Ryu and Aaron will be able to handle things just fine,” it sounded like she was trying to convince herself as much as Vivian and Jamie, “we just need to keep moving and take advantage of all the time that the boys can give us.”

The three women finally reached the bottom of the staircase, “Ah, home sweet home,” Vixen said sarcastically as she ran her hand across the table that was in there, and rubbed the dust off her glove.

“Well, luckily Aaron doesn’t have to use this very often. So now we need to get word to him and Capin, let them know were….” but she stopped in mid sentence.

Jamie looked at her waiting for her to finish. Kaye just stood there, frozen in place. Jamie turned toward Vixen, “Um, is she okay?” There was no answer from Vivian either. Both girls had frozen like statues.

Suddenly, the room filled with a brilliant white light that caught Jamie off guard. “Hello?” She said as she squinted her eyes trying to see something through the blinding light. Just as suddenly as the light appeared, it dimmed revealing a man who looked straight out of a Cecil B. Demille movie. He was a tall and tan, wearing flowing white and gold robes.

He smiled at Jamie, “Greetings.”

Jamie screamed at the top of her lungs, “What the hell is going on! Kaye help please!”

“I mean you no harm, I have frozen you friends in time so that we can speak in private,” the man said trying to calm her, “I am Ra, God of the Sun, and I have need of you.”

“What is with the Egyptian bullshit lately?” she said throwing her hands angrily in the air.

“I can understand that things have been… disconcerting lately young one, but I assure you I mean no harm.”

“So what do you want from me?”

“I need your help in stopping Khons’ champion, Ak-Fet Sur, from allowing Khons to cross over into this world and control it.”

“Why me? Why not just kick his tail yourself?”

“I can not interfere. The gods cannot personally meddle in the affairs of humans unless a certain ritual is performed. We can only work through humans gifted with a portion of our power, called champions.”

“So, Ak-Fet Sur is…”

“A champion of sorts, yes.” Ra nodded.

“Of who?” Jamie ran her hands through her hair.

“That really isn’t important right now.” A light flashed in Ra’s eye, “For now though, the one known as Ak-Fet Sur is not a champion but that doesn’t mean he is not dangerous. At one time this man ruled what was the world.”

“And now he’s about to do it again.”


“So I appreciate the addition to the earlier history lesson, but how will this help Corin?”

“Because I have need of you as my champion.”

“Why me? Why not Aaron, or Kaye, or that guy in the tux, or Eddy, whoever that is?”

“Because there is an innocent involved that only you can reach.”


“Exactly. He is innocent in these proceedings. Ak-Fet Sur’s soul is using your Corin’s body as a vessel to perform the ritual and bring this world to it’s knees forever. Your connection to Corin’s soul is the key to defeating Ak-Fet Sur. If we can remove his soul from his body, he will become powerless again. Then Jamie by using my power you can banish Ak-Fet Sur’s spirit forever from this reality.”

“Okay if I agree, how do I become you champion?”

“Take my hand,” Ra offered Jamie his hand.

Nervously, Jamie placed her hand in his. Another blinding flash of light, and Ra was gone. Jamie looked down at herself. She was no longer dressed in the scrubs she had been wearing since earlier this morning when she was abducted now she too was dressed in gold and white. “Wow okay,”she said looking her new clothing over, “I gotta say this for Ra, he’s got interesting taste.” Jamie looked again at Vivian and Kaye. Both of them were still frozen solid. Jamie walked up to Kaye and waved her hand in front of her face, “Hmmm, well who knows how long Ra is gonna keep them like this. If I’m Ra’s champion and all I’m going to head upstairs and see if I can help out,”Jamie raced back up the stairs and with all her might pushed open the stone door, (which even though she did not notice due to her own excitement, was easier for her to open now the it was for Bluewolf earlier) and walked back into Aaron Mathews living room. She had the feeling that she had stepped into a war zone, and broken glass lay on the floor, and the furniture was pushed out of the way, but there was no sign of Bluewolf or Capin. As she looked around the room, she heard a snap of broken glass behind her and she spun toward the noise, for the second time today, Jamie stood face to face with minions of Ak-Fet Sur.

“Kill her.”

“Aw crap,” Jamie backed away from the five cult members, “Uh guys look, I’ve already been kidnapped by you folks today, I’m not really in the mood for more, “she said as she backed up further and gave them a nervous smile.

“Destroy her.”

“Eep, that didn’t work,” she flinched as one of the cultists hurled his pole ax at her. After a second of no impact, Jamie opened one of her eyes to see the pole ax suspended in the air, held aloft by a soft glow of energy. “Huh, who’d a thought it. I guess I didn’t hallucinate the last few minutes after all, I really am Ra’s champion now,”she looked up at the cultists who seemed taken aback by the recent events, “Oh you boys, I had forgotten about you,”the poleaxe dropped harmlessly to the ground, “you really made a mess of Mr. Mathews’s place, why don’t we take this outside before we wreck up any more of the place. “She closed her eyes for a second and raised her hand toward them, her fist clenched. When she opened her eyes again, this time a confident smile crossed her lips, she opened her fist and a “Out you go,”wave of golden energy hit the cultists forcing them back out of the windows they came through. She levitated through the window after her attackers. She lifted the main cultist into the air, and using her newfound powers, removed his helmet to look him in his eyes, which were black as coal, “So I’m guessing you’re the guy in the know, where’s Ak-Fet Sur?”

“I will tell you nothing, cow.”

“Cow? Really? Cow? Come on you can come up with something better than that. Let me ask you again, where’s Ak-Fet Sur?”

“You are insignificant to the power that is Ak-Fet Sur. He will grind your bones to paste. He will…”

Jamie shook the cultist in mid air, “Not the question I asked. Where is he?”

“Kill me you will get nothing,”

“Alright, let’s try something else,”she closed her eyes and tried to focus on the cultist. When she opened her eyes again, she didn’t see the cultist as he was, she saw a shadow, “Hmmm, that’s interesting. I wonder what’ll happen if I do this,” Jaime’s eyes turned bright yellow. A powerful flash of light hit the cultist when it faded his eyes were no longer black.

The man blinked and then opened his mouth to speak, “Oh god, what am I doing here? What have I done?”

Jamie set the man back down on the ground, and landed next to him, “What’s your name sir?”

“Tommy, Tommy Mulroney.”

“Okay Tommy. I need you to concentrate. Where is Ak-Fet Sur?”

“He…He’s at the Garrison Museum of Natural History.”

“Thank you Tommy, now go home and forget this ever happened.”

“My lord,” One of Ak-Fet Sur’s minions kneel before him, “the charges are in place and ready.”

“Excellent young one, and the protectors of this city?”

“We have not heard from the group you sent after them my Lord.”

“Hmph, Prepare our defences just in case. I do not wish any interference.”

“Yes master,” the cultist nodded his head and retreated.

Ak-Fet Sur walked over to a small control panel, “Soon, very soon our bargain shall be fulfilled and I shall have the power I need to rule this world forever,” Ak-Fet Sur reached toward the button, but recoiled from it as a flash of light startled the would be god.

“Hi there remember me?” Jamie floated in the air above Ak-Fet Sur, a smile on her face.

“How is this possible?”

“An old friend of yours named Ra said to say hi.”

“This is no matter to me, I shall vanquish you then I shall have the power I deserve.”

“Yeah well I have plans of my own. I plan to rip you out of Corin with my bare hands and send you straight to hell myself,” the smile faded replaced by a cold stare into the blackened eyes of Ak-Fet Sur, “Shall we?”

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