Hard Boiled – Episode Three: The Long Road Home 1.2

“That was a whole lot better than last time,” Jamie said as she and Corin walked out of the shadows of his apartment, “I felt like I was going to see my own lungs after the first time.”

“Yeah it’s normally not like that. Though to be honest, I’ve only traveled with up to three people before tonight, and I don’t know if I wanna ever try eight again,” Corin said as he flopped himself onto the couch, his head fell onto the back of the couch his fedora slipped off of his head and onto the floor.

“So what do you think of Dawn?”

“Come again?” Corin said as he pulled his head up to look at her.

“For my codename. I figured since I’m now the champion of Ra might as well have a cool name.”

“And you picked Dawn?”

“Yeah,” she said as she gave him a sideways glance, “so?”

“It’s a might, Tony Orlando and…, don’t you think?”

“Oh like the Mid-Night Man is so perfect.”

“Hey don’t blame me,” Corin said as he rubbed the back of his neck, “the newspaper named me remember?”

“Whatever, you got an idea?”

“Hmmm, welp what about Daylight?”

Jamie’s eyes sparkled, “oooo I like it.”

“Really? I was just spit balling.”

“Well I like it, the Mid-Night Man and Daylight.”

The next morning at seven, the two young heroes were forced awake by the ring of Jamie’s cell phone, “Ugh,” Corin groaned as he rolled his pillow “make bad sound stop!”

Jamie looked down at her cell phone and answered it, “Hello daddy,” she said as she turned her head to eye Corin who was now looking up from under his pillow, “how are you?” She sat quietly for a moment before speaking again, “Yes sir, meet you at the hospital in one hour. I’ll be there.” She stopped again as she fired another sideways glance at Corin, “Um Corin? He um likes to jog early in the morning, and usually doesn’t take his cell phone with him. I’ll get the message to him,” Jamie closed her phone and looked again at Corin, who was sitting up by then.

“Why is your dad looking for me?”

“We-ell, seems he wants us to ‘take a meeting.”

“Uh-oh, did he sound,…”

“Pissed, no, but we better get down there.”

“Fine, I only needed an hour or two of sleep anyway.”

“About time,” Doctor David Harris said from behind his desk as Jamie and Corin walked into his office.

“Hi Daddy,” Jamie said as she swung around the side of his desk to kiss him on the cheek.

“Hello sir,” Corin said as he shook Dr. Harris’s hand.

“Sit down both of you,” David said as he waved his hand toward two chairs in front of his desk. Corin and Jamie shot each other a sideways glance and then took the seats. “The reason I called the two of you in here is I have an offer for you both. Jacobs and Cameron both left so I have some fellowships open on my team. Corin with your specialty in Immunology, and Jamie with your speciality in Endocrinology, you would both make perfect additions.”

“Oh Daddy, do you mean it?”

“I wouldn’t have brought you here if I didn’t. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Yes sir,” Corin said as he offered Dr. Harris his hand, “if you want me, I’m in.”

“Me too. So, when do we start?”

“How about with this?” Dr. Harris tossed a file toward Corin and Jamie.

Jamie picked it up and looked at the name, “Shaun Kavanagh? As in Sarah’s friend’s father?”

“The same.”

“What’s up?”

“Well we don’t know much yet. Shaun was brought in about two hours ago with an absent seizure. I have a feeling it could be testicular cancer, but I want you two to be sure.”

“Yes sir.”

The two young doctors left Doctor Harris’s office and began to walk toward the ICU where Shaun Kavanagh was staying, when one of the nurses came up to Jamie with a package, “This was just delivered for you Doctor.”

“Oh thanks,” Jamie took the package, “I wonder what this is,” she looked at the label, “It’s from Kentech.”

“Heh that’s a little surprise for you, I called Aaron this morning with your well, er, um measurements and had him make you up a costume.”

“Oh my God babe this is awesome,” Jamie wrapped her arms around Corin’s shoulders and kissed him on the cheek, “I can’t wait to see it,” she suddenly gave him a sideways glance, “It’s not a suit is it?”

Corin laughed, “No, I’m not going to let you horn in on my gimmick.”

Jamie pulled away from the microscope that she had been looking through and rubbed her eyes, “Well it’s not cancer,” she said as she placed her glasses back on her head, “Looks like Daddy might have been wrong.”

“Well you can tell him that,” Corin said with a frustrated look on his face, “If it’s not cancer what would cause the absent seizure, epilepsy?”

“Regular old Epilepsy?”

Corin looked through Mr. Kavanagh’s file. “Nothing in his patient history to suggest it. No seizures before now.”

“That he knew of. What if he’s had them before, but never knew it?”

“Well you have a point there we could test him for tha…” Before Corin could finish his sentence, his and Jamie’s pagers both went off.

“Oh God, he’s crashing,” the two raced down the halls of the hospital to Mr. Kavanagh’s room. As they came in they saw several nurses around Mr. Kavanagh and a young red headed girl that was almost cowering in the corner, tears in her eyes.

“He’s choking and coughing up blood doctors.”

“Great, well I guess this rules out Lymphoma, and Epilepsy. We’re going to need to intubate,” Corin looked up at the girl in the corner, “Get her the hell out of here!”

