Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.85


“What the hell?! Jamie was right here what happened?”

“Jamie?” Kaye called out but didn’t get an answer, “We need to split up and see if we can…”

“Kaye, I think I found where she went,” Vixen said as she stood next to the staircase leading back up to the house, light was shining down from the doorway above.

“Damn,” the two raced back up the staircase.

“Looks like the boys had fun,” Vivian said as she lightly kicked one of the unconscious cultists.

“Yeah but none of them opened the door,” she said sniffing the air, “none of their scents came close to it, the only people I smell on it is Aaron, Ryu, and Jamie.”

“But she couldn’t have opened that on her own.”

Kaye switched on her comlink, “Capin you there, where are you guys?”

Little busy at the moment, Kaye could hear sounds of battle on his side of the comlink, What’s up?

“Jamie’s missing. Somehow the door to the safe room was opened.”

The gang’s all here at the museum of natural history, we found Aky and… Capin was silenced for a moment by an explosion, um I think I just found her.

The concussion from Ak-Fet Sur’s blast knocked Jamie from the sky, and sent her skidding across the pavement. Jamie let out a groan as she lay on the ground, “Okay that hurt.”

“I bet,” sad a man who seemed to come from nowhere, “nice outfit by the way,” the man said with a smile as he gave her a hand up.

“Gee, thanks. Who are you anyway?”

“Mentat. I’m here to help,” he looked up at the roof of the museum, “so that’s Ak-Fet Sur?”


“And he has taken possession of Mid-Night Man’s body right?”


“Can you give me a distraction?”

“Sure, for what?”

“I’m going to play hero,” and with that, Mentat sat crossed legged on the ground and closed his eyes.

“How’s that going to help?”

“Just distract him,” he said squinting one eye open.

Jamie stared at him for a moment, then in a burst of light, flew back up to meet Ak-Fet Sur again.

Mentat concentrated on Ak-Fet Sur, he reached out with his own mind trying to make contact. Mentat opened his eyes, he was no longer sitting on the sidewalk in front of the museum, and instead he was in what appeared to him to be a void. Dark clouds rolled above him, highlighted by streaks of blueish lightning. As each flash of lightning would strike, Mentat could catch flashes of Corin’s memory. One moment, a bolt of lightning would strike, and he could see glimpses of Corin as a child with his parents before their deaths. The next strike showed Corin as he pulled the ring from his parents’ safety deposit box. With the next strike, came the first time went on patrol as the Mid-Night Man, then the first time he and Jamie kissed, finally his possession by Ak-Fet Sur. A final strike illuminated a black pyramid in the distance, “Got you now.”

Mentat walked into the pyramid. The inside of it was completely dark, save for one circle of light in the center. Inside the circle of light, Corin, dressed in his Mid-Night Man outfit but without the fedora hovered. His arms outstretched to either side, his head down. Mentat walked up to Corin and placed his hand on his shoulder, “Dr. Graves I presume?”

Corin weakly raised his head to look at Mentat, “Who’re you?”

“A mutual friend sent me, name’s Mentat.”

“Heard a’ you,” his voice was scratchy and worn out from exhaustion, “from New York, right?”

“Used to be, but let’s stay focused and get you out of here,” Mentat grabbed Corin by the shoulders and pulled him out of the light. Both men landed on the floor with a thud, “This is almost too easy.”

“You shall not stop me!” Ak-Fet Sur’s voice boomed through the pyramid, as four shadowy versions of Ak-Fet’s cultists meld from out of the walls of the pyramid.

“And there it is,” Mentat’s voice dripped with sarcasm, “Can you walk?”

“I can try.”

“Just wait here and rest, I’ll handle these clowns,” psychic energy pulsated around Scott’s hands. The four shadowy soldiers charged toward him. One swung a large spear toward Mentat, but Scott easily dodged it and landed a punch through the psychic fiend destroying it. Just as easily, Mentat destroyed the other creations. “Okay come on we gotta get out of here before your unwanted guest shows up. Come on,” putting his hand under Corin’s elbow, Mentat lead him toward the exit of the pyramid, “All we have to do is get out of this place and then comes the easy part.”

“The easy part?”

“Yes, the easy part. Getting you back in control of your body.”

“Ohhh, the easy part. You have a weird sense of easy.”

