Name: Eric Duval
Height: 6’0
Weight: 218 lbs
Occupation: Socialite
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Age: 27
Category: Wildcard

Eric lived a very good life as a child even though his mother died when he was a young boy. He had no idea that his father was the main numbers runner for Giorgio Messina or that the lifestyle and all the money his family had was dirty. He had no idea that his father’s accounting business was just a front for money laundering. All he knew was that his father paid for the best for him and he loved his father.

The few holidays he spent with his father would be filled long movie sessions of Zorro, Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and other swashbuckling tales. These movie marathons inspired Eric to try archery, which he was horrible at, fencing, which he excelled at, and boxing, which he good at. Starting in junior high and all the way through high school he studied boxing and fencing and planned to continue in college but that was when things went wrong.

His father had expanded his front company to hide the increased business Messina was doing and unknown to him an undercover cop had infiltrated the business. It did not matter to Messina that the front company and the real business his father did never crossed, all that mattered was closing the possible leak. When rumors surfaced about someone in Messina’s setup turning state’s evidence Eric’s father was the first and only name on the list. His father and the front company were torched.

Returning home Eric began to put the pieces together and realized that his father was not a good man, nor was he necessarily a bad one. Spreading his fathers’ ashes to the wind he vowed to make Messina pay for what he did. Summing up his skills and his intentions there was only one name to choose: Highwayman.

His fathers will stated that he wanted Eric to finish school. A large life insurance and an even larger trust fund allowed Eric to attend the college of his choice and keep his preferred high lifestyle. After finishing school with a bachelor’s degree in psychology he returned to Garrison City with a purpose and plenty of funding.

None. Olympic level skill in swordplay and fisticuffs. Knife fighting, knife throwing as well. His suit and mask are lined with a lightweight Kevlar material, gloves have extra punch with steel beads sown into the knuckles and back of the hand, a spring loaded ‘quick draw’ holster two-shot derringer on each wrist.

Eric is a well behaved socialite who makes occasional appearances at local charity functions and can been seen shaking hand with a lot of important people. He is a quiet young man and the tabloids and local rumor rags found him to be quite dull. Outside of the public eye he trains constantly with his blades, daggers, and fists.

Highwayman speaks with a British accent modeled after the voice of Jason Statham. He likes to chat with people and has a dry, dark sense of humor. He does not like to kill but will if he has to. He prefers to humiliate and injure those he must face and he would only face those he could not hide or run from. The only person he is out to get is Giorgio Messina and he wants to destroy the man on every level before sliding his blade through Messina’s heart.

To this day he is a horrid shot with a bow and most firearms. The derringers he carries are meant only for a last effort and anything beyond five feet is pretty safe. Due to his lack of long range skills to get the job done he has to be in close quarters, even his throwing knives are not accurate beyond twenty feet. All in all Highwayman is just a man in a mask and even Kevlar has its limits.

Eric is a sensibly dressed young man with a short Ivy League cut and wire rim spectacles.

Highwayman wears a dashing black leather ankle length coat with detachable full black leather cape and matching hat and white opera gloves. His face is covered in a white Venetian full opera style mask with gold detail around the eyes and mouth. A rapier is held loosely around his waist on his left side along with a dagger on the opposite hip, ten throwing knives line the hem of the cape, except for the bottom which is weighed down.

Fighting Skill: Remarkable
Agility: Excellent
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable
Reason: Good
Intuition: Excellent
Psyche: Good
Resources: Good (Trust fund and thievery)
Popularity: Feeble (General Population) Poor (Police) Typical (Italian Mafia)
Material Strength: Good (Suit) Feeble (Normal)