Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.78

Jenna paused, pressing her fingers to her eyes. The strain of the past 72 hours threatened to overwhelm her. Worry – for Scott, for Midnite Man, for Bug, for Wolf…for Eddy.

“This is getting me nowhere.” Her fingers flew over the computer as she replied to Kardiac.

“I’ve routed your call for a pick-up through the police department.. Things are a little tight here at the moment, but you wouldn’t know anything about that.” Her voice held a deliberate bite as she glanced down at the incriminating disks.

Kardiac sighed, shaking his head. She was angry, and she had a right to be. Not only had he broken out of Strategoi, but he’d cut her completely out in the time he’d been gone. And now he called her when he needed something. It was a path he’d been walking far too often lately.

“Look, I’m sorry,” he said, though in his rush he wasn’t very convincing. “There were cards in play nobody else knew about. I had to leave…”

“And all sanity left with you,” she said, interrupting. “I really don’t have time for this right now.”

He frowned, kicking himself. He really didn’t want to touch on the subject of his call while they were at odds… especially seeing the levels upon levels of ramifications of what he might be telling her.”When you do have time, then.” he said, a bit too harshly. “This is important.”

“No doubt,” she answered, sarcastically.” And your opinion is the be-all and end all. Nothing else matters.”

Realizing talking on the comms wouldn’t get them anywhere, Kardiac decided to stop playing the game. “Fine. You’re right. I’m an ass, and I’ve been blind to just how big a one. I’ll turn myself in and apologize in person after I’ve stopped by to see Blue….”

She exhaled sharply, realizing just how out of the loop he was. “You don’t…”

“Look,” he said, interrupting. “I need you to check and see if Alexandra Vega filed divorce papers in Rio, Brazil. It would’ve been about seven years ago… it’s important.”

Jenna didn’t respond immediately. Kardiac wasn’t sure why, but part of him wanted to explain everything and hope she could forgive him for withholding such important information. Before she could reply, though, a different voice sounded across all channels.

“Gang? He’s holed up at the Natural History Museum… I’ll meet you there.”

“Shit!” he said, abruptly. “Look, I don’t know what this call’s about, but I’ve got to head over and back up the guys…” he said, wishing ill to the gods of timing. “I promise we’ll talk about this later…. please.” he added the last word in a tone near begging, and leapt off of the wall in the direction of the museum.

“Fine,” came the reply. “But it had better be sooner.”

The comm. clicked off. For a moment, Jenna stood in the silence as the compound buzzed around her. A memo popped up regarding the Bug situation, another about Mentat and possibility of utilizing him, or should they bring in Mindbender. Several other operation updates poured into her box. She stared at them, unseeing, and looked down at the information Bug had collected.

“Screw it.” She grabbed her PPGs and trench, stopping only long enough to put the disks in her lock box and by medical for a stimulant.

Sliding into what could vaguely be called her costume, she clicked over to Capin, “Capin, I’m on my way….”

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