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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.39

ty_avTyler’s landing of the Dormouse was much more smoothly handled than his most recent exercise in crisis management. His brother made a half hearted comment about how he should do that more often, but the flatness of this tone said more about their feelings for the situation than the levity did. Tyler’s hands ran across the console, shutting the Dormouse down for what they both hoped would be a quick nap.

Durden’s jaw set as dust rose up between them and town. “Here’s the welcoming party.”

Outside the windshield they watched several men trot up on horseback. It wasn’t the dusty riders one would have expected on a ball like Regina. They weren’t quite swells, but they were swell enough. Certainly a fair amount of coin had been put behind them. The crisp hats. The long black coats...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.38

jack_av“So…this is what I need you to do. All the parts we could use, you need to tell me what’s good about them, what’s bad, good prices, and bad prices. I gotta know what we’re working with,” Mason said to Jackson as they walked. This was just like the last time he was here before hoping on the Repose. Maybe with some luck they’d run into someone he knew.

Jackson nodded “I think I can handle that. I think the only part we are going to have to get new is the compression coil. We don’t want a repeat performance of our landing earlier.”

Mason agreed, “Anyway you could call up the Captain and find out if anything else got damaged along the way? If we’re lucky maybe I can get a few names on some good lodging on this rock.”

“Spend some time on Regina before?” Jackson said as he squinted his eyes agai...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.37

dru_avThe crate sat in the hold. Even in all the excitement that had jostled around the whole of Alice’s crew, it hadn’t budged from where they had secured it. For Vanya and Mason, it was the first time they had laid eyes on it, but it wasn’t so long ago that the others had stood around it as they did now with the prickly wonder in their minds. That damn box. Pandora’s box…

“Bie woo long…” Dru groaned taking one hand from where it had been folded across his chest. He ran it through his beard. A large red gash ran across his brow from where his head had kissed the sharp edge of Alice’s engine block. He shook his head and looked over to Jackson. “How bad is bad?”

“Bad is an understatement,” sighed the grease monkey with the tenor of defeat...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.36

ty_avThe dirty gray and brown ball that was Regina hung against the velvet curtain of the black. The ‘discussion’ had long since been settled, and Tyler sat on the bridge in silent dissent. The argument was a simple one and money had won out over morals. It wasn’t the first time time that had happened, and certainly wouldn’t be the last, but there was just something about this drop that didn’t sit right with him.

The soft chime of jewelry announcing her presence, Vanya let herself into the room without a word. Her delicate hand rested on the seatback for a fraction of a second before turning it to face her...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.35

vay_avThe soft scent of citrus that infused most of her belongings had begun to permeate the room. Smiling wistfully as she drifted through her memories, Vanya paused in her unpacking as her hands rested on the rim of the leather chest before her. The ghost of a chuckle tugged at her perfect lips and, deciding the rest of her room could wait, quickly gathered up the parcels at the bottom of her chest then carried them out to the common room.

She couldn’t remember the details of the job–she’d paid less attention to the particulars back then–but she’d never forget her genuine pleasure at the opportunity to learn a bit more about the hill folk of Jiangyin. While her brothers had gone about their work, the diminutive companion had spent the afternoons with delightfully matronly woman.

Humming one ...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.34

Sweat poured down Kayin’s face. He’d broken rocks along Haven while the sun drenched kisses all over his body, worked in times of stress where his life could have been over in seconds, and still through all of that he had never worked up a sweat quite like this. Kayin forgot just how many things a well-known companion takes with her on long journeys. Especially famous and well trained ones like Vanya, who wandered off somewhere. This ship was like all others during their first flight new, alien, confusing, and a little cold. The Alice was still staring at Kayin, judging him, and vice versa. Before the fence would open up to the ship he had to make sure his safety was in order. Once this was established he could trust Alice, and then Alice could trust him.

Kayin waited for the redhead to wa...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.33

ty_av“Preacher, you awake?” Ty’s voice crackled over the comm speaker. Copper, who had been dozing in the cockpit, jumped from his seat and grabbed the handset.

“I am now,” the old man growled. “Didn’t I tell you boys not to stay out late?”

“We’ll have plenty of time for penance later, Shepherd. Right now I need to you drop the ramp. We’re going to be comin’ in hot and jumpin’ star-side in a rush.”

“Any casualties?” Copper asked.

“None of our own. I expect a few on the other side of things is making peace with their dear and fluffy Lord right about now.” Ty said, his voice cut by the wind and the sound of a motor in the background.

“Well that’s good at least,” There was a bit of silence on the preacher’s side of the line.

“Everything alright home-side, padre?”

“We’re all good here...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.32

dru_av“And will you be staying with us, sir?”

Tyler shook his head as he slipped the duster from his shoulders. “No, just dinner, if that’s okay?”

The concierge smiled, “No problem at all, sir. We have the finest chef in this quadrant. The dining hall is just through that archway. Any seat will do, we’re not that busy at the moment.”

“Thank you kindly,” Tyler nodded, palming the fellow a silver coin. He entered the hall, selecting a dimly lit two-top off to the side. He took a seat in the corner where he could take in the entire room and not have to worry about anything going on behind him. After a moment a petite serving girl approached and handed him a menu.

“Good evening, sir. My name is Chang Mai, and I will be at your disposal while you dine. May I interest you in a drink?”

Tyler scanned th...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.31

joe_avWith a screwdriver, a length of wire, some bonding agent, her soldering gun, and about four irresponsibly unlocked rooms, Joe had managed to collect the supplies for and assemble a whole army of small black transmitters. There had to have been just over twenty tiny little bugs, a bit of an overkill for the hotel’s mid sized rooms. The boy lovingly lined the devices up like little soldiers.

“Alright, kid,” Dru said as he walked into the room, “I’ve got the lock picked on the door and Jacks is…” his draw dropped as he looked down at the army of bugs, “Mi tian gohn! How did you do all of this so quick?”

“When ya do something so many times. . .” His slender shoulders rose in a shrug. “Plus some of the rooms have communicators. . . Well,” He couldn’t help but grin. “had communicators...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.30

vay_avThe secondary room of the suite was certainly smaller than the master suite room. The two double beds took up much of the floor space, and it had been afforded just one chair, which Jacks occupied. The two rooms had been joined by a bathroom which had hot water and a tub. Working plumbing might have been impressive enough but when Vanya saw the room she was more than pleased.

While their Companion took a hot bath, the rest of Alice’s crew had been plotting their next step. Durden leaned against the dresser with the radio in hand where Tyler was brought up to speed on the other end. If these guys were who they thought they were, they couldn’t let them follow them. That was priority number one. Who exactly were these people?

“A couple hours till dinner,” Dru said, thumbing the radio, “I know...

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