Mystery Man

Name: Spencer Cash (legally changed from Spencer Blaine)
Alter ego: Mystery Man
Known Relatives: Archie Blaine, father
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 172 lbs

Spencer Blaine was an only child, which was only fair since his father Archie was a single parent. From an early age, Archie trained his son to be observant, build up his memory and tried to teach him to think analytically and deductively. The observational skills stuck, the deductive reasoning was a bit lacking.

Spencer was a basically a good kid, but was wild despite his father’s efforts. As a counterpoint, his best friend Melvin “Doug” Douglas was a model student. Eventually, Spence settled down somewhat and graduated from high school near the top of his class. He went to college and majored in criminology, barely graduating. At his father’s insistence, he went to the police academy, but was soon tossed out for an incident for which, according to Spencer, he was framed. Coincidentally, his buddy Doug joined the police lab team as a forensics scientist.

About a week after he was ejected from the academy, Spencer found himself tossing and turning at night, waking up at odd hours, and becoming obsessed with various stories of crime committed in the city. He began sneaking into crime scenes, and found himself drawn to miniscule clues that the officials may have missed. After a close call with the authorities, he took to wearing a navy blue sports coat, dress shirt, and slacks, atypical attire for the laid-back Spencer Blaine. He also began wearing a mask to prevent easy identification. At first, he merely pestered Doug with tips, hints and clues, but later, Spence began to mail in anonymous tips to the police and signing the letters with a stylized “M” and “?” logo. Soon, rumors of a “Mystery Man” who was helping the police began to circulate.

Taking the role of Mystery Man to heart, Spencer began regularly patrolling the streets and discovered he was, amazingly, far more athletic than he had ever been before. He also let Doug in on his secret, and began calling Doug on his cellphone while working on cases, using him as a resource and, just to annoy Doug, calling him “Guiding Spirit” or just “Spirit”. Eventually, he was talking to Doug so much that he integrated a wireless headset into his mask, to better allow him to talk to his Spirit Guide while he was in the field.

At the same time, Spence found himself wanting to apply his skills for profit as well as fun. He took the private investigators exam and passed. Thinking that a good “private eye” name would help his business (and annoy his father), he had his name changed to “Spencer Cash”. Now, by day he investigates petty issues with “Spencer Cash Investigations”, while by night he stalks the streets (and pester his buddy Doug) as The Mystery Man.

Aside from slightly enhanced physical attributes, Spencer’s only real power is his “Clue Sense” which attracts him to clues and, from his perspective, highlights them, almost making them glow. This extra information and insight frequently allows him to look like a deductive genius, despite his only slightly above-average skills. He also has a near-photographic memory, and his best resource, Doug, has extensive knowledge of police procedure and is a font of information on some of the most random subjects.

Fighting Skills: Excellent
Agility: Good
Strength: Excellent
Endurance: Excellent
Reason: Good
Intuition: Good
Psyche: Typical
Resources: Typical