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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.29

“Hello?” cried Kayin at an odd looking ship parked across town from The Repose letting his voice echo a bit. He cried out a few more times for safe measure. He dared not walk in just crying out whenever there was an open window, or door. Any place with a potential human ear near by.

“Can I help ya son?” A grizzled, yet kindly old man called from behind the opening cargo bay door,”You’ve been doin’ a lot of catterwalin’, is there somethin’ you need?”

Kayin looked over the older man, “Yes. I’m looking for passage. The destination doesn’t matter, and I can’t offer much other than labor. A man named Jacks spoke highly of a ship across town from where I was, and hopefully I found the right one...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.28

jack_avThe mule rumbled up the dirt road with Jacks at the wheel. It kicked up a nice cloud of dust from its wheels that might have made it look like it floated above the ground. The driver kept an eye on the old fashioned marquees that hung out from the storefronts. General Stores. Saloons. The front office for a mill. Funeral Home. From the core out to a place like Triumph, it never ceased to amaze how different the verse could be.

As they approached, it was remarkably noticeable that compared to some of the other places, The Osage Inn was upscale for the town. The smooth cut and stain of the wood stood out between its worn and dulled neighbors. The windows weren’t terribly detailed, but they were clear and clean...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.27

dru_avJacks pulled Alice’s mule up to the Repose and into her hull. He swung his leg over the back of the saddle, “I made sure I wasn’t followed.”

Dru nodded as he walked down the steps of the catwalk to the deck below, “Let’s not press what’s left of our luck though.” He hefted one of the large crates up and set it into trailer, pushing it back into the corner. “We’ll get mei mei’s stuff packed and be on our way before any unexpected guests show.”

Vanya wasn’t particularly concerned with her belongings. The things most precious to her were on her person, the rest… they were only things, easily left behind if need be. Hugging her arms around her petite frame, she stood off to the side and watched almost blankly for a moment before walking to the still open ramp...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.26

joe_avJohn walked down the gangway and into the world. He was put off by Keith’s scolding in front of new folks, but John couldn’t fault him for it being his doctor and the captain. If he had been in a better mood it would have been nothing, but at the moment it was the last thing he wanted to take quietly.

He didn’t like being set so fully into his ire. This wasn’t like him, and he knew it wasn’t really anger. He just felt sad that he saw so many people he cared about in spots where he couldn’t help them. He wasn’t going to beg people to be someone they’re not, and sometimes paths diverge. Wasn’t anything wrong with that. He felt bad that he had asked Vanya to consider walking with him a while when Keith had wanted her so badly for so long...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.25

vay_avVanya didn’t look back as she let the space between her and Vincent and Kayin grow. The sound of their footsteps grew fainter behind her and she managed to stop listening for her name. She couldn’t begrudge Kayin for needing to talk to her mentor; Vincent was the first one she turned to at emotional times too. His reassuring nature went beyond the companion training, it was just who he was. And she needed to stop hoping that Kayin was unburdening his soul about her and simply let the two of them talk.

Ordinarily she didn’t mind walking by herself. After weeks on Repose, the touch of warm air on her skin was nearly a luxury. She missed the manicured gardens of Shinon. The days of relaxing in the shade, the scent of the painstakingly reproduced flowers heavy in the air...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.24

ty_avDurden and Jackson strolled up the gravel road that passed the clearing where Alice sat flatten its patch of earth. The Kokezaru noted the smile that crept up on Jack’s face as the tail tips of the Osprey Class cargo ship appeared over the horizon followed by the long body that made up the Looking Glass. Alice. That smile meant that something. It meant that she had gotten to the mechanic. Jackson was part of her crew.

Dru clapped him on the shoulder, laughing. “What?” he asked, confusion replacing the subtle smile.

“Nothing, Jacks,” Dru replied.

“Random fits of laughter,” the mechanic shook his head, Durden’s laughter apparently a little contagious, “not generally considered a mark of sanity, Dru.”

Loomed larger and the two men veered off the beaten path...

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Adventures in the ‘Verse – Through the Looking Glass 1.23

joe_avJacks and Dru sat at a table each nursing a drink. It had been almost an hour since they had left a message at the docks.

“Let me ask you a question…”

“Ain’t stoppin ya,” Dru looked down at his drink.

“Where were ya all stationed, durin’ the war?”

The Browncoat’s head weaved from one side to the other, as if hemming and hawing. He looked up from his glass, “Ain’t somethin’ I like talkin’ about.”

“Well I told y’all where I was.”

“And that’s a fact.” Dru nodded. “Thing ya got to realize, Jackson,” he paused a moment to lift the glass up to his lips, “Some people’s scars run a lot deeper than others.”

Jackson nodded, “I’m sorry I prodded.”

Dru closed his eyes for a moment, “Mei wen ti.”

“Jackson?” The voice came from behind Alice’s mechanic...

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dru_avThe Looking Glass broke Triumph’s atmosphere in the wee morning hours. A reliable bug had worked its way through the cracks that The Repose was en route to the planet. Joe had placed the call with dock registration, and Tyler set Alice down soft and quiet a few kilometers outside of the settlement. He locked down the non-essential systems before swiveling around in his seat. “Safe as houses,” he told their young electrician, “and all in time for breakfast.”

“That a hint?” Joe wasn’t sure at this point where he was pulling his weight more, in the wires or over the stove.

The clean shaven Kokezaru brother smirked hopping out of his chair. “Not quite, but if you want to take it as one, you won’t hear a complaint from me.”

He pushed through the cockpit opening and into the kitchen with J...

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jack_avJacks and Joe walked into Alice’s cockpit, “Well that was a pleasant little meeting,” Jackson said as he flopped into one of the bridge chairs.

“Yeah, well. . . At least no one was on the brink of a dive in the black.” Joe plopped down on the floor next to his bag and rummaged around for a moment, digging for some tool and began testing different colored wires that presently splayed out of the comm board.

Jackson rubbed his temples, “This must be some incredible girl though, if they’re more concerned with her than delivering the package.”

Sounding slightly irritated and with an accompanying spark Joe replied. “It’s always ‘an incredible girl’ when she needs some savin’.”

The engineer laughed, “So true. You know I remember there was a time back when I was on the DeLeon...

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dru_avDru’s eyes were fixed on the flashing light. His brother had gotten out of his chair to join him at the com. Both Kokezaru’s minds raced, thinking of all the people that might know that particular frequency. What possible reasons they might feel the need to try and use it blindly without knowing where they exactly were. The silence had settled so thickly that Joe felt the sense of urgency about it. Even so he couldn’t help but remind them of the precarious state boosting the signal had put their ship’s communications in.

“Guys…” he started softly, his voice almost cracking. “We can’t hold this much longer.”

Tyler put his hand on his brother’s shoulder, nodding. “Okay.”

Durden reached out and switched the com to the private channel and let the call come through...

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