Hard Boiled – Episode Two: The Roof is on Fire 1.88

Riordan was finally getting his calm back. Marco was still seething but he was quiet, which Riordan appreciated. Dominic and the entity within him was still smiling and had begun singing the alphabet song.

“You forgot the G.” Riordan smiled.

“Ah yes.” The entity laughed, “G…how could I have forgotten?” He laughed again.

“What is this accomplishing?” Marco sighed.

“He is browsing through Dominic’s memories, he’s learning.”

“I paid you good money to help my son, not to watch some monster rape his mind!” The mobster shouted getting enraged again.

“He’s not…how can I explain this…He’s merely reading his mind, like a book; he’s not harming it in any way.”

“I’ve had enough! What is inside my son?” The older man screamed.

“He is an elemental. In my circles, these are commonly called salamanders: a being that embodies the element of fire. He found himself accidentally in possession of your son’s body, it happens sometimes with ethereal beings. He is taking advantage of this opportunity to learn more about modern human life.” Riordan said with a knowing nod.

“Well get it out of him!”

“He asked permission to stay and learn a bit more before I showed him the way out.”

“How dare you tell that demon he could stay in my son!”

“I didn’t. Your son did.”


“He’s been in communication with Dominic this entire time. It surprised me as well; I never thought someone related to you would be so open minded.” Riordan said with a smirk.

“Irishman, he turns colors!” The salamander said gleefully as he watched Marco go literally red with anger.

“Let’s just make this quick.” Marco scowled.

“He’s almost done.”

“It’s time.” The salamander suddenly whispered.

“Good thing I already have a staff.” Riordan said with a nod as he finally stood after the long period of silence.

“Yeah, lord knows your little wand will save my son.” Marco scoffed.

“It‘s a staff, not a wand. Who do I look like? Harry Potter?” Riordan didn’t wait for an answer as he dug around in his satchel. He pulled from it a vial full of black powder, what appeared to be a small red stick and a ring.

“What are you gonna do with that stuff?”

“I am going to assist in the salamander’s exit from your son.”He said as he lifted the small red stick to Dominic’s neck.

“What is that? I have a right to know what kind of unholy object you are using on my son!”

“Okay, I will let you know what kind of unholy object it is; it is a red marker, non-permanent if that helps.”Riordan said with a wink. Marco didn’t say anything and sat back down with an incoherent mumble. Riordan uncapped the marker and began to draw a shape on Dominic’s neck. As Marco leaned forward for a look, he could see it was a triangle.

“Don’t ask, you won’t like the answer.”Riordan said without even glancing at Marco. He finished drawing the triangle and then slipped the ring, which Marco could now see held a rather impressive ruby, and then picked up the vial of black powder.


“Pepper.” Riordan answered before Marco could finish. He sprinkled the pepper on Dominic’s neck and then closed his eyes, while outstretching the hand with the ruby on it towards Dominic.

“Now you must be totally silent, any wrong sound and your son may not make it.”Marco looked as if he was going to protest but then he thought better of it.

“Kum Ri Tine, Kum Ri Tine, Kum Ri Tine, Kum Ri Tine, Kum Ri Tine…” Riordan began to chant, over and over; His staff in hand, he began to twirl it madly. Suddenly a fiery light misted up from the triangle and trailed into the ring. For a brief moment Marco thought he saw the shape of a creature in the light as it faded into the ring. Before Marco could react Dominic sneezed.

“Oh sorry, it’s all the pepper.” Riordan laughed as he tried to brush it away.

“That was… amazing…” Dominic said, a look of wonder on his face.


“Yes, it’s me dad.” His father rushed over at these words and untied his son.

“Well since you already wired my money to my account, I’m just gonna vamoose.” Riordan said with a grin.

“What? Yes I will be releasing you. Yeah I agree the vibe in here is awful…that’s why I’m waiting till we get outside…” Riordan said into the ruby as he left the room, as he went down the stairs they could barely hear him say:

“Yeah I know silence in needed for the ritual…he was just bugging me.”


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