Laun Orris-Whitmoor

Laun year 6 avieName: Laun Orris-Whitmoor
Nicknames: None

House: Slytherin
Hogwarts Status: Commentator for school Quidditch games, Dueling club, Prefect.
Wand: Oak, Dragon heartstring, 10 inches
Elective Courses: Muggle Studies, Divination

Appearance: 5’8″; longish, straight golden blonde hair. He has emerald green eyes.

Family/Blood status: Forrest Whitmoor (father; a member of the Wizengamot), Selena Orris (mother; an Auror), Artemis Orris-Whitmoor (Older sister, owns a Magic Pet Shop), Diana Orris-Whitmoor (older sister; 7th year), Laun’s family is entirely pureblood.

Pets: Barn Owl, Phoebe.

Personality/History: Laun is the very paragon of the good-natured Slytherin. He is sarcastic, ambitious and self-serving but ultimately he is a caring individual. He may be a bit self-important and always looking for an angle but he wouldn’t step on others to get ahead(but that’s just about all he wont do to get there). He was also raised totally in the wizard world and holds a calculating curiosity about muggles.

Notable Strengths/Weaknesses: Laun is an excellent cook which translates into being excellent with potions. He also excels in DADA and is as great at curses and hexes as he is at their counters. He picks things up very easily. Laun however is lazy and does not put a lot of effort into things that don’t hold his interest(which is quite a bit).

Patronus: A swarm of Luna Moths.