Name: Katia Panova
Age: 27
Height: 5’4″
Eyes: Amber
Hair: White/Blonde

Katya was picked from many children at her training school to represent Russia in the a ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final. It was guaranteed that she would be Olympics bound if she placed. A few weeks before the Final she was practicing with her trainer in an all day session. The stress to be perfect was extreme and her heel continued to slip on the landing of her triple toe loop jump. On one of her countless tries she fell and slammed into the rink wall, breaking her arm. She immediately knew her chances at the Grand Prix were ruined. As her tears of failure hit the ice, it began to melt around her. She fell through the thinning ice which immediately began to freeze back over. She was rescued by her trainer and though he was like a father to her, he was also a patriotic Russian during the Cold War. A child with her abilities could be used as a weapon and so he promptly turned her over to the government where she was placed in a top-secret program that took people like her and turned them into weapons for Mother Russia.

The first place she was kept was located in St Petersburg until she burned it to the ground in one particularly angst-filled teen moment. She froze three blocks before she was captured. Katia was then sent to be trained in a remote facility in Siberia where she couldn’t cause much harm. There she was trained in various forms to physically keep her athletic body in form, taught the language of the enemy countries, and, most importantly, she was driven to control her powers. In just under twenty years, she was turned into a one woman weapon for the government. However, after the fall of the USSR in the early nineties she was forgotten because of the secrecy of the program.

During a period of lax security, Katia was able to escape into the tundra and fought her way back to civilization using her powers of heat to protect herself in the ice. After much hardship, she reached civilization. She feared being used by the government again and knew her only option was to escape to a more democratic nation. She felt the best place to be protected was with the former enemy; The United States.

Natual Skills:
Most world languages, but not all fluently

Super Natural Powers:
Can control temperature and alter it to an extreme of hot or cold.