capin_bioSecret Identity: Capin
Public Identity: Ryu Kokezaru
Height: 5’7″
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Sandy Brown

He bears host to the supernatural entity Enry, “Blood of the Dragon King”. Enry predominantly takes visual form as a prehensile cape hanging from his shoulders. It has a medium ability to protect him, which is often used to an offensive strategy as a defensive one, hardening to increase a strike. Due to their symboitic relationship, serious damage would harm Capin almost as much as they would Enry. Drawing Enry in allows for Capin to heal much quicker than normal, however at an offensive cost, which varies on the severity of the injury.

This bond has also made him faster and given him a greater endurance than the average human at their physical peak. While it has also made him somewhat stronger He is, by no means, super human in his strength. Capin and Enry have also developed Enry’s shifting ability into the skill of disguise over time.

Capin was raised in an ashram believed to be an predecessor of the ancient Sōhei, which settled into feudal Japan, known as the Sōkai. The Sōkai were a mixed strain of ancient ‘warrior monks’ whose members spanned Asia – and unbeknownst to Ryu the globe. Unusual for the Era, the Sōkei valued the multicultural nature of their order. Ashrams often had masters from different regions and trained in a great variety of forms of martial arts.

Growing up with the Sōkai allowed Ryu a foundation in a range of styles which developed across the region. He has been studying and mastering the martial ways in many forms for as long as he can remember. Coupled with the cape, his personal, unique style is primarily a versatile is a mix of the Chinese wushu, forms of Japanese Budō – many of which have been become lost arts, and Indian Kalaripayattu. What was once “schooling” for him has since become a hobby. Being a “quick study”, Capin has picked up and incorporated some styles on his own, including parkour, bartitsu, krav maga, and Savate.

Due to his expertise as fighter and master student of movement and the martial ways, Capin has developed the skill of learning about people by reading their body language. He can discern a great deal about an opponent simply by fighting them.

Capin is fluent in reading, writing/calligraphy of most Asian languages. He is also fluent in speaking Nepali and Japanese. He has a working understanding of Mandarin Chinese.

Even more:
Capin is rather short for a hero, not even breaking six foot. His hair is sandy brown and short. When in ‘uniform’, he wears a full black tuxedo complete with bowtie (which he ties by hand. Capin does not believe in clip-on’s), gloves, and occasionally a cumberbund. Capin has never quite said why he wears the formal attire that has earned him the nickname ‘Spiffy’ from several of the people he’s come across in his time as a ‘hero’, but it tends to give him an advantage over his opponent when they can’t take him seriously. Capin also sports a black cowl which is an extension of the cape that hangs from his back.

Enry, the cape, on the other hand is probably the most striking thing about the Capin. It is a long somewhat metallic entity that spreads out from around his shoulders. Although it appears to be a normal cape, it has the ability to open up (almost as if it were made of zippers). When in action it is quite dangerous. Due to the bond between Capin and Enry, no communication is necessary. Enry simply acts. It also has the ability to alter its form and color, which he has used for disguising.

As to its composition, nobody really knows. It twinkles in the light like mercury, but is know to change into a rainbow of grays, blacks, and silvers, which many take to be moods (if a cape can actually have moods.) And while it looks like liquid mercury, anyone who’s been caught in that zipper can attest that it is indeed solid.

Capin was raised in an ashram once thought to be the last standing temple of the Sōkai, a mixed strain of ancient ‘warrior monks’ whose members once spanned Asia – and unbeknownst to Ryu the globe. Unusual for the Era, the Sōkei valued the multicultural nature of their order. Ashrams often had masters from different regions and trained in a great variety of forms of martial arts.

His history was never hidden from him. At many times it was overly present as he grew up in the remote ashram. As he was told, his mother was found by the ashram’s sensei, Turo Murakami, and a few other monks a spiritual walk, wandering about the mountain’s foothills, lost, delirious, injured and very pregnant. She managed to explain that she and her husband had been traveling by a small aircraft to reach the Jumla District Hospital, but had crashed. Only she had managed to survive the accident. To make matters worse, she was in labor.

