daylight_bioReal Name: Dr. Jamie Harris
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Known Relatives: Doctors Jackie and David Harris (Parents), Sarah Harris (sister)
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Jamie Harris was born to two of the most prestigious doctors in all of Garrison. As she grew, Jamie was an active spirited girl who was excelled in gymnastics, and had black belts in several different forms of martial arts. In high school, she was easily the most popular girl. She was head cheerleader and President of the Student Council. Unlike most girl’s in that position she never dated the Quarterback of the football team, or anyone else for that matter. It seemed she only had eyes for one boy in school but Corin Graves was always too shy to make his move so they just stayed friends.

Shortly into Corin’s career as the Mid-Night Man, Corin and Jamie had a falling out because she could no longer stand just being his friend. Both of them finally confessed their love for each other and the two became a couple.

Their romantic bliss was short lived as the original owner of the ring the mad pharaoh Ak-Fet Sur returned to this world and had possessed the body of Corin’s uncle and then Corin himself. With the ring again, Ak-Fet Sur was once again the full champion of the Egyptian Night God Khons and plunged Garrison into darkness. The heroes of Garrison fought valiantly to defeat Ak-Fet Sur and save Corin, none more than Jamie, who had made a deal with the Egyptian God Ra to be his champion and defeat Ak-Fet Sur. with her help the heroes won the day and saved the city and the Mid-Night Man. Khons, now free of Ak-Fet Sur offered Corin the opportunity to become his champion like Jamie had become Ra’s, and Corin accepted. Thus the team of Mid-Night Man and Daylight were born.

Daylight can generate light almost as bright as the sun itself. She can also throw bolts of near solid light that can render the person struck by it unconscious for hours. If she concentrates hard enough, she can create a force field for a limited time just powerful enough to block bullets.

On the surface, Jamie seems like a calm, collected, outgoing person, but on the inside she is still trying to gain acceptance from her parents who she worships.

Fighting: Excellent
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Excellent
Reason: Excellent
Intuition: Incredible
Psyche: Good
Resources: Excellent
Popularity: Typical (Press), Good (GCPD), Typical (Everyone else)
Costume Material Strength: Remarkable vs. bullets/blades, Good vs. blunt trauma and impaling weapons, Excellent vs. Heat/Cold