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trey_av“So let me get this straight,” Trey said as he leaned against the bulkhead massaging his temples.”You guys got stuck with bad intel, too?”

Bralor nodded. “Yeah. The safe was bone dry.”

“Great. And all I got was her.”

“You know Arden’s right,” Bralor slid down into table “two empty hands tonight puts us a might short on a payment that’s already almost late.”

“So it was a bad night?” Diva Aidenne didn’t pause as she stepped into the room, her tall, blue-skinned bag carrier right behind her. “Here I was hoping we’d all have victory stories to share.”

“Aidenne,” Bralor smiled looking up on the diva, “please tell me a man died tonight.”

“Welcome back, Diva.” Vullif had a frown on his face. “Who’s your new sidekick?”

Aidenne ignored Trey’s question for the moment. “Yes, a man died...

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diva_avKrynn walked with the Diva through the downtown area as they passed shops that were mostly closed and dark, but a few still bustled with activity. Most of the doors still open brimmed with sounds of laughter and alcohol. Krynn looked at the Diva as they walked without anything to say to the woman. Social interaction was something his training had never been big on. Discipline and protocol were well covered, but talking to people he had never been good at, so he just stared.

Though she was accustomed to having people stare at her, Aidenne found herself unnerved by his gaze. It was the way he did it. No lust, no adoration… just watching. Finally the silence was too much for her to take. “Have you seen anyplace that looks good? We’re supposed to be getting some food, you know,” she snapped.


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arden_avKyra followed Trey up the boarding ramp and into the saucer-like section that marked so many of the YT-model light freighters. She noticed at once that about half of what would usually be the cargo areas had been converted into passenger compartments. If Trey was a smuggler, the outside – or inside – appearance of the Free Flying Soul spoke to the contrary.

Trey jerked his thumb toward a small room on the right. “That’s your bunk.” He turned and looked at the girl following him. “If you want… I can look after that art thing.”

“Not likely,” she said flatly. Kyra stepped into her bunk without another word. As the door slid shut behind her, she briefly considered engaging the lock, but figured that there would be some sort of override so she didn’t bother...

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krynn_avIn the silent vastness of night the curled claws of the helpless Chiss taloncraft spun uselessly in a slow twisting churn through space. Light from a nearby star glinted off the hull as it rotated between the sides damaged by the Nagai turbo lasers. as the ship turned the inner sanctum of the cockpit existed with it’s own dawn and dusk every eight minutes as the only indication of the ages of time passing in it’s journey through the nothing towards a destination of nowhere. The light passed over it’s passenger without his every knowing. He had long ago lost himself to the utter boredom. Time meant nothing anymore. All there was for the dark passenger was anger. His rage at being left alone by his brothers stewing in agonizing impotence and isolation...

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trey_avKyra ran after Trey through the halls as Dlarit’s guards chased them through the estate’s subbasement. “I thought you had a plan to get away!” she yelled.

“I said I had a plan to get off the planet,” he shot back. “Not to get out of the mansion! I was just going to sneak out like I snuck in!” Trey abruptly skidded around a corner and rushed forward. He glanced back at Kyra, a smile creeping across his face. “But I have an idea.”

The duo ducked around a corner and Trey drew his blaster. “Here’s the plan. We stun these nerf-herders, head up two levels, get into the garage, and make off with one of those high-performance landspeeders. We can ditch it once we’re well away from here and then head for the spaceport.”

A blaster bolt whizzed above their heads...

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Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.7

bralor_avEvening had settled into the city by the time Ures’vn Bralor and Arden Ramis found themselves outside the complex that held Taphan Yeh’s private apartment. Of course the name on the registry was Phatan Rogg, but a little digging had tied it right up to their man. “The rich ones always think they’re so clever.” Bralor said, looking across the street to the building.

Behind a pair of binoculars, Ramis was trained several floors up the building. “Looks dark.”

“You sure you’re looking at the right window?”

“Yeah.” Lowering the viewer she poked him in the shoulder with it. “But if you like, you can see for yourself.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

Arden smiled at Bralor, “So solider boy, what’s the plan?”

Bralor gave Arden a reproachful look, “It’s a small wonder the Hutt’s unloaded you onto thi...

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Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.6

tiila_avKieran was on a diplomatic mission of sorts; a nice change of pace, he had thought to himself, from kill after kill. A Hutt crime-boss had contacted the Imperium about assistance with an off-shoot rebel band that was causing him some trouble. The Emperor had instructed Kieran to meet with one of the criminal’s agents to decide whether it would be worth risking knowledge of the Empire openly helping criminals just on the off chance that even one of these rebels might be connected to the Alliance.

He had been sent to the palace of this criminal, Durga, on Nal Hutta. As the attendants saw to his ship he was shown his way into the throne room...

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Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.5

arden_av“Acquire property,” the diminutive pilot of the Free Flying Soul took a swallow from her glass. “Most of the time the property that he gets isn’t even enough to pay the note on the Soul.”

The man across the table from her sat leaning against the corner. A gloved finger tapped against his lip of his glass. The cantina was all a chatter with the clicks and snaps of the Vratix that dominated the area, save for a few human spacers no doubt transporting Bacta shipments. From where he sat, behind that bottle of Corellian spiced ale, there was nothing wrong with a nip before flying out. “Afraid you’ll be out of a cushy job, Arden?” He picked up the glass and drained its purple contents.

“You think it’s cushy having to watch out for him all the time? There are days I want to just toss him out ...

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Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.4

tiila_avThe familiar red hooded figure that had kept his company for the past four years now stood facing Durga Besadii Tai and a small collection of his alien menagerie as he looked over the trade agreement his negotiator had managed to secure for him. The scarred Hutt writhed happily at the provisions included. “I don’t know how you did it, Sadi. I don’t want to know how.” He laughed and leered suggestively at the ambiguous figure before him. “Or maybe I do, eh? Either way we will be seeing great profits from the spice trades with Tatooine this quarter.” He handed off the papers to the tall purple Brigian assistant that had stood waiting to his left. “You have done your job well. . . However you did it.” He opened a fleshy hand to her in a beckoning gesture...

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Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.3

diva_avAlsten Sarden didn’t look like a man about to die. The corpulent executive celebrated his promotion within the ranks of the Xucphra Corporation’s higher management in grand fashion. His trophy wife hanging on his arm, Alsten greeted his guests without even trying to hide his pride. He’d earned his promotion. He was important. He was going places. He was… a pompous ass.

Diva Aidenne looked around the well attended party with a small sense of pride. Though tonight’s concert had quickly grown from small private performance she’d first been contacted about, she was nothing if not flexible. The concert itself had gone flawlessly; of course, she demanded nothing less then perfection from herself in all facets of her work...

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