They carried her back to the nearby ashram and tended to her. The baby was fine, but there were complications for the mother made worse by her injuries. They were helpless to save the young woman’s life. She held her child in her arms, smiling and breathing laboriously. Her final breath, “ca…pin”, would become the child’s name. Capin.

Murakami treated the boy like a son, raising him among the other students and teachers for all his young life. There in the monastery Capin was grew up in the way of the monks, learning a spiritual peace as well as the martial ways – skills that Master Murakami excelled at and could only impart as much as Capin was willing to learn. However, the orphaned boy, despite his undying love and respect for his foster father, often found himself uncomfortable. Capin knew that while the other students had been chosen specially, he had come to the ashram by chance. There were always some lessons he was excluded from taking part in, secrets he was never allowed to know. He would never truly be one of their order, and even his closest friend, Ryu, was forbidden from explaining any reason.

When his frustration would get the better of him, he would often sneak off from the ashram for short trips to the town at the base of the mountain to find relief. After one trip he returned to find the ashram’s gates broken down and the grounds entirely emptied. Signs of struggle were everywhere. Blood stained the floors. Rooms were ransacked and turned upside down. But he couldn’t find a single body.

Capin remained living alone in the monastery. He wasn’t sure if he was hoped for whomever had come might return or if he was afraid that they would. But, if Master Murakami were to return, he wanted to be there. In the interim, he worked with all his soul on the studies he had laxed on. In his evenings he worked puzzle box he came across in Master Murakami’s private sanctuary, and one day he solved it. Inside was a stone figure that matched a carved space on the sanctuary wall.

Putting the stone key in place, a door opened leading to the dark. Following the dark tunnel into the cold underground with a torch, Capin found himself in a small room lit by two torches. In its center was a stone pillar with a strange black cloak draped over it. Etched into the base of the pillar was a strange script: ENRY. It wasn’t any language he recognized. It was both cold and warm to the touch. Something compelled him to take the cloak from its place. He threw it over his shoulders. The shiver ran down his spine as it seeped through his clothes, covering his whole body. Capin panicked, trying to pull the cold thick material off of him, but it managed to subdue him instead. There, lying on the dusty floor of that hidden room, Capin could feel something to him, and it knew him by name.

The young man spent the better part of a year, living out the ashram’s cold weather and continuing his studies. He quickly learned how to use the mysterious object that had bonded to him. It seemed to speak to him, and he to it. It followed his instruction and sometimes lead him. He felt it made him faster and stronger. When it hung from his shoulders it could move of its own accord, with the strength to shred a small tree into timber.

After years in seclusion and now no longer feeling quite ‘alone’, Capin felt it was time to leave home. He packed his things and headed south. He made his way, surviving on the skills he’d learned, becoming a cook from town to town. In his travels, he kept finding himself in trouble or rather ‘thwarting’ it. It didn’t take too long before he began looking for it. Fighting for those in need or trouble seemed to come so easily to him. He struggled with the notion that he was doing this for justice and honor, or simply for thrill. But he seemed to be driven to it.

In Garrison
Capin has been working and living in Garrison for more than a few years now and has settled himself into the city with a good feel for it’s workings. However, for the most part he has managed to remain an unknown as a hero and rarely taken seriously by the criminal element. Capin feels this works to his advantage. However despite being at this for most of his life, his tendency toward levity has often been mistaken for inexperience. Nothing could be further from the truth.

He has formed a close bond with a few of the other ‘heroes’ of Garrison City after fate seemed to toss them together. Capin and Bluewolf swapped bodies for a period of time, giving them a rather unique connection. The group of them are now operate as more of a team. Capin has also developed a rather on again-off again-on again relationship with the mysterious Melody Chang, after she ‘righted’ the situation between Capin and Bluewolf.

Fighting: Amazing
Agility: Incredible
Strength: Good/Excellent
Endurance: Remarkable/Incredible
Reason: Good
Intuition: Incredible
Psyche: between Remarkable & incredible
Resources: Poor
Popularity: Feeble