Michael Thomas Llewelyn

Tommy year 6 avie1Name: Michael Thomas Llewelyn
Nicknames: Tom, Tommy

House: Gryffindor
Hogwarts Status: Gryffindor Quidditch team, Beater/Chaser, Dueling Club
Wand: Mahogany 14″, pliable, unicorn tail hair
Elective Courses: Muggle Studies, Arithmancy

Appearance: 6′, broad shouldered, dirty blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes

Family/Blood status: Pure Blood, Aemilius “Milly” Savergen-Llewelyn (mother), Giles Llewelyn (Father, member of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad), Agnes and Ambrose Savergen (maternal grandparents), Benedictus & Cecelia Llewelyn (paternal grandparents), Dai Llewelyn (paternal uncle, deceased), Lara Savergen-Ainscough (maternal aunt), Michael Savergen (maternal uncle-deceased), Philo Ainscough (maternal uncle), Tarquin Ainscough (maternal cousin) Giles Montague “Monty” Llewelyn Jr. (older brother, second year of Auror training), Ambrose Benedictus “Benny” Llewelyn (older brother; chaser, Falmouth Falcons), Agnes Cecelia “Cissy” Llewelyn (younger sister, third year Gryffindor)

Pets: Male Northern Spotted Owl named Marus

Personality/History: Tom has lived in the shadow of his family his entire time at Hogwarts. His father and mother were both prefects and Head Boy and Girl respectively. His brother Monty was prefect, and Head Boy. His uncle, Dai Llewelyn was a world class Quidditch player, and a prefect in his own right. Benny was also prefect and a three year captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and lead them to the Quidditch cup his 7th year. Tom has tried very hard to live up to to his family’s expectations, but with Bill Weasley being made prefect their 5th year he is the first Llewelyn in a century to not be prefect. Outwardly, Tom acts like it doesn’t affect him, but inside it bothers him that he hasn’t lived up to his family. More and more Tom has turned his frustration at not being “another perfect Llewelyn” into being a bit of a mischief maker. While not taking an active role in practical jokes and other shenanigans, he doesn’t see a problem in taking a supporting role from time to time. Tom’s outward demeanor is one of a genuine nice guy. Tom has a smile that usually is able to disarm any situation. He is very competitive, especially when it comes to Quidditch. Tom is very protective of his little sister. Tom’s love life is a mystery to him. He and Céilidh had “dated” when they were thirteen, but Tom does not get girls and tends to subconsciously ignore the signals when a girl likes him.

Notable Strengths/Weaknesses: Tom is an amazing flier, and duelist. He has a terrific grasp of magical theory which has allowed him to even create a few spells of his own. He excels in Transfigurations, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions (rumor has it he is the only Gryffindor to ever get points from Professor Snape). He has excellent “book knowledge” of Herbology, applying what he reads is a little harder for Tom, not being gifted with a “Green Thumb”. Astronomy is another class that Tom gets book wise, but loses it in application. To say Tom is horrible in history of magic is an insult to the word horrible. He doesn’t know what it is about the subject that disinterests him, but until his mother’s threat he never took the class seriously. Now that it has his full attention (with the help of Nicolette), Tom has begun to notice it is Professor Binns’s teaching that held him back all this time.

Patronus: Falcon