Jackson Carter

jack_avName: Jackson Carter
Aliases: Jacks
Allegiance: Former Alliance
Home world: Osiris
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 30
Occupation/Role: Engineer for hire and smuggler

Jackson was born on Osiris in 2489, the son of Admiral Sam Carter and Captain Sasha Carter, two prominent officers in the Alliance military. Jackson lived a regimented, organized, life as a “Military brat” hopping from planet to planet, ship assignment to ship assignment. In 2507, just as the Unification war began, he followed his parent’s footsteps and went to the academy. There he showed a great aptitude for engineering. After graduating from the academy two years early at the top of his class, he was stationed on board the deLeon, Crete class Alliance Carrier, where he started his military service performing maintenance and repair on all of the support ships the carrier had in its compliment. During this time, he caught the eye of the Commanding officer of the deLeon, General Robert Urugar. General Urugar craved the prestige and status that a marriage between his daughter Joelle (who was ten at the time) and Jackson, whose parents were both top military advisers to Chairperson Lao Anbiao. For doing nothing more than his job, Jackson was quickly promoted through the ranks to a full Lieutenant within a year, and Lieutenant Commander, and Commanding officer of the entire maintenance area after two more. Jackson was on the fast track. When Joelle died in a Reaver attack, General Urugar had little to no interest in Jackson’s career. During this time, Jackson met and became friends with Keith Saruwatari, a medical officer on board the deLeon. The two had a lot in common, chief of which was their growing dissatisfaction with the Unifaction War. In 2511, the deLeon was present over the Battle of Serentiy Valley on the planet Hera. During the battle, General Urugar called all his command officers to watch the final stand of the independents. Like a proud parent on the day his child was born, General Urugar smoked his cigar and smiled as he gave the order to carpet bomb the browncoats. Jackson spoke up, asking if the carpet bombing was needed as the independents had surrendered an hour earlier. General Urugar turned and stood nose to nose with the young Lieutenant Commander telling him that everything he was was because of the General. Questioning Jackson’s allegiance to the Alliance, he took a long drag from his cigar and blew the smoke in his face. Without a second thought, Jackson dislocated the General’s jaw. He was court-martialed, his father offered Jackson a chance to make it all go away. If he would only apologize to to General Urugar, then everything would be swept under the rug and everything would be fine. Jackson refused, and resigned his commission rather than apologize.

With his career in the military over, Jacks ended up on the planet Whitefall. There he met an old girlfriend from the deLeon, named Brandle McLean, who was now Captain of the cargo ship Jordan. He signed on as Engineer of the Jordan and picked up his relationship with Brandle. For the next six years, Jacks flew with Brandle on the Jordan. In the year 2517, they took a job for Adelei Niska that would once again throw Jackson a curve ball. Niska hired the Jordan to steal a prototype of a brand new weapon the Alliance was working on a secret military instillation on Beaumonde. The crew of the Jordan successfully stole the weapon, but as they loaded it into the Jordon they were attacked by Niska’s men. The first one killed was Brandi. Jackson was seriously wounded in the attack but was able to hide out in the hanger as Niska’s men took the Jordan. Luckily, Jackson was spared from death when he was found by a fence the crew of the Jordan had used on Beaumonde named Gebbie. Once Jackson was healed up, Gebbie told him that he owed him for paying for his medical expenses and offered him a job as an engineer aboard his cousin’s ship, the Bartrand. After a year of what amounted indentured servitude, Gebbie helped Jackson get a job on board the Looking Glass.

Plan and simple, Jackson can fix darn near anything. Jackson has exceptional mechanical aptitude and can fix a gravitic drive, as quickly as he can change the flat tire on a mule. Because of his years spent in the Alliance academy, Jackson is a terrific shot. His weapon of choice is a PYTHON 6 LG, though he also caries his old Alliance service pistol, a DB9 SI SIDEARM as well.