sylph_bioName: Faith Kavanaugh
Occupation: student/heiress
Known Relatives: Shaun Kavanaugh (father), Elizabeth Kavanaugh (mother), Ryan and Logan Kavanaugh (brothers), and Lyle Lexington (uncle) and various other members of the Lexington family
Height: 5’2″
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red


Through concentration, Faith is able to render herself fully or partially invisible by bending the light around her. However, her mastery of this ability is incomplete. At this time her powers leave a small wake of distortion behind her. Also, though it takes more effort, she can extend this invisibility to other people or objects as long as she remains in physical contact.


The bells of St. George Cathedral rang out through Garrison City on the bright spring day when–in a merger that was good for business as well as for the deliriously happy young couple–Shaun Kavanaugh joined his life and considerable fortune with Elizabeth Lexington. The younger sister of the celebrated philanthropist, Lyle Lexington, Elizabeth uprooted her new husband from his family home in New York and settled down in a palatial estate in the Highland District to continue using their now combined wealth to benefit a variety of causes.

Since Shaun Kavanaugh was a renowned tenor, among his other accomplishments, the focus of the family’s philanthropic efforts naturally turned to the music. Supporters of the arts in all forms, the Kavanaughs have made keeping music even the most underprivileged schools of Garrison City their crusade. The Kavanaugh Foundation offers scholarships, classes, and a variety of performance opportunities to young people across the city, focusing especially on the often forgotten youth of The Lourds.

Like her two older brothers, Faith was no stranger to the family business and passion. She attended the charity events, endured the occasional media spotlight, volunteered at the Foundation, and has somehow found the time to pursue a Composition degree at Lakeview University.

However, unlike the rest of her family, Faith has a somewhat unusual secret. Thankfully a good family lawyer and nearly unlimited funds, have a way of hiding anything—even the presence of a metahuman in one of Garrison City’s most prominent families. Though the onset of her powers caused her some distress in her early teenage years and forced her to rely on private tutors for a few semesters of school, her ability has been little more than a source of amusement for her. Until recently…


Though she does care about the family cause and the young people she works with, Faith often finds herself bored with her life in general. Opulence can become tiresome when it’s all one knows, and doing what’s expected can often be tedious. Fortunately, secret metahuman powers can have their plusses.

At first it was simply a way to get away from everything, to experience the city unobserved. But Garrison City has secrets of its own. The addictive mixture of curiosity and the adrenaline rush it gave her drew Faith to the darker parts of town, seeking out what didn’t make the news: the urban legends… the heroes.