Name: Garrett Sanders
Hero Name: Morpheus
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 228
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black, preferred shaven.

Discovering and using his powers for good, it’s the only just thing to do, and inconsequentially providing an outlet for some underlying issues with anger, being left out, etc. However it’s hard to figure out what to do with them when a deity doesn’t leave you any mission statement or instructional manual.

The ability to cause people to sleep by throwing a dust/sand like surface that is produced from the hands or wrist area, said sand can cause individuals to fall asleep depending on dosage. (Think Golden Age Sandman just self-prepared). Also, the powers are nocturnally based, changing his physical appearance. Once it’s daylight back to being a normal man. He also requires sleep the question of how much is, has yet to be discovered.

Acquiring his Powers:

Garrett Sanders, a lab assistant, has been suffering from a severe case of anxiety for the past two weeks. Although, the strangest thing he is far from exhausted. His co-workers have been wondering what the guy has been eating (they presume he’s getting the full eight hours). However one day, after putting in several hours of work he passed out.

It was the shortest and weirdest dream he ever had while passed out. There was smokey, fog like substance everywhere and the only thing besides the smoke or fog, there were black curtains. A man emerged from the curtains with glowing red eyes. The strangest thing is, this guy looked just like Sanders except, whomever this was had long hair as opposed to Garret’s bald cranium. The man said one thing and only one thing to Sanders, “Hypnos is stirring.”

He woke up two hours later. The dark sky told him it was either really late or very early. On the way home a group of thugs started calling him weird and freaky and tried assaulting him. Like any untrained lab tech, he ran. Unfortunately, his street instincts aren’t the best and they lead him to a dead end.

As they approached closer he flailed his arm in a protective stance out of fear. Suddenly a cloud of fog or smoke emerged and a moment later those muggers were now sound asleep. Over each of their eyes was a little bit of sand. He didn’t know what caused this, but the only thing more shock when he saw his reflection in a near by puddle.

Red eyes replaced his baby blues, and his skin turned as pale as a ghost. The only odd thing was is if he looked right there was something etched into his forehead. Unfortunately he doesn’t know what it meant, nor did he want to.

He rushed home and fell asleep quickly and when the morning came it was like that night never existed, it was like a dream, or that’s what he wanted to believe. Then the next night fall like clockwork the skin paled and the eyes glowed red.

This was his life now. By day a lonely lab assistant, making above minimum-wage and living in a crappy apartment in a matching neighborhood within the The Lourds. At night emerges a being that looks to come out of your nightmares.

Prior to becoming blessed:

Sanders was a man with hopes of becoming a big chemist one day, with a minor in a biology, he had hopes of his studies of the human anatomy mixed with his knowledge of chemicals could one day maybe help cure something big, like cancer. Unfortunately the B average student from Lakeview University never had such opportunities.

He grew up on the island the University was named after, both parents comuted inland. They did what they could to make sure everyone in the family was happy. It wasn’t just him, mom and dad, there was an older brother and younger sister he had to share their time with.

Chris, garnished most of the attention from dad as he was the first son and his sister, Deborah, was the only girl. It was during his pre-teen years he turned to science and started testing with things. At first just simple science kits you could have picked up from any toy store, then it became more and more complex as the years went on.

Because he was a science nerd he was a social pariah, Chris was an artist in the wait and Deborah was a rising journalist. Garrett, was just a science geek during their high school years.

The family ran into problems just as the middle Sanders began college. Dad unfortunately passed away and whether it was shock, losing of her soul mate, or some strange act of fate Mother Sanders ran into medical problems.

It seemed her body was slowly shutting down. Chris was putting time, money and effort at Art shows and trying to fit in with the “in” crowd; Deb. had bad hours to offer any real help but put in money when she could, the majority of taking care of mom fell on Garrett when he wasn’t in class.

The life insurance for dad put state of the art supplies in Chris’ hands, power suits for Deb. and a Bachelor’s degree for Garrett.

Mom passed on nearly a year after graduation and once again the middle child carried the burden of medical bills. He left his middle class apartment and settled into the lower class, most of the saving from the differences in rent was put towards the bills.

Sadly, the bills have sucked so much life out of him he’s had no gumption to move up in the science scale…at least until recently.

Fighting: Poor (4)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Typical (6)
Endurance: Typical (6)
Reason: Excellent (20)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Poor (4)
Health: 26
Karma: 34
Resources: Typical (6)
Popularity: Feeble (2)