bluewolf_bioAlias: Bluewolf
Real Name: Aaron Matthews
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


The Beginning:
At the age of 16, young Aaron Matthews was your average high school kid. The summer before his senior year he and his family went on a camping trip in the Rockies. Always the explorer type, Aaron and his brother went hiking into the mountains while their folks set up the campsite. Even though it was summer, there was still snow in the higher elevations and the family had been warned about avalanches by the park rangers.

After an hour or so, the two boys were resting on a large rock when Aaron noticed a flash of color slightly up the slope from where they were sitting. Retrieving his binoculars from his pack, he quickly focused in on the object. He was surprised to see that he was looking at a wolf. A very large wolf, that seemed to have a glowing blue nimbus surrounding it. The unsettling thing, thought Aaron, was that the wolf was staring right at him.

He watched as the wolf trotted away, then stopped and looked at him again. The wolf repeated this action, but this time it sat down as if waiting for something. Aaron told his brother to stay put, as he was going to check something out, and promptly set out in the direction of the wolf. He had hiked to within ten yards of the strange animal, when it stood up and continued up the slope. Aaron followed the animal as it circled up the mountain and disappeared into a cave just below the tree line.

It was getting dark, and Aaron wondered if he should give up the chase and head back down, pick up his brother, and make for their campsite. Then he noticed that the wolf had stepped back to the mouth of the cave and sat, his brilliant blue eyes watching Aaron intently. By the time Aaron reached the cave, the wolf was gone. Pulling a flashlight from his pack and flipping it on, Aaron stepped into the cave.

The roof of the cave was somewhat low, and Aaron had to crouch over as he followed the cavern deeper into the mountain. The passage twisted and turned, but there were no side passages, as Aaron thought he would have surely gotten lost. He noticed a faint blue light ahead of him, and as he got closer, it was bright enough for him to turn off his flashlight for fear of running the batteries down. The passage finally opened into a small gallery that allowed him to stand up.

Aaron stopped when he focused on the source of the blue light. Sitting in the middle of the gallery was, as best could be described, and Indian Shaman. Like the wolf he had followed up than mountain and into the cave, the weathered looking old man had a glowing blue nimbus surrounding him. The Shaman motioned for Aaron to come and sit in front of him. Strangely, Aaron felt no fear or apprehension about this man went over to him and sat down.

The ancient Indian began to speak in his native tongue, and almost immediately something in the back of Aaron’s mind clicked and he understood what the old man was saying.

“You are the chosen one, Bluewolf,” he began, “Chosen to carry the spirit of the wolf into the world. You will be given great powers, and with those powers comes a choice.”

“What kind of choice?” Aaron replied, surprised to hear himself speak in the ancient language.

The Shaman replied, “You will know, when the time comes. Do you accept?”

Aaron answered without hesitation, “Yes.”

The Shaman raised his hands, “It is done!” he said, clapping his hands together.

Aaron watched as the Shaman morphed into the great blue wolf that he had followed into the cave, and lunged at him. Before Aaron could move, the wolf struck him full in the chest knocking him to the floor of the gallery. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was a great booming sound from within the mountain, and that he now had a faint blue light surrounding him. The wolf was gone and the mountain rumbled as the blackness of unconsciousness enveloped him.

Several days later, Aaron awoke in the cave. His head throbbed, his mouth parched, and the rumblings of his stomach seemed to echo from the walls and ceiling. The cave was absolutely pitch black and silent… Or was it? Still a little shaky, he got to his feet, senses quickly adjusting. Shades of grey began to separate themselves from the inky black. And the sounds! If he didn’t know better, he could swear he could hear a beetle scuttling across the floor several feet away. The dank smell of the cave suddenly assaulted and he could very well taste the stale, earthy air. Even though his senses were going into overload, Aaron managed to make his way to the mouth of the cavern, only to find it blocked by a wall of rock and snow.