One of the nurses turned and lead the young girl out of the room while the two doctors worked frantically to save the man’s life. Finally after several minutes the tube was lowered into his throat and he was able to breathe again.

“That was close.”

“Too close, but what the hell is going on?”

Jamie and Corin checked the vital signs of their patient and finally noticed the tv in the room was on, when a special bulletin caught their attention.

“The police have cordoned off a section of the Lourds where we have been told that they are in a standoff with a group of gunmen . Right now we can’t get close enough to see what is truly happening but as soon as we do, channel 9 news will be the first on the scene. This is Keith Meadows reporting live.”

“Uh oh.”

“Come on,” Corin motioned to Jamie, a look of resolve on his face. The two walked out of the ICU room and down the hall, “I could handle that standoff in about 30 seconds and be back.”

“We have to stay here and help him.”

“Alright, I’ll go. You stay here and go back over his medical history. Make sure we didn’t miss anything.”

“Okay but next time I go and you stay,” Jamie kissed Corin on the cheek as he slipped into the nearest broom closet to change. As he did Corin couldn’t mistake the feeling that he was being watched.

“Dude, how we getting’ out of this?” One of the three bangers inside the warehouse said as he looked out the window toward the throng of police cruisers swarming below.

“Shut up and let me think Trey!” Another said as he too looked out the window while he clutched an assault rifle.

“I say we blow our way out,” a third said as he looked down at a small knapsack laying at his feet.

“Dude we do that,” Trey said turning back to the third one, “We might just go to hell too.”

“I’d listen to your friend there,” Mid-Night Man’s voice seemed to echo through the entire warehouse.

“Who the hell?”

“I really need to get this over with boys, I have other things going on that really need my attention,”the Starlight Sleuth slowly appeared from the shadows, “I’m giving you ten seconds to thrown down your weapons and give up, before I make you give up.”

“Go to hell white boy,” the one with the assault rifle leveled his weapon and squeezed the trigger. A hail of bullets was sent hurtling toward the Mid-Night Man, who moved back into the shadows just before they could reach their mark.

“That wasn’t smart my man,” the Starlight Sleuth’s voice once again filled the warehouse. Instinctively, the three men opened fire spraying bullets toward every wall. “Tsk, boys, boys, boys. You know firing bullets like that is only going to make the police down there grumpy. They are going to come in guns blazing, and kill all three of you.”

“Shut up, just shut up! Come on out you freak come on out and face me!”

From behind, Trey heard a voice whisper in his ear, “If you insist,” Trey felt two hands grab him by the shoulders. The Mid-Night Man had come from the shadows behind him. Trey then felt the cold concrete of the wall slam against his face. Next was the one who seemed to be the leader. The Starlight Sleuth quickly pulled his tranq gun out of it’s holster and pulled off a shot before taking him out of the fight before he knew what hit him. Mid-Night Man then heard a sound of metal bouncing off the floor of the warehouse. He turned to see that the third assailant had pulled a grenade out of the bag and had just lobbed it toward him. “Aw crap,” the Starlight Sleuth lept for the cover of the shadows as the grenade exploded and sent wood and flames throughout the warehouse. The final assailant standing breathed heavily as he stood up from his hiding place to survey the destruction.

“There’s no way he lived through that,” he said to himself.

“You’re right,” the Mid-Night Man said his as he appeared next to him, his arms folded, “you really got me that time,” before he could react, the starlight Sleuth sent his elbow into the nose of the gangster knocking him to the floor, and a quick tranq dart made sure he was out.

Jaime sat pouring over Shaun Kavanagh’s medical history as Corin rejoined her. “So anything yet?”

“Not a thing,” she sighed as she took off her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose, “the only problem he’s had recently is acid reflux.”

Corin’s eyes widened, “Wait a minute acid reflux?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Look at it in context with the other symptoms,” Corin said as he stood and started to pace, “the absent seizure, the blocking of his air passages, and now you tell me he’s had a case of acid reflux lately, it all makes sense.”

Jamie’s eyes widened too, “Oh my God you may have something! Come on!”

The two raced down the halls of the hospital toward the ICU where the elder Doctor Harris was already in the room with Mr. Kavanagh.

“Have the two of you come up with anything yet?”

“Yes sir we have,” Corin turned toward Mr. Kavanagh, “I’m sorry sir but this is going to hurt,” and without any further warning, he pulled the tube from his throat.

“What the hell are you doing he needs that?”

“Not if I’m right. Mr. Kavanagh, sir, when you first came in you said you had a problem with acid reflux. When did it start?”

“What does that have to do with anything relevant to his condition?”

“Just give Corin a chance Daddy. I think I know where he’s going with this.”

“Now answer my question sir. When did it start?”

“A-after a party at the Bishops.”

“What did you eat?”

“It was a cheese tasting party.”

“Did you have anything there that no one did.”

“Not that I can remember.”

“Think sir, think! Anything, anything at all?”

“Well there was a piece of goat cheese as soon as I had the first piece, the Bishop’s dog knocked over the platter spilling it everywhere.”

“That’s it! That’s it right there! Goat cheese! I’m willing to bet that it was unpasteurized. The bacteria in that goat cheese multiplied in your stomach sir and caused all of this!” He turned his head toward the nurses station, “Nurse! We need antibiotics stat! As much as you can pour into him. We need to pull him around before it gets to his heart and it gives out.”

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