Vanya Jahnatt

vay_avName: Vanya Jahnatt
Aliases: none
Allegiance: The Guild
Homeworld: Bellerophon
Height: 5’1″
Hair: Burgundy
Eye Color: violet
Age: 24
Occupation/Role: Companion

As befits a woman of her profession, Vanya is highly educated and well trained in a variety of areas including psychology, music, art, languages, and self defense.

Background :
As a child, Vanya read all the wrong kind of stories. Though she began her guild training on Sihnon at a typically young age, there was always a small part of her that longed for danger and excitement—anything besides the cloistered sophistication of a Companion’s life.

But childhood fantasies were smoothed away with years of Guild training. Vanya took to life as a Companion with ease and grace, becoming highly respected within her community. Although, as is often demonstrated in her choice of clients, there is still a spark of that love of danger inside this polished young woman.

Soft-spoken and genteel, the petite woman would never let a curse stain her lips—in public. However, she does have an unfortunate fascination with the often wild stories her clients bring to her.