In a fit of fear and desperation, Aaron began literally clawing his way through the rubble. He had been digging for nearly ten minutes when he realized that he’d barely broken a sweat, and looking about he noticed that there were several small boulders that should have been too heavy for him to move cast about. Looking at his bruised and bleeding hands caused him to take pause yet again as the scrapes and cuts seemed to fade away before his eyes, leaving not even the slightest trace of a scar. Aaron redoubled his efforts and within two more hours had dug his way through the landslide.

The quick feeling of elation over his freedom from the cave was dashed away as Aaron surveyed the landscape. It seemed as if half the mountaintop had tumbled into the valley below. He gazed down the slope that was now a grey-brown jumble of rock, snow, and the occasional jutting tree trunk to where his parent’s campsite would have been. There was no way they could have escaped in time. Then he thought if his brother, whom he had left outside the cave. His whole world had been whipped away.

Years Later:
Ken Matthews had been a stockbroker, and an extremely successful one at that. Because of this Aaron was, in financial terms, ‘set for life.’ After the accident, he spent his last year of high school with his grandparents, graduating at the top of his class and heading off to college. He had managed to keep his ‘abilities’ in check until the day he received a call from his girlfriend’s roommate.

His girlfriend had been attacked the previous night, brutally beaten and raped and lay in critical condition at the hospital. The police investigation had turned up nothing and the case was likely to remain open indefinitely. Aaron sat in her room for nearly a week, refusing to eat or drink before she slipped into a coma and passed away. So heavy was his grief that he took to drink, and that’s when fate stepped in again.

Aaron sat deep in his cups at a local bar near the university when a familiar scent caught his attention. A group of guys had just walked past him and he tried to force his way through the alcohol-induced cloud in his mind to figure out where he had first come across the smell. Confusion turned to horror turned to burning anger, as he realized the faint smell of the men that had just passed had been lingering on his girlfriend. Waiting until the bar closed, Aaron tailed the five men as they stumbled back to their frat house. A shortcut through a dark alley was all that Aaron required as he descended on them with all the fury of a pack of wolves.

In the morning Aaron awoke in his apartment with a splitting headache no idea how he had gotten there. Before he could down some painkillers, the phone rang. It was the police; the officer began to explain about a hospital bedside confession from a group of men that had been beaten near to death. They had all confessed to the rape and battery, and would go to trial once the doctors released them. The adulation he should have felt was soured by the memories of his actions the previous night that flooded back to him as the officer gave his report. It was at that moment the realization of his potential hit him, and a subconscious choice was made…

Aaron went on to graduate at the top of his class in computer science and information technology, with a double major in psychology. He parlayed some of his inheritance into a technology company, winning several research and development contracts for the government, and becoming one of the youngest and wealthiest CEOs in the world. Publicly, Aaron was the All-American success story turning tragedy into triumph as they say. All the while, however, he had begun a life of fighting crime in all facets.

Aaron has been a long time student of martial arts. Achieving mastery in various styles, he will often combine them to keep his opponents off guard. His technical knowledge and expertise is considered at the highest levels and closely matched by his understanding of the nature of people. He has ‘borrowed’ some of the technology his companies develop and incorporated it in his arsenal of technical gadgets, the most evident being his costume. The latest advances in micro-fiber design and lightweight composites make the suit impenetrable by almost all conventional means and various ‘unconventional’ ones as well. Biomechanical and micro-technology serve to back up his natural abilities.

The spiritual blue wolf energy from which he takes his name imbues him with enhancement of his five senses, as well as giving him a slight sense of precognition at times. His physical enhancements include increased strength and speed, and though flight is not possible, he can leap sizeable distances. His stamina is well beyond a normal human, and he heals at an increased rate.

Fighting: Incredible
Agility: Amazing
Strength: Excellent
Endurance: Amazing
Reason: Excellent
Intuition: Incredible
Psyche: Remarkable
Resources: Incredible
Popularity: Good (Press), Poor (GCPD), Typical (Everyone else)
Costume Material Strength: Remarkable vs. bullets/blades, Good vs. blunt trauma and impaling weapons, Excellent vs. Heat/Cold