Céilidh MacAllister

Céilidh year 6 avie1Name: Céilidh (Kayleigh) MacAllister
Nicknames: Cee, Kay, Mac, or Red

House: Gryffindor
Hogwarts Status: Co-Captain Gryffindor Quidditch team – Chaser, Dueling Club
Wand: Rowan with a Hippogriff crest-feather core, 10″, pliable.
Elective Courses: Care of Magical Creatures and Divination

Appearance: 167.64 cm (5’6″) with flaming red hair, emerald green eyes, and an athletic build

Family: Teague MacAllister (Father, Keeper – Montrose Magpies), Brina MacAllister (Mother, Healer – St. Mungo’s Hospital, muggle-born), Tearlach MacAllister (Paternal Grandfather, Auror), Grear MacAllister (Nee MacFusty, Paternal Grandmother, Dragonkeeper), Neville Duke (Maternal Grandfather, Squadron Leader, WWII flying ace, test-pilot, retired, muggle), Gwendoline (Fellows) Duke (Maternal Grandmother, nurse, retired, muggle)

Pets: Wyatt (a male Maine Coon who habitually “urps” on anything owned by her bunkmates)

Personality/History: Studious, intelligent, and driven. Three words that easily describe Céilidh. Of course, on the flip side, one could also use competitive, fiery, and flirtatious. As noted above, her father’s family is no stranger to the more… adventurous side of magic. However, Céilidh does come by her nature honestly as her maternal grandfather was a Spitfire Ace in the “Great War” and her maternal grandmother a combat nurse – who took the care of a certain downed flyboy to the extreme.

Notable Strengths/Weaknesses: Céilidh isn’t quite the prototypical overachiever, but she does view her classes as a type of competition, which drives her to excel. She earns top marks in just about every one of her core classes, though she feels little use for Herbology. Divination is possibly the only Achilles ‘ heel in her course load, due to the fact that the future is always in motion and what one pile of bird entrails tells one day could very well be recanted in the next session’s tea leaves, frustrating her to no end. And therein lays the “fault” in her personality, in that she cannot back down from a challenge. It’s only been her status as a prefect, her grades and ability on the Quidditch pitch that have kept her from spending hours in detention as a result of some bet gone awry.

Patronus: Wildcat