Joelle Urugar

joe_avName: Joelle Urugar
Aliases: Joe
Allegiance: Unaffiliated
Homeworld: Osiris
Height: 5’6″
Hair: Short black hair
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 20

Occupation/Role: Oddjobber, Navigation, Comm tech

Abilities/Skills: She is a skilled navigator and comm tech and is good at domestic things such as cooking, cleaning, and sewing

Background: Joelle was the daughter of General Robert Urugar of the Alliance military and as such she was brought up to be nothing more than some military butt kisser’s wife on Silverhold, where her father was stationed. As this didn’t fit in with her own plans, she spent her days ditching music lessons in favor of crawling around the interior of ships with the crews disguised as a young boy learning the inns and outs of what interested her most, nav systems. She paid off the teachers to keep quiet about her absences.

One day her father came to visit her and watch her in singing lessons only to find the room empty. He interrogated the teacher to discern his daughter’s whereabouts. When he had learned of her activities, he enrolled her in a private academy on their home words of Osiris and had her sent off on the next ship out.

When the ship made a stop at Beaumonde she slipped away during the bustle of restocking and refueling. When she turned up missing, it was assumed that she was hiding in the ship’s interior so the ship was called back to Silverhold. On the way, it was overcome by Reavers. Believing that his daughter was still on the ship, General Urugar mourned his loss.

Back on Beaumonde, Joelle cut her hair and went by Joe. Posing as a boy, she used the skills she learned on Silverhold to make some money by repairing passing ships’ nav and comm systems. Living the near homeless life was difficult at first but she adapted rather than go back to her father, living as simply as she can and saving up to get herself somewhere where she can do what she enjoys without the iron hand of her father.