Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.84

Jenna pulled into the museum’s backlot, noting already the tons of people – meta and otherwise – already in play. This is going to be painful… Wryly, she thanked the powers above she at least kept up with her PT — because it had been a while since she had thrown a punch. At least I’ve got my guns…

She sent a loud thought out, trying to get Scott’s attention. It didn’t take long and the download less — including the fact that Eddy had shown up.

“About fracking time…” she muttered.

She snuck in through a basement window, sticking to the shadows. Hearing sounds of a battle above, she pulled out a small unit to track the best way to get to said battle. Jesus. Who knew a museum had so many back tunnels. This is ridiculous…thank god for global keys… There were times when working for a very large agency with a mission to stop terrorism came in handy. She pulled out a thin card and began twisting through the back hall ways, avoiding large groups of people.

She flattened against a wall as she heard the sound of people in the cross hallway. A woman’s voice, vaguely familiar, drifted across with a lilting accent, though it carried a definite air of authority.”This way, and try not to drop him again.”

Jenna pulled out a small, handled mirror similar to the ones used by dentists, and used it to peek around the corner. Reflected in the tiny polished circle was a woman dressed in black, fluffed wool with a blue bow and two men in loose, black clothing. Between the two men was a man she knew well, slumped and lifeless, his feet dragging along the floor.

“Damn,” she muttered to herself. “Black Sheep.” She was about to whip herself around the corner when she heard more footsteps. The mirror, this time, revealed that four more men had arrived from the other direction, and they were questioning the wool-attired mercenary on her acquisition. As quietly as she could, Jenna keyed her comm to the global channel and reported on the situation.

Topside, Kardiac and Capin looked at each other from across the horde of Ak-Fet Sur’s minions as they heard Silhouette’s message. A thousand words were conveyed with that single look and Kardiac, being only a dozen feet from a basement skylight, broke away from the fight. Sur’s Dogs attempted to pursue, only to find themselves tripping over the flowing tendrils of Capin’s outstretched cloak.

“Godspeed…” the dapper detective muttered quietly as he continued to clear the field of Sur’s fanatics.

Kardiac closed his eyes and reached out, looking for the bio-signs of those in the building, even as he crashed through the street-level skylight and into the basement. He charged towards those he felt nearby, eight people tightly grouped, one unconscious, and a ninth standing about twenty feet closer to him than the others, slightly off to one side. That had to be Jenna. And she was seriously outnumbered.

Rounding the corner to see the criminals and their captive, Kardiac charged his hands and feet, leapt to the ceiling, skittered another couple of feet, then launched himself down upon the surprised throng. Black Sheep extended her shepherd’s crook and wheeled to face the vigilante, presenting her back to Silhouette. Her hirelings turned with her.

Before the Russian assassin could bring her weapon around to take a swing, two pulse bolts from Silhouette’s side-arms stuck her in the center of her back. Black Sheep dropped to the ground almost instantly, and her two thugs turned to face the new threat, even as Sheep’s contacts endeavored to hold off Kardiac’s onslaught.

Kardiac glanced over his shoulder at Silhouette as she stepped out into the hallway. “What took you so long?” he asked, though her shots had come less than three seconds after he dove into his opponents.

“I had to finish my book,” she said, opening fire on one of the men who had made his way behind Kardiac. The two men who had turned to face her were shaking off their shock, having dropped Bluewolf, and were starting to draw their weapons.

“The Butler did it,” Kardiac replied, giving one of his foes a sound kick in the abdomen. “Shoot your own problems… I’ve got this,” he said, glancing sideways at the two men, just out of reach, who were pulling guns on Jenna. If he could just reach them…. before he could leap, however, two of his remaining three opponents tried to tackle him from opposing sides, knocking the air from his lungs and leaving him well out of range to bring down the two gunmen.

Jenna took a deep breath. It had been a long time since she’d reached inside of herself this deeply, and she hated to do it, but there was too much going on to drag out the fight. She summoned her deepest fears, all of her loss, everything that had ever caused her to hide beneath her covers as a child. As she focused on those emotions, shadows crept from across the room, gathering around her and reaching out with tendrils towards her opponents.

Forcing away the sounds of battle, Silhouette grabbed the fear she’d forced to the surface and pushed it away… along those very tendrils of shadow that were beginning to envelope the two men raising handguns in her direction. Immediately, their faces changed countenance, they dropped their weapons, and fell to the ground in a whimpering, cowering heap.

“That’s new,” Eddy said, genuinely surprised, as he wrestled with his three remaining opponents. He reached out and grabbed the one farthest to his right, simultaneously grappling the one farthest to his left. Jenna raised her gun at the one between them.

Kardiac smirked. “Don’t bother,” he grunted, pulling against both men, focusing his bio-energy into his musculature, and sandwiching the third man between the two he held with the sound of skulls slamming together and ribs cracking. At the same instant, he channeled enough power to stun an elephant through his hands, arcing it into all three men. They stood dazed for a second, then collapsed. “Like I said… I’ve got this.”

She looked sourly at Kardiac, muttering, “And that’s why you’re dangerous..don’t work well with others…” She rushed over to the pile of bodies, pushing aside the two cowering men to check on Bluewolf. She glanced up at Kardiac as he knelt across from her. “He’s alive. He needs medical.”

Eddy looked down at her. She looked at him, waiting for him to answer, their faces uncomfortably close. “Aw, Hell,” he said after a beat, and reached out, grabbed her by the back of her head, and pulled her into a kiss. It was sudden, pressed, and seemed to surprise both of them. When they finally broke apart, he smirked at her again. “Since I’m gonna die anyway….”

She stared at him, still a bit stunned at his action, her mouth slightly open. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to say, but when words finally started to form, he interrupted her. “Capin’s got it handled topside. Get Blue out of here… I’m going to check on Midnight.” And without another word, he was on his feet and charging away from her down the hallway.

Silhouette watched him go for a split second before shaking the kiss off and verifying the situation with Capin. There was a weak groan from Aaron as he began to come around to a state of half-consciousness. “I got you,” she said as she pulled Bluewolf to his feet, draped one of his arms over her shoulder, and helped him towards the exit.

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