Tyler Kokezaru

ty_avName: Tyler Kokezaru
Aliases: Ty
Allegiance: Browncoat
Homeworld: Three Hills
Height: 5’8″
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 31
Occupation/Role: Pilot/Smuggler

Ty is an extremely gifted pilot, or as some might say, a gorram lunatic. The fact that he’s no longer flying a smaller, more agile, craft has yet to register for him, and is part of the reason why he and his brother Dru can’t seem to keep a steady mechanic aboard their ship, The Looking Glass. Growing up on their family farm lent to above average weapons handling, a general point of contention between him and Dru as to who is the better shot. The fact that the brothers can’t keep a regular mechanic on the crew, he’s managed to become passing fair in the engine compartment. At least enough such that they are able to limp back planet-side to affect proper repairs.

Tyler, and his twin brother Durden, were born to a small farming family on Three Hills. The farm was prosperous enough to support the family and a few hired hands. More often than not, Ty spent his time ferrying goods and supplies to and from the farm; but even when he was engaged in chores around the grounds, his eyes were always on the sky. When the Alliance started flexing their muscle, they tolerated the changes. Once economic sanctions turned into embargos that turned into a full-scale blockade of their home planet, however, enough was enough.

Ty and Dru were some of the first to enlist. In the early days of the Independents, the brothers were fighter pilots, as the skills were as hard to come by as the ships. And while Dru eventually found his religion with the infantry corps, Tyler spread the gospel in the skies. He quickly shot up to command the Independent’s Black Sheep squadron, becoming one of the few ace pilots in the Independent air corps.

Tyler was in the air on the small planet of Paquin, flying close air support for his brother on the ground when the war ended. The Independents fought a long, hard, and bloody battle. As countless bodies fell, but they pushed harder and harder and when the Battle of Pequod ended it was all worthwhile. Bloodied and nearly wiped out, the browncoats stood tall over an uncanny and unlikely victory. Dru and Tyler were together hoisting back several victory bottles when word from above Hera delivered the news from Serenity Valley. Despite their victory in battle, the war was lost.

With nothing no home to go back to anyway, Dru and Tyler pooled their money and the resources they’d developed through the war. Together the brothers were able to procure The Looking Glass (or Alice, as the affectionately refer to her), their small Osprey Class cargo ship. They have spent the years since transporting, both legally and not so much, cargo and occasionally people across the ‘verse. The Looking Glass’ crew is well known for their experience, which means reliability and, often most importantly, discretion.

Ty Kokezaru is a man who’s enjoyment of life is overshadowed by his enjoyment of flight. His daredevil attitude got him through the war and it’s the same attitude that gets him out of most jams he finds himself in. Tyler is by no means bloodthirsty, his time in the cockpit has given him a “shoot them before they shoot you” outlook, especially when backed into a corner. Tyler is typically the first to go to guns, then sort out the questions.

Although the Bros. Kokezaru get along better then most regular people do, sibling rivalry is something that is unavoidable, particularly when dealing with twins.