Melody Chang

Name: Melody Chang
Alias: (real name) Ho Hsien-ku
Height: 5′
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Green
Age: appears to be in her 30’s, actually born in the late 3rd century.
Occupation: Proprietor of the Peking Bookhouse, a rare books store.

Melody is a mage of the highest order. Her abilities are rooted in the old magics which are the most potent. She works with a blend of ingredients and her own natural abilities. Despite the physical aspects to her power, Melody displays a certain amount of ‘insight’ which stems from both a natural gift as well as all the years of exposure to her own magic. For reasons not yet known, Melody declines to work heavy magic through her own being, except in dire circumstances.


Hsien-ku was born in a small village outside of present day Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Orphaned at a young age, she was taken in by the venerable Master Shen Li Bai, who began her instruction in the ways of magic. After time, Hsien-ku discovered that Master Shen was not who he appeared to be. In fact, he was Shen-nung (A figure from Chinese mythology said to have invented the plow and taught man the art of agriculture as well as the cultivation of forests. He is also credited with the introduction of medicaments, and is to be the god of wind and the patron of pharmacists. Shen-nung was one of the three noble ones, called the San-huang), taken mortal form.

For hundreds of years Hsien-ku learned from Master Shen, travelling all throughout Asia, learning every aspect of every skill that Shen could impart. Until their paths crossed a young man named Xiang Yao. Yao, though very young, appeared to be a rather adept sorcerer already and joined the two on their journey. Unbeknownst to Shen-nung and Hsien-ku, Xiang Yao was the servant to the Gong Gong, a powerful High Demon bent on the destruction of the World. Yao was sent to fell Shen-nung and absorb the power of his pupil. But the cunning Yao bid his time, watching and learning.

When at last he struck, he had Shen-nung by complete surprise, stabbing him in the back. As the pure energies of Shen-nung flowed through him, Yao’s true spirit was shown, and his physical form changed giving him a snake-like appearance. Now knowing the young man’s true mission, a weak and wounded Master Shen fought the half demon back giving him just enough time to passing his last energies to his young pupil, Hsien-ku, and transport her away to safety.

Since then, Hsien-ku has traveled alone, watching the world evolve, changing her name with the ages. After several years in Japan, she came to the United States and settled in Garrison in 1918. Sometime later, the Peking Bookstore opened, which is now owned and managed by Melody Chang.