kardiac_bioName: Kardiac
Identity: Edward “Eddy” Lane

Powers: Ability to detect, observe, and translate human bio-patterns (such as discerning lies by changes to heart-rate); exceptional hand to hand combat capabilities; ability to discharge short electrical bursts through hands with varying degrees of voltage and amp-age (this power can be turned “off”, so water isn’t necessarily a bad thing); superhuman control of his body’s metabolic and bio-electrical capabilities, allowing him to “re-route” or “boost” his Strength, Endurance, and Agility for short periods by sacrificing one or more of the other attributes.

Notes: Kardiac’s got masterful control over his electrical generation, and since he is more or less a human capacitor, he is unaffected by electricity himself.

Background Overview: Eddy always wanted to be a cop like his father. He graduated High School with honors and went straight into a college criminology program.

In college, he met and fell in love with a pre-law student named Alexandra Vega. Ignoring common sense and his parents’ urgings otherwise, Eddy and Lexa were married in their senior year. After getting his degree, he moved on to the Police Academy and Lexa continued with Law school.

While attending the academy, his father was killed in the line of duty. The police could turn up no leads, so Eddy decided to look into things himself. After several weeks of investigating in his spare time, he tracked down the drug dealer he thought responsible for the killing.

Putting on his father’s uniform, he went off in pursuit of the killer. When he confronted the dealer, a chase began that eventually came to an end near the city power station. Shots were fired and Eddy was hit. He stumbled backward, falling against a capacitor seconds before another shot penetrated the machine’s outer casing.

The resulting electrical shock nearly killed him. When he got out of the hospital, he found himself expelled from the Academy for impersonating an officer. The director told him he was lucky that they didn’t throw him in jail for his vigilantism.

Forlorn, he returned home only to discover his electrical appliances reacted strangely to his presence. He eventually learned the reason and, with practice, learned to harness his new abilities. So, he worked during the day as a freelance graphic designer. By night, he had another job…

His nocturnal activities and his obsession with his father’s death drove a wedge in his marriage, and Lexa left soon after. After she passed the Bar, she moved far enough away that their marriage was simply a legal matter. She drew up papers, but despite everything Eddy just couldn’t bring himself to sign. This drove an even deeper wedge between the two, and it looked like legal action would be inevitable.

In the meantime, however, Eddy had tracked down the man behind his father’s death, a Brazilian drug lord named Jorge Vega, chief officer of the Santa Mora Cartel. The surname was no coincidence… the man he sought was his father-in-law. This fact revealed, Eddy signed the papers, dropped them in the mail, and flew to Brazil.

Jorge Vega disappeared in the rainforest shortly thereafter, his daughter inheriting his fortune, and Eddy Lane returned home to try to put his life back together. But as he tried to become who he had been, he realized it wasn’t going to be that easy. He wasn’t that person anymore… he was someone else. He was Kardiac more than he’d ever been “Eddy”.

Although he continued to work, he spent most of his off hours hunting the streets, trying to prevent what happened to his father from happening to anyone else.

Hardboiled Note: Kardiac has been around Garrison for several years. He’s among its longest running (living) vigilantes, so anyone who has lived in the city for a while and dealt with media, criminal, or law enforcement circles will know of him.

Fighting: Incredible
Agility: Excellent (may be boosted to Incredible for short periods)
Strength: Good (May be boosted to Remarkable for short periods)
Endurance: Incredible
Reason: Good
Intuition: Remarkable
Psyche: Remarkable
Resources: Good (Freelance artist, been doing some Government work on the side)
Popularity: Excellent (Press), Typical (GCPD), Good (Everybody Else)
Costume Material Strength: Remarkable vs. bullets/blades; Good vs. blunt trauma and impaling weapons, Excellent vs. Heat/Cold