Major Freedom

Real Name: Thomas Eugene Flynn
Occupation: Auto Mechanic
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States
Place of Birth: Garrison City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: James Flynn (Father), Catherine Flynn (Mother), Joseph Flynn (Brother, deceased), William Flynn (Uncle)
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond


Thomas grew up watching his dad and uncle run a auto shop/junk yard. By the time he was a freshman in high school he knew he wanted more from life than the 9 to 5 so he decided that a sports scholarship to anywhere but Garrison City was the way to go, and his parents and Uncle supported his decision. He excelled at sports, becoming “All American” in football by his Sophomore year, also excelling in wrestling. His standard schooling was barely kept to the C’s required to keep him in sports, except for art class. He found that he was rather talented in drawing, most of the time he was doodling cartoon type figures, a lot of the time it was “Freedom Eagle” and others that he could make up.

Well life was going okay till the day he and his little brother were walking home. It so happened that their house and their dad’s shop was on the line between rival gangs. So one day you could be in this gang’s territory and by that night you’re in the others, it was always touchy living there. But this night was even more so, the gangs went on an all out offensive against one another, and a lot of innocent people got caught in the crossfire. Joseph didn’t die instantly but lingered for three weeks before he finally died, but Thomas isn’t sure what shattered their lives more, the fact that Joseph was shot or the fact that he lingered before dying.

Trying to console himself he was drawing one night, and as usual it was his hero “Freedom Eagle” but tonight he found no console in this man what he found was more heartache and pain. Where was all the “Good” that he stood for, where was all the “Right” his justice brought. He decided it was time to do something about this gang crap that was going on, so he armed himself with an aluminum baseball bat and his football pads, then stormed from the house to go to the local gang hangout.

After a nasty fight, and a few broken bones he had the last gang member backed against the wall, cowering for his life, the baseball bat raised above his head ready to smash into this kids head when a voice broke in “Don’t do it Thomas” as his uncle stepped from the shadows “Do not cross that line, that separates you from those monsters, because if you kill him you will kill something inside you that you can never get back” Limping his Ex-Marine frame more into the light “Believe me, me and your father know how it feels to lose that part of yourself. Yeah your mad, you’re grieving, but this isn’t the right way, and besides” as he unfolded a piece of paper, holding it up so that Thomas could see it “What do you think he would think if you did that” showing the most recently drawn “Freedom Eagle” he thought he had thrown away.

Thomas sighed and lowered the baseball bat, then sucker punched the punk so he dropped like a sack of potatoes. He walked over to the pay phone dialed 911, picked up one of the punk’s guns and fired off the clip then he and his uncle left and headed back to the auto shop. A very long talk was cut short by the late night news about a gang that had been busted up by a vigilante “See, where is the right in that, where is the Truth & Justice this land was made on?” his uncle spouted “I bet Freedom Eagle is spinning in his grave because of the way his home has become” chuckling a little he joked “What this city needs is another person that works for the law instead of their own agendas” limping to the coffee machine.

The rest of that night was a blur to Thomas, his uncles words kept rolling through his mind, and before the end of the next day a suit design was drawn out, with the red white and blue this country proudly waved everywhere in the world. But how to make the suit and not get killed like he could have had one of those punks been any good with a pistol, a quick search of the internet solved that, but it also took every bit of his savings.

Soon a roll of kevlar cloth showed up at the shop, to which he quickly signed for and quickly stored away with the fabric rolls claiming he had to send this one back because it was a mess up. That weekend while the shop was closed, and after stealing his mom’s clothing patterns, he set about making the suit. Not being good at sewing he lost a lot of fabric and by the end he had a suit that covered him from the neck down. “So much for that idea” as he looked at all the scrapped fabric, looking to the suit he sighed “Man and if I order anymore I could get noticed, but I haven’t the money so that’s a moot point now isn’t it.” … “Not if you do this right it’s not” a voice came from the shop door, as his uncle limped in “I would advise you to hide that, your dad is due to open shop here any minute” which is what made Thomas realized that he had worked all through Sunday night and it was daylight “Oh $#!^, school” as he crammed and stuffed everything into a small duffel bag and quickly threw it into his work locker.

All day he couldn’t concentrate on anything but what his Uncle was going to say when he got to the shop after school. “I’ll just not go to the shop today” chuckles “Yeah right like that will solve the problem, he’ll just talk to you about it when you get home for dinner. Oh man what would dad and mom say” as his worries just got even worse, that by the time he got to work he was one massive bundle of nerves. His uncle never said a word about it, they just worked in an eerie silence till the shop closed for the night.

