Orlando MacFoozle

Orlando year 6 avie1Name: Orlando MacFoozle
Nicknames: Foozle, Fooze, Lando, (Orlie only to his mother)

House: Hufflepuff
Hogwarts Status: Dueling Club
Wand: Larch, Thestral Heartstring, 10 inches even
Elective Courses: Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies

Appearance: 5’5″; hazel eyes; short, unkempt, and naturally spikey hair. His hair is naturally brown which lightens over sunny months, but in his second year learned out to transmogrify his hair color (much to his mother’s chagrin), so it’s been known to change. Lando’s left eyebrow is bisected by a scar from his battle with a cursed harpy. It tends to arc higher than his right and he grins quite a bit. Prone to quite a bit of his own brand of “magical experimentation” Foozle has a number of nicks and scars on his body.

Family/Blood status: Alec MacFoozle (father; former Auror; deceased), Rhane Davis MacFoozle (mother, muggleborn; Auror for the Ministry).
Ewan MacFoozle (paternal grandfather, former Auror, Captain in Magical Law Enforcement Squad- retired), Diane Magoon MacFoozle (paternal grandmother, Member of the Committee on Experimental Charms; deceased)
Irvine Davis (maternal grandfather, served with The Scottish Horse in WWII, proprietor of Shellycoat’s Tanker), Christine Bremner (maternal grandmother).

Pets: Ferret, Wolfwood

Personality/History: Foozle is incredibly laid back and, at least on the surface, comes across as rather lazy. Both of his parents (and grandparents on his dad’s side), were highly skilled in the magical arts, natural talents which he has inherited. Despite being a rather complete academic underachiever, most often skating by on his natural talent and wit alone, Foozle had inherited his father’s youthful gift for trouble and his grandmother’s, whom he was very close to, knack for being magically clever, a powerful combination which has proven to be… infamous. He’s sarcastic, wry, mischievous, and probably not above a little manipulation. He and his best friend Danny are known to have plotted and schemed and pranked, and occasionally taken advantage of the uninformed and unkind. But Foozle is a Hufflepuff at heart. He’s a loyal and true friend, willing to use his own reputation to help a mate out of a jam or save them trouble. While generally done in the shadows, the things he and Danny come up with have shown the Hufflepuff hard working side of him.

Notable Strengths/Weaknesses: Foozle never cared much for the class and homework aspect of school. He has a tendency to forget to attend the occasional class and more than occasional assignment. His natural talent and extracurricular activities have been enough for him to get by. Having gleaned much from his family, he’s quite adept in DADA, as well as charms and transfiguration, not that his grades show any of it. He’s actually quite fair at potions but has only barely passed Snape’s class for the past 4 years. To Sprout’s chagrin he’s generally uninterested in Herbology. His greatest challenge has proven to be History of Magic. Since the class is the only thing he has to rely on to pass that class is the class itself, he’s generally up a creek in Binn’s class and has only gotten by thanks to Samantha MonkShood. If there’s one class he truly enjoys and works for, it’s Care of Magical Creatures. With the blood of Aurors running through his veins, he thrives in the dueling club.

Patronus: Racoon