Doc Midas

NAME: Rex “Doc” Midas
HEIGHT: 6’ 7”
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Golden

Rex Midas was a prodigy even before the El Dorado incident. At the age of 10 he entered college, and had earned degrees in Archeology and Chemistry by age 12. By the time he was 15 he had completed several degrees including an MD, and had written several ground breaking books and papers in the fields of Egyptology, Geology, Biochemistry, Electronic Theory, Neurosurgery and Linguistics.

His accomplishments were not exclusive to the academic world. Possessing perfect pitch, he excelled at the violin and piano, with his “Adagio for Strings in E Flat Minor” considered a modern masterpiece. In the 1936 Olympics, Rex Midas and Jesse Owens obliterated the so-called superior athletes from Nazi Germany. Midas won gold medals in 7 events including, the marathon, the decathlon, the discus, the archery competition, freestyle diving, Greco-Roman wrestling, and fencing. Unlike the contemptuous treatment aimed towards Jesse Owens by the twisted Furer, Midas was welcomed by the Germans. Hitler himself was intrigued by the “Man of Gold” from America. Midas, however, refused to shake the little man’s hand and warned him to watch his step or the giant American would be coming back to Germany-and not to run races. Hitler was infuriated.

In 1938, Midas was approached by a party of adventurers about leading an expedition into the jungles of South America in search of the fabled city of gold, El Dorado. Midas could not resist the notion of the man-of-gold discovering the city-of-gold and he accepted the offer. After a perilous journey through the emerald labyrinth of the Amazon, Midas at last came upon the legendary city. He succeeded in saving the mythic place, and it’s king, from a rival exploration group led by a Greek scientist working for the Nazi Military: Professor Plato Proteus, at the cost of suffering a life threatening bullet wound to the chest. To save his life, the King of El Dorado, ordered the giant man to be placed in the waters of the legendary River of Gold. The exposure to the awesome properties of the magic waters, not only saved Midas’ life, but transformed him into something even beyond the peak of human perfection-something “super “ human. No longer just a human prodigy-a human colossus!

Midas was a pivotal figure in the secret battles of World War II. The battles involving strange nazi technology and magic which stemmed form an alliance with shadowy alien race. The accounts of these battles were suppressed by governments after the War.

In 1965 Midas lead a team of world renown heroes known as the Seven Wonders into a secretive mission, that has been seemingly erased from all records. His team was not heard of for 35 years and was presumed lost. In the year 2000 they returned but refused to speak about the event. Two of the members of the team were lost during the mission: Tom Comet and Jack Shadows. Since their return, the remaining wonders no longer function as a team and have split to forge new roles in the world of the 21st century.

Since his return, Rex Midas has spent most of his time contemplating the problems of the world. He has gathered leading scientist and thinkers into a world-wide agency for advancing the human race termed, The Gold Reserve. He has quickly caught up with current science and is once again at the forefront of discovery and accomplishment.

Midas is an athlete and thinker beyond the normal scope of human achievement. He can bench press 2000 lbs and can leap 15 feet in the air from a standing position. His dexterity and agility are on par with the greatest of Olympic athletes. His endurance far exceeds the normal limits of human stamina and he can sustain himself without food, water or sleep for periods that would kill lesser men. He can hold his breath for over a hour and can swim to depths that would crush any other man. He is versed in every known form of combat and nothing less than a high caliber armor piercing bullet can penetrate his skin. Midas’ vision and other senses are developed beyond the capacity of normal humans. He can hear and see frequencies that are well past normal human limits. His recuperative powers and ability to heal wounds are similarly beyond normal human levels.

Midas is one of the world’s leading scientists. Respected for his knowledge in more fields than can be listed at this time. He has a photographic memory and can perform advanced mathematical calculations in his head. He has a perfect temporal sense, keeping more accurate time than the finest Swiss watch, and with a moment of reflection he can sense magnetic north. In addition to his enhanced abilities, Midas is regarded as a son by King Huascar of El Dorado. His access to the unlimited wealth of El Dorado makes him the richest man in the world.

Rex Midas is a born leader. He is logical and slow to anger. When his anger is aroused it is a frightening thing. Midas has an unwavering sense of morality. Although he is quick to smile at someone else’s joke (unless it is at someone’s expense) he rarely engages in humorous repartee. Although, there have been a few significant love interests in his life, Midas is generally unconcerned with romantic episodes, having dedicated himself wholly to his mission.