The next morning he snuck into the shop early so he could get that bag and get rid of the suit before his dad found out, but as he entered the shop, he was floored by what he saw. There was the suit laying on one of the tool benches, with a round object that looked like an eagle laying on it. He stood looking at it, glancing around the shop, then picked it up to look it over. It was rather heavy but concaved and had straps on the back so that he could hold it as a shield. He could tell that it had been painted silver and had lacquer coats added to it, as a matter of fact the thing was still warm to the touch.

“That should help you even more, that that Kevlar will” causing Thomas to jump as the silence was shattered. “I had to modify your drawing a little but it’s about the same” as his uncle laid the drawing he had forgot to take the morning before on the suit. Thomas chuckled as his uncle gestured to the suit “Look, you might as well try it on, because if you get caught you know this fantasy of yours will end.” Thomas quickly threw on the suit, realizing that he wasn’t a tailor and had made it rather tight in some places and a little loose in others. When he picked up the shield and looked at the locker room mirror he saw the hero he had always wanted to see doing good in the city. “Well that won’t work very well, everyone will be know who you are from the start” his uncle glancing around, then pausing to take something from his back pocket. His shop rag was quickly tied around his head and two holes were cut so that he could see. “Will have to do till we can afford to get you some more of this Kevlar, and this” as a belt with what looked like ammo pouches were handed to him on a web belt “Should help you carry some other $#!^ you might need”

A sudden loud noise of the main door to the garage being lifted brought them both back to the real world, and while his uncle intercepted his dad, he quickly changed out to this school clothes and stashed the stuff into his locker again. School again was rather hard to keep focused on, even at practice he was distracted, which got him pummeled even more than usual.

That night as the shop was closing his uncle called out “I need to stay late and get this fender finished for that dodge, or we are going to be so far behind on it that we’ll lose money with it. Thomas can stay and help” said with a tone that said “You’re staying even if you don’t want too” Thomas quickly agreed to help and after dad had left his uncle looked at him “If you intend to do this, do this right, and be what you have always been proud of when you draw this drawings. Don’t ever cross that line the vigilantes do and take lives. Try and raise the people ideas again to what they should be, as it was when Freedom Eagle was around, oh” as he turned and pointed “And all Hero’s need some wheels” as he was pointed to a very old Harley motorcycle, repainted from the army OD green it used to be with the dark blue and red of his suit. “I can’t join you out there, but I can back you up from here. But we have to keep this low key, we can’t ever let anyone know about it, especially your mother and father, and when I call it quits, you will stop. Got it”

Thomas stood there taking it all in and nodded “You call it quits and it stops” he stated looking to his uncle “But how are we going to hide this bike?” His uncle smiled “I have a spot all ready to hide it in the junkyard. Now get out of here and make a major difference in our freedom”

Thomas climbed into the motorcycle and strapped the shield on the seat behind him. After trying to start it three times it finally kicked over, his uncle pursed his lips “Hrm … I’ll see about fixing that later” and with that Thomas headed out of the garage. Tonight was the night that ??? … What the hell was he going to call himself, then he jumped as a voice came into the air, making him swerve the bike around a bit before he got it back under control “Hey, what are you going to call yourself?” from the radio. “Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I set it up so that we have two way hands free communications while you’re on the bike, bet I scared you a bit” … “Yeah Uncle you did, I about wiped out, I’m nervous enough … I don’t know what I’m gonna call myself, or even if I’m gonna get off the bike to do anything.” His uncle sighed “then we did all this work for nothing” then chuckled a little “Hey, I got an idea … Major Freedom, because you are trying to make a major difference in our freedom” the busted out laughing on the other end, so much that Thomas could not help but laugh also as he drove. “Major Freedom, that’s not bad uncle” turning a corner to head further into the gang territories they bordered “Tonight Major Freedom makes his debut” and with a shift of gears he headed with determination to start making a difference. “So what are we gonna call the bike? The Freedom Cycle” Thomas asked as he turned a corner, but all he got was a groan and his uncle saying “Just call it “The bike” and leave it at that, Sheesh” too which made Thomas laugh as hard as his uncle had been laughing.


Fighting: Good
Agility: Good
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable
Reason: Typical
Intuition: Good
Psyche: Excellent
Resources: Typical
Popularity: Feeble
Costume Material Strength: Remarkable vs Bullets/Typical vs blades. Shield Material Strength: Excellent vs Bullets/Blades/Blunt.