“Sure. Could do it before breakfast. Part of my charm, really.” He smiled. “Let’s go…” but Mentat was cut off as a blast of dark energy knocked him off his feet and back into the pyramid. Corin fell to one knee. As he looked up, he saw Ak-Fet Sur standing in front of him.

“You,” Corin said as he struggled to his feet.

“You are insignificant to me fool. I could destroy you in an instant, as I am about to do to the one you care for,” Ak-Fet Sur waved his hand. A bolt of lightning shot through the clouds above. Within the cloud an image of Ak-Fet holding Jamie by the throat on the roof of the museum, “and now fool, I shall show you her death.”

“No,” Corin stood, his head still bowed, his brown hair covering his eyes, “I will not let you hurt her, not now, not ever.”

“You do not have the power to defeat me.”

Corin’s hand moved toward his head, the fedora now in it. He gently laid the fedora on his head and slid his fingers along the brim. He then looked up at Ak-Fet Sur the familiar shadow covering his eyes, “Let’s test that theory, shall we?” Corin’s arm slid into his jacket and he pulled out his tranq gun, “See, what you tend to forget is; my mind, my rules,” he pointed the tranq gun at Ak-Fet Sur and fired. The dart hit Ak-Fet center mass. Ak-Fet smiled for a moment and then pulled the dart from his chest. He took a step toward Corin, and then staggered. Corin walked up toward him, “You feeling alright?” He connected with his right fist, sending Ak-Fet sprawling across the ground,”Maybe you should see a doctor?” Corin sent a kick into Ak-Fet’s ribs that nearly caved in the would be god’s chest, “you killed my parents, you killed my uncle, you took control of my body, you threaten to kill the only other person I care about, and you don’t think I’m going to have the power to stop you? Pal I have all the power I need.”

Mentat stood back, watching, as Corin took control. He waited until Ak-Fet Sur was unconscious before walking up. “You okay?”

“For the first time in a long time yeah,” he looked down at Ak-Fet Sur, “so what do we do about him?”

“That’s where I come in,” Mentat knelt down and placed his hand on Ak-Fet Sur’s forehead, “Click your heels Dorothy, it’s time to go…” Corin shaded his eyes against bright flash of light.

Jamie fell to the ground and gasped for air. She didn’t know why Af-Fet Sur had dropped her, but she was sure he wasn’t done yet. She shuddered as she felt a hand touch her shoulder, but a wave of shock hit her as she heard a familiar voice speak to her, “Jamie, you okay?”

Jamie spun her head toward the voice to see Corin look back at her. The shadow was not covering his face and she could see into his eyes, “Please tell me it’s you,” tears welled up in her eyes.

“It’s me Jai. So what’s all this, I get possessed and you decide to go to a costume party?” He said a large smile crossed his lips.

“Oh this old thing,” she said as Corin helped her to her feet, “It’s a long story tiger. Why don’t we talk about it later, we still have a job to do,” she pointed behind Corin, a dark amorphous form floated behind them. Corin put back on the fedora, and the familiar shadow returned. He moved in front of Jamie, but she put a hand on his shoulder and moved him out of the way, “This is where I come in. Go to hell!” Jamie pushed her hands out in front of her. A blinding flash of light enveloped what was Ak-Fet Sur, and he was gone.

“What the hell was that?”

“I believe I can explain,” Before them stood a clearly Egyptian man, wearing dark blue and gray robes. He bowed to Corin and Jamie, “I am Khons.” the moon God bowed. “I have to hand it to you, I honestly didn’t think you could do this.”

“Oh gee thanks.” Corin grinned.

“But now we must return to our home.” Ra appeared next to Khons. “Jamie if you wish you can continue to be my champion, the power that I have granted will be diminished slightly.”

“Absolutely!” Jamie said without even a moment of hesitation. Ra raised his hand in a blinding flash Jamie was returned to what looked like normal. “Aw I was kind of getting used to the outfit,” she raised her hand with her palm out, a small ball of light formed in it, “cool.”

“And you young Corin,” Khons walked up and placed his hand on Corin’s shoulder, “I wish to make you my new champion. You have a good soul my son, just like your parents. I saw the deaths that Ak-Fet caused, including theirs. You’re a good man Corin you will use my power wisely.”

“Okay, I’m in,”

“So be it.” Khons smiled and raised his hand, darkness filled the area for a moment, then the two were gone.

“You get used to this huh?” Corin said with a smile turning back to Jamie.

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