silhouette_bioReal Name: Jenna Fairchild
Codename: Silhouette
Base of Operations: Garrison City
Organization: Strategoi
Powers: Enhanced Agility, Ability to pick up any weapon and use it (especially projectile), low levels of empathy, Willpower

Jenna Child was born 32 years ago to Margo and Scott Fairchild. The Fairchild’s made their home in Seattle, Washington. He was a police officer; she was a teacher. They raised their daughter in an atmosphere of tolerance and independence, and at the age of six, gave her a sibling to watch over – Ginnifer.

Jenna and Ginny became quite a pair. Already establishing an overbearing sense of responsibility, Jenna learned to baby-sit (and like it), but still balanced normal childhood activities (Explorers, Soccer, etc) with family.

When Jenna entered High School, she began looking at Criminal Justice Programs. She had known forever that she wanted to be a cop like her father. While her mother wasn’t thrilled, both her parents supported her decision. She had made good enough grades to be accepted at UCLA – Berkley, as well as the local state school. She had her heart set on Berkley.

All her decisions changed on May 13, 1988.

When Jenna arrived home from work that night, she was met with flashing lights. Rushing into her home, she found her sister in tears, and a plethora of police waiting for her; many were friends of her father’s. She was informed that at approximately 10:13pm, her parent’s were hit by a drunk driver. They were killed instantly and felt no pain. Did she have anyone they could call? Jenna reached for the phone and gave her grandmother’s number.

Things changed after that. Jenna stayed in town. Her grandparents lived far away, but they did not want to see the sisters separated. Jenna made the pledge to take care of her sister, and was willing to drop out of school. Fortunately, her parents left them well provided for. She was able to go to school and take care of her sister with only a part time job supplementing their income.

The sisters grew closer over the next year – close enough for Jenna to notice the headaches that started plaguing her sister. Though she inquired, Ginny always responded “It was nothing.” It wasn’t nothing; Ginny had developed telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Like all, this process was painful and confusing for the teenager.

Jenna did some research and contacted a specialist – Dr. Scott Rand. He came to the Fairchild house, met with both the young women, and assured him he could help. It turned out he was also known as Mentat – a costumed Telepath. He was more than willing and able to help this budding telepath, despite the older sister’s distaste. He also lived in the city.

The next five years accomplished several things. Jenna graduated from college and was accepted into the academy. She excelled during her term year and was recommended for several “elite” programs. Based on her father’s reputation, plus her scores, she was granted a position on the Seattle PD as soon as she graduated. Her time as a rookie was rough, but fulfilling, as she worked the street beat. Ginny became very adept with her powers, discovering she also had abilities to read people’s emotions as well. Her abilities came through her voice, allowing her to “persuade” people by talking to them. Scott and Ginny forged a paternal bond that assisted Ginny through some of her more difficult times in high school, while Scott and Jenna fell in love.

At age 18, Ginny went off to New York State and Jenna continued to work with the Seattle Police division. They both had settled nicely into their lives, with only one true source of friction between them. Ginny wanted to become a costumed super hero. Jenna was set against this, arguing that it was too dangerous, and that her powers were not suited for the heavy villains in the city. This became a common argument, marring family gatherings and causing a growing rift between the sisters.

The next three years flew by. Scott and Jenna planned their wedding. Jenna rose in the ranks of the SPD – passing the detective exam on her first try. Ginny continued to study voice. In this time, she realized another aspect of her telepathy / empathy skills – the ability to project through her voice.

In 1997, Nightsong was born. Nightsong was Ginny’s moniker when she joined the Guardians – a super hero group in New York City. There was a full six months before Jenna found out. She was FURIOUS. Her anger exploded when she further discovered Scott has assisted Ginny with her “games.” The three had a huge argument that left Jenna moving out of Scott’s apartment, Ginny in tears and Scott flying out to the East Coast to talk with her.

Three days later, Ginny was dead.

She had gone with her team to investigate a villain by the name of Lady Pain. Ginny was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jenna was told her death was, quick. She buried her sister next to her parents three days later. The entire team, along with Seattle PD stood beside her as she threw dirt on her sister.

The next few months were rocky for Jenna. She took more risks, became more aggressive and took too much pleasure when criminals fought back. Scott tried to help, but at age 28 Jenna felt her life was over. Her parents were dead, her sister was dead with the possibility of marriage dying with her. She broke off her relationship with Scott and focused on her work. Eventually, she got her life back on even keel, content with the solitude and the all she built around herself.

