Ambrosia Inamorata Sheridan

Rose year 6 avie1Name: Ambrosia Inamorata Sheridan
Nicknames: Rose — only to family and close friends and ‘adopted family’ and just about everyone else.

House: Ravenclaw
Hogwarts Status: Prefect, Dueling club.
Wand: Cherry, Unicorn hair, 7 ¾ inches
Elective Courses: Arithmancy, Muggle Studies

Appearance: Not quite five foot, long golden curls and bright green eyes.

Family: Alcander Sheridan (father, photographer for the Daily Prophet), Laurenna Ransom-Sheridan (mother, Department of Magical Transportation).

Pets: Elf owl, Idril

Personality/History: Tiny and girly and a hopeless romantic, at first glance Rose could appear to be nothing more than the “pretty girl”. But beyond the almost unhealthy obsession with romance novels, the little blonde is a very caring and intuitive friend. A true Ravenclaw at heart, Rose takes things like classes and studying very seriously, though she’d set all of that aside in an instant if someone needed to talk.

Notable Strengths/Weaknesses: An overall exemplary student, she finds that Potions and Transfiguration cause her the most frustration and take far more effort to maintain her personal standards for high marks while classes like Herbology and Astronomy come as naturally as breathing. In addition, she’s embarrassingly unsteady on a broom.

Patronus: Hummingbird