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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.93

fovatarVivian returned later in the afternoon with not only every item from Eddy’s list but a surprise as well. It was almost as if he had read his mind. There were muffled voices from the main part of the apartment, male by the sounds of it and then the click of the door closing. “Honey, I’m home…” she called out. Her footfalls rang out on the hardwood portion of the floor, but there was another noise as well, like something dragging along the floor. “I hope you survived my absence.” She entered the room back first, dragging a large cardboard box behind her. There was a distinct dog and gramophone on the side of it. “I thought you might be bored in here and I figured the place could use a second TV afterall….”

Eddy was climbing back into bed when she walked into the bedroom...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.92

bwvatarA two-pronged raid. One element to cover Begnini’s estate, the other, Pope’s team, hitting Begnini’s factory facilities at the docks. There were no traces of Deadeye near the drug lord’s home, he’d been able to canvass the area thoroughly but quickly. That left the docks. With Kardiac ‘out of the way’ the only threat Begnini had to worry about was Detective Pope, one of the few honest cops in the city. That means Pope is O’Shea’s main target.

Bluewolf was able to arrive just as Pope’s team went in. He scanned the area with IR, a large knot of red, orange, and yellow accompanied with the sounds of automatic weapons fire signified the raid was in full force...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.91

The temperature in her office was about one degree lower than it had been when she’d stepped out for coffee. Most likely, the point of entry had been the window, and it had been open for less than three seconds. Not enough time for someone to slip in, grab something, and slip out. That meant the perpetrator was still about. He’d have plenty of places to hide in the shadows thrown by the dim light of her desk lamp.

She gave the room a quick glance. Her file cabinet, center drawer, had been opened and not fully closed.She’d caught him in the act… had she opened the door a bit faster, he’d probably still be standing there. She’d estimate that her intruder was more of a warrior than a detective… he was still developing those skills. Still… he’d gotten this far.

DiLucci didn’t bother turning on...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.90

capvatarCapin stood down in the shadows on the edge of the GCPD parking lot looking up at the building. It stood three stories tall and was much larger than your average police department. Of course, Garrison had a crime problem much larger than your average city. “Not that we like to boast or anything,” he said to his shadow quietly. A small cloud of ‘exhaust’ rose up from his mouth. The winter was continuing to be a cold one. He looked away from the building, into the late night sky. The falling snow mingled against the stars. Capin ran his gloved hand under his nose and turned back to the building, getting out the business card. Briefly, he checked the number on the card. “217...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.89

Ghosts were all or they were nothing. So when Tavik had a hangover, Simeon’s existence was pain. Everything was the tight lurch and thick tongue which Simeon thought was particularly unfair seeing as he no longer had a tongue. Everything was a pulsing throb. He wrestled down the urge to vomit. Shoved it away as an unnecessary physical desire. Somewhere in the corner of his mind, Brian groaned and Simeon felt no sympathy whatsoever. Brian drank swill. Tequila with pictures of donkeys on the bottle and alcohol with numbers in their name.

Brian had kept control well into the early morning despite the doctor’s attempts to the contrary. Finally as the sky began to lighten with the first stirrings of dawn, Simeon had seized control wrestling Brian’s consciousness back into the dark corners...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.88

There were three knocks on the wooden office door in a straight beat, none louder than another. A slightly older man, his hair grayed a bit, sat intent on the papers stacked neatly in front of him. He nodded his head slightly, not looking up. “Come in.” The gentleman tapped the pen in his hand along the side of the blotter a few times and then continued to write.

Jotaro Ikoma closed the door behind him. The the door was barely audible. He paused a moment clasping the folder under his arm and smoothing his suit down a bit with his hands before crossing the room over to the desk. The walls of the office were decorated with long wood block prints in clear simple glass, lit from the bottoms. The gentleman continued to write. Ikoma stepped up to his desk, bending his body forward slightly...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.87

“Hammer One – All clear.”

“Hammer Two – We’re ready here.”

“Hammer Three – It’s business as usual here. We’re ready to go.”

“Hammer Four…”

Andy sighed. The new KenTech communications systems were crystal clear. All the field units reported in, one after another. Seven in all; a felicitous number. Six all clear signals so far. But something didn’t feel right. There were no false alarms, nothing. Just the normal runners wandering in and out of the drug factories they’d be striking. Business as usual.

And that made him worry.

“Ready for the all clear?” said Angela, taking one last look through the surveillance van’s monitors.

“Almost. Just want to…wait… There. Monitor three.” He punched up the camera watching the warehouse/drug factor’s rear...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.86

capvatarDetective Pope fished the keys out of his pocket, fingering out the one for the car as he crossed the lot. He stifled a yawn, lining the key into its slot. He pulled it open and slid in behind the wheel.

“You look like a Norelco ad.”

Any trace of weariness was gone in a flash and the gun was in Andy’s hand before he could think, thumbing back the hammer. The black cowled face leaned forward in the back seat letting the bit of orange light from outside run over him. Below his slight white toothed grin was the outlining hint of a black bowtie.

“Norelco ad?” His thumb clicked the gun into a less dangerous position, but he kept the barrel level.

“Yeah. The ‘before’ part.” The man in the back continued his grin.

“Well, some of us were too busy working to get into our formalwear...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.85

bwvatarHiland, near the home of Alphonse Begnini (late evening) –

This was not going to go down well. Even without Deadeye out there somewhere, he just had a feeling that the cops were come out on the short end of this raid, just like they had on the last. The only plus he could see was that Vice division had already been given the KenTech comm equipment, and he could, if necessary get information to them. Bluewolf sat midway between the GCPD staging area and the sprawling estate of one Alfonse Begnini. Near as he could tell, they would assault the gated entrance with a SWAT APC, then follow up with regular squad cars augmented by three SWAT vans. He could hear the air support in the distance, ready to flood the compound with light and provide any cover fire...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.85

kavatarThe next morning, Eddy felt like every bone in his body had been broken… twice. But that was okay, because it overrode the pain of the muscle aches and nearly-collapsed lungs. Still, he was waking up in Vivian’s apartment, so all things considered, it could be worse. He wanted a shower, though, and he wasn’t entirely certain that he could walk that far.

Maybe a quick crawl to a nice, hot bath. He was considering whether or not he could manage that, half-slipping back to sleep, when a muffled shriek from a familiar voice snapped him to consciousness. Vivian! He jumped out of bed and dropped straight to the floor. Ow, ow, ow. His legs seemed to be on Strike. Still… something was wrong...

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