Another year passed before the SPD would allow her to work without weekly counseling sessions. It was May of 1999 that Strategoi first approached her.

Strategoi is a covert international agency that deals with Metahuman espionage and terrorist threats to the world. They are subsidized by NATO, the UN and the governments that support the organization. The head of the West Coast branch, Diana Cody, approached Jenna to join their organization. After long talks and decisions, she agreed.

Her first assignment was to extricate a Metahuman – Anya – from the hostile territory of Latvia. Jenna was appalled when she learned the metahuman was a six year old girl. Though she had handled her sister, a child was something vastly different! She landed in Latvia, and through a few days of legwork, manages to acquire Anya. The exit was difficult – and added another villain into her rogues gallery – Major Hazard. She escaped, child in toe, and headed back to the States.

Again, her department surprised her and garnered temporary custody of Anya in Jenna’s name. Though at first adamantly against the situation, within months, Jenna came to love this girl as her daughter. Time passed, bad guys were fought and she grew to trust Strategoi more implicitly. She liked working alone, and slowly build a web of friends and allies around her. Most found her gruff, but exceedingly loyal.

In November of 2001, Jenna Fairchild was served with papers. She had made enough enemies, and someone tipped Social Services off that Jenna Fairchild was “fostering” a minor. The government made motions to move Anya away from the home – after all, Jenna was a single parent in a dangerous job that often took her across the world. Though many pleaded on her behalf (including the child), in April of 2002, custody of Anya was removed from Jenna and given to the public system. Though she fought their decision, she was removed from Jenna’s home in May.

Once again, Jenna lost someone she loved.

Michael and Scott, for once, agreed on one thing – they needed to get Anya into a situation where Jenna and Anya could see each other. Michael used his financial clout as a philanthropist to put her up for adoption in Seattle. Behind Jenna’s back, Scott applied to adopt Anya, using his clout as a public metahuman to back him. This fact, coupled with a table home, a comfortable financial situation and a medical degree allowed him a relatively easy adoption. The final papers were drawn up in August 2002. The one major catch? In order to acclimate Anya to her her family – and give it a chance, Jenna was forbidden from contact her for a period of three months.

With his decision in hand, Jenna requested a transfer from Seattle. This decision bothered the West Coast director, but she understood and acquiesed. Jenna was transferred to the Garrison City branch of Strategoi, and told to report to Jason Cox, the director for the region.

Weapon Ability: Jenna has an innate knack to pick up any weapon and be able to use it with proficiency. She has never acknowledged this as a metahuman ability, but rather an offshoot of being trained as a cop.

Enhanced Agility: Her agility is on the very high end of human capability – much like an Olympic gymnast. This allows her to react quickly and to move fast. It is a result of training, coupled with exceptional genetics.

Empathy/ Emotion Control: Her empathy comes in the form of “hunches,” or a cop’s sixth sense. She can gauge a situation and figure out how to best approach the people involved. She has honed it enough to guestimate how many people might be in a room, but this is usually very inaccurate, and not something she relies on. In the last year, she has begun training her Emotion Control. She has the ability to sway people’s emotions. Unfortunately, due to her strong distaste for metahumans, she has only really reached intermediate levels with “strong” emotions. Thus, she can try and make a hostile more friendly, or try and re-direct their anger away from her. She cannot make someone fall in love with her, or cause someone to turn on his or her close friends. Subtle changes in current emotional states are not too hard for her.

Willpower: Due to her close proximity with so many telepaths / empaths, Jenna has unconsciously developed a strong will. It is harder to dominate her, use telepathy, empathy, etc. This works for friends as well as foes.


MENTAT: Scott Winters – Telepath. Mentat has hung up the costumed hero life to raise his daughter (Anya) with his wife (Jasmine) in Seattle, Washington. He has mid to high range telepathy powers, but will not go out into the field. He and Jenna have a strained relationship after the custody battle for Anya.

MINDBENDER: Michael Baines – Telepath. Michael is one of the best telepaths in the world, and for that reason alone, he rarely leaves Stragoi central in Washington DC. Currently in charge of the R&D department of the organization, Michael is more apt to send information, rather than come into the field. He and Jenna have an easy relationship, with a hint of His wealth and power have assisted Jenna in some of her personal issues in the past.

ARCANUM: Samuel Hennessy – Mage. Arcanum picked up a cursed Tarot deck and became bonded with it. He possesses the ability to draw a card from the major Arcanum and become that figure. Unfortunately, he has no control over which card he pulls. He resides in Seattle, Washington.

ARTEMIS: Diana Cody – West Coast director for